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Grain & Oil Science and Technology

Grain & Oil Science and Technology is a peer-reviewed international scientific journal aimed at enhancing international academic exchange and improving science and technological research in the field of grains and edible oils. Grain & Oil Science and Technology publishes top-quality research and review articles on the storage of grain and edible oil, grain engineering, edible oil engineering, the nutritional value of grain-based food products, health supplements composed of edible oils, and food safety. Research from post-harvest to the table must be innovative and advance the progress of new developments.

Preliminary or confirmatory results as well as contributions not strictly related to the scope of Grain & Oil Science and Technology will not be considered for publication. Only novel, original manuscripts that are not under consideration for publication elsewhere will be accepted. Co-authors should be individuals who have substantially contributed to the content of the paper. All authors must declare any potential conflicts of interest and all financial support.

Topics of interest for this journal:

Grain storage methods and techniques

  • Storage biotechnology and studies on the preservation and safety of stored products, particularly food stocks, covering storage-related problems from the producer through the supply chain to the consumer.
  • The effects of physical and environmental control procedures on the physical and chemical nature of stored products.
  • The assessment, prevention, and control of losses of regulatory and technological subjects relevant to stored products.

Quality change and testing technology for grain and edible oil during storage

  • The effects of physical and environmental control procedures on the physical and chemical nature of stored grain and edible oil.
  • The assessment, prevention, and control of losses of nutritional and functional quality of cereal/grain and edible oil during storage.
  • The eventual quality evaluation of grain/cereal post-harvest treatment on the quality of the processed product.
  • Composition and analysis of cereal grains in relation to quality, biochemistry, and biophysics of cereal grains relevant to functional and nutritional applications.

Grain pest control

  • The biology, ecology, physiology, behavior, and taxonomy of pests and spoilage agents.
  • Environmental factors influencing insect life cycles.
  • Biochemical or behavioral resistance to control measures for pest management.
  • Scientific problems of infestation in stored food and their relevance to food stock security.

Mycotoxin control technology

  • Effect of preservatives, processes, and storage on the microbial toxins of grain.
  • Methods for the detection, identification, and enumeration of microbial toxins.

Processing technology and quality determination of flour foods

  • Sensory science (sensory perception, food preferences, habit formation, oral processing, novel microscopy, analysis, and characterization techniques) for flour food, baked food , and edible oil.
  • Optimization studies aiming to determine processing conditions and/or dietary supplements that improve nutritional and sensorial qualities.
  • Methods for rapid analysis and detection and sensor technology.

Food security

  • Food safety, indices of the sanitary quality of foods, microbiological quality assurance, biocontrol, microbiological aspects of food preservation, novel preservation techniques, and predictive microbiology and microbial risk assessments.
  • Food-borne microorganisms relevant to public health, hazard analysis, and toxicological evaluations.

Effect of biologically active ingredients on food efficacy

  • Structure and physicochemical properties of functionally and nutritionally important components of cereal grains, such as polysaccharides, proteins, fatty acids, oils, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Effects of dietary supplements from grain/cereal, edible oil, or food microbial sources on grain/cereal storage, food sensory perception, food efficacy, and food safety, with a focus on health and well-being.

Special issues

  • Selected, peer-reviewed, high-quality papers from scientific conferences on science, technology, and engineering studies related to the field of grain and oil.

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Chairman: Ke Bian
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Imprint: KeAi
ISSN: 2590-2598
CN: 41-1447/TS
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