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Recent Information Processing in Agriculture Articles

Recently published articles from Information Processing in Agriculture.

Using information from images for plantation monitoring: A review of solutions for smallholders

March 2020
Bayu Taruna Widjaja Putra | Peeyush Soni | Bambang Marhaenanto | Pujiyanto | Soni Sisbudi Harsono | Spyros Fountas

A hybrid weed optimized coverage path planning technique for autonomous harvesting in cashew orchards

March 2020
Kalaivanan Sandamurthy | Kalpana Ramanujam

A coverage path planning algorithm is proposed for discrete harvesting in cashew orchards. The main challenge in such an orchard is the collection of fruits and nuts lying on the floor. The manual collection...

Production plan for perishable agricultural products with two types of harvesting

March 2020
Jing Li | Xinnan Gao | Biao Guo | Muyuan Wu

Many crops in China have two or more harvesting methods; however, little research has focused on this phenomenon. The current study proposes an operational model that looks to maximize grower profits....

Height stability control of a large sprayer body based on air suspension using the sliding mode approach

March 2020
Yu Chen | Shuo Zhang | Enrong Mao | Yuefeng Du | Jun Chen | Shanju Yang

•An analysis model of suspension height adjustment process is established.•Height control strategy of sprayer sprung mass time-varying process is formulated.•A new sprayer body height control method...

Improving the prediction accuracy of soil nutrient classification by optimizing extreme learning machine parameters

March 2020
M.S. Suchithra | Maya L. Pai

The soil, Soul of Infinite Life, is the entity responsible for sustaining life on earth. In spite of significant advances in the service sector, agriculture remains the major provider of employment...

Correlation and path coefficient analyses of yield and yield components of eggplant (Solanum melongena) in a coarse-textured Ultisol

March 2020
Vincent N. Onyia | Uchechukwu Paschal Chukwudi | Augustus Chika Ezea | Agatha I. Atugwu | Chikezie O. Ene

Assessment of variability and understanding of traits relationship in eggplant species are vital pre-requisite for formulating an effective breeding programme. We studied 23 genotypes of eggplants in...

Assessing suitability of modified center pivot irrigation systems in corn production using low altitude aerial imaging techniques

March 2020
Momtanu Chakraborty | Lav R. Khot | R. Troy Peters

This study evaluated corn (Zea mays var. indentata) canopy vigor and temperature variations using small unmanned aerial system (UAS) based spatiotemporal imagery data. The key objective was to develop...

Integrated navigation for autonomous underwater vehicles in aquaculture: A review

March 2020
Jianhua Bao | Daoliang Li | Xi Qiao | Thomas Rauschenbach

Aquaculture is the world’s fastest growing sector within the food industry, supplying humans with over half their aquatic products. Water quality monitoring or cage inspection is an indispensable part...

Economic modeling of mechanized and semi-mechanized rainfed wheat production systems using multiple linear regression model

March 2020
Mobin Amoozad-Khalili | Reza Rostamian | Mahdi Esmaeilpour-Troujeni | Armaghan Kosari-Moghaddam

•Two types of rainfed wheat production systems were evaluated using multiple linear regression models.•The results showed that the costs of wheat production were higher in the semi-mechanized system...

Development and validation of an integrated mechatronic apparatus for measurement of friction coefficients of agricultural products

March 2020
S.M. Shafaei | A. Nourmohamadi-Moghadami | S. Kamgar | M. Eghtesad

•An integrated mechatronic apparatus was developed for measurement of friction coefficients.•The apparatus consisted of an electrical sensing, control, and actuator unit.•The measuring system was worked...

Design and simulation of an integrated end-effector for picking kiwifruit by robot

March 2020
Longtao Mu | Gongpei Cui | Yadong Liu | Yongjie Cui | Longsheng Fu | Yoshinori Gejima

The harvesting of fresh kiwifruit is a labor-intensive operation that accounts for more than 25% of annual production costs. Mechanized harvesting technologies are thus being developed to reduce labor...

Effect of climate on provincial-level banana yield in the Philippines

March 2020
Arnold R. Salvacion

This study assessed the effect of climate on banana yield in the Philippines using provincial level yield data and different climatic variables (i.e. annual rainfall, frequency of wet days, precipitation...

Effect of introducing weather parameters on the accuracy of milk production forecast models

March 2020
Fan Zhang | John Upton | Laurence Shalloo | Philip Shine | Michael D. Murphy

•The NARX model and MLR model were compared at individual cow level.•Eight input treatments including weather combinations were tested and compared.•The NARX Model was more accurate than the MLR model.•The...

Weed control through allelopathic crop water extracts and S-metolachlor in cotton

March 2020
Nadeem Iqbal | Abdul Khaliq | Zahid Ata Cheema

Weeds are one of the most important biological constraint to cotton production, and resulting in a yield losses of up to 90%. The evolution of hundreds of resistant weed species, the lack of new herbicide...

Computer vision technology in agricultural automation —A review

March 2020
Hongkun Tian | Tianhai Wang | Yadong Liu | Xi Qiao | Yanzhou Li

•Computer vision technology will improve the agricultural automation systems.•Agricultural automation systems will be developed in an intelligent direction.•Computer vision technology will provide suggestions...

Detection and assessment of nitrogen effect on cold tolerance for tea by hyperspectral reflectance with PLSR, PCR, and LM models

Available online 10 March 2020
Eric Amoah Asante | Zhe Du | Yongzong Lu | Yongguang Hu

Knowledge of nutrients effect on freezing tolerance is vital for protecting tea plants against cold injury (CI). Freezing injury treatments on tea leaves with different low temperature and nitrogen...

Optimal agricultural spreading scheduling through surrogate-based optimization and MINLP models

Available online 10 March 2020
Manuel Ramos-Castillo | Marie Orvain | Gabriela Naves-Maschietto | Ana Barbara Bisinella de Faria | Damien Chenu | Maria Albuquerque

The most commonly used definition of climate smart agriculture (CSA) is provided by the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations, which defines CSA as “agriculture that sustainably increases...

Rural E-marketing in Iran; Modeling villagers' intention and clustering rural regions

Available online 29 February 2020
Seyed Jaber Alavion | Ahmad Taghdisi

•Online villages in Iran: Rural Regions which have rural ICT offices providing postal, telecommunication, and banking services.•Transaction Services Model in Iran's Online Villages: The Proposed Model...

Pan evaporation modeling in different agroclimatic zones using functional link artificial neural network

Available online 28 February 2020
Babita Majhi | Diwakar Naidu

Pan evaporation is an important climatic variable for developing efficient water resource management strategies. In the past, many machine learning models are reported in the literature for pan evaporation...

Monitoring and early warning system of porcine pasteurellosis based on WebGIS

Available online 25 February 2020
Zihan Zhu | Haoran Wang | Li Gao | Xiang Gao | Xinghua Meng | Yao Xu | Jianhua Xiao

The incidence of porcine pasteurellosis in China is so widespread that it is difficult to clearly understand the prevalence and maintain continuous monitoring. In order to reduce immense negative economic...

Modelling the daily reference evapotranspiration in semi-arid region of South India: A case study comparing ANFIS and empirical models

Available online 24 February 2020
Ramiro T. Gonzalez del Cerro | M.S.P Subathra | Nallapaneni Manoj Kumar | Sebastian Verrastro | S. Thomas George

•Evapotranspiration estimation model that best adapts for semi-arid regions of India city is defined.•11 Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) for modelling daily reference evapotranspiration.•Daily...

Design and physical model experiment of an attitude adjustment device for a crawler tractor in hilly and mountainous regions

Available online 20 February 2020
Jingbin Sun | Chong Meng | Yazhou Zhang | Guoping Chu | Yanjie Zhang | Fuzeng Yang | Zhijie Liu

To address the problems of difficult leveling and poor stability of hill crawler tractors, an attitude adjustment device based on a parallel four-bar mechanism was designed, and the mechanical reasons...

Deep chemometrics for nondestructive photosynthetic pigments prediction using leaf reflectance spectra

Available online 13 February 2020
Kestrilia Rega Prilianti | Edi Setiyono | Oesman Hendra Kelana | Tatas Hardo Panintingjati Brotosudarmo

Prediction of dissolved oxygen in a fishery pond based on gated recurrent unit (GRU)

Available online 10 February 2020
Wuyan Li | Hao Wu | Nanyang Zhu | Yongnian Jiang | Jinglu Tan | Ya Guo

Dissolved oxygen (DO), an important water quality indicator in aquaculture, affects the survival rate of aquatic creatures and the yield of aquatic production. Therefore, it is important to predict...

Rumination recognition method of dairy cows based on the change of noseband pressure

Available online 28 January 2020
Weizheng Shen | Aijing Zhang | Yu Zhang | Xiaoli Wei | Jian Sun

Rumination is closely related to ruminant's health and welfare, so it is very important to monitor rumination. Rumination monitoring equipment based on chewing and swallowing audio is easy to be affected...

Gradient-based method for the identification of multi-nodes in sugarcane

Available online 21 January 2020
Rui Yang | Jie Li | Qi Liu | Wenshan Huang | Kai Yin | Xi Qiao | Yiqi Huang

In view of the obvious changes in color between the upper and lower leaf scar in sugarcane nodes, a method of simultaneous multi-nodes identification on a single sugarcane stem was proposed based on...

Prediction of wheat moisture content at harvest time through ANN and SVR modeling techniques

Available online 18 January 2020
Shamsollah Abdollahpour | Armaghan Kosari-Moghaddam | Mohammad Bannayan

The grain moisture content at harvest time is a key factor that limits harvesting windows. The present study aimed to develop a new methodology to predict wheat moisture content by using multi-layer...

Segmentation and measurement scheme for fish morphological features based on Mask R-CNN

Available online 18 January 2020
Chuang Yu | Xiang Fan | Zhuhua Hu | Xin Xia | Yaochi Zhao | Ruoqing Li | Yong Bai

The morphological features of fish, such as the body length, the body width, the caudal peduncle length, the caudal peduncle width, the pupil diameter, and the eye diameter are very important indicators...

Paradigm change in Indian agricultural practices using Big Data: Challenges and opportunities from field to plate

Available online 16 January 2020
Vinay Kellengere Shankarnarayan | Hombaliah Ramakrishna

•Today Big Data is used in every business, hence data analytics tools and techniques are in demand. Thus Big data has no shortage of uses within farming.•Large Opportunities for Big Data analysis in...

Effect of low power laser irradiation on bio-physical properties of wheat seeds

Available online 31 December 2019
Samiya | Sidra Saif | Hassan Saif Khan | Sikandar Aftab | Muhammad Farooq Khan | Shania Rehman | Ayesha Younus

•A laser irradiation treatment method was established to improve the quality of wheat.•We have investigated the effects of diode laser on wheat seeding and, on its germination.•We also compared the...

Quality control of a four-echelon agri-food supply chain with multiple strategies

December 2019
Jin-you Hu | Jian Zhang | Mei Mei | Wei min Yang | Qiang Shen

•The four-echelon agri-supply chain model consists of one agricultural producer, one processing enterprise, one distributor, and many consumers with uncertain demand based on practical considerations.•A...

Dielectric spectroscopy as a potential technique for prediction of kiwifruit quality indices during storage

December 2019
Atefeh Fazayeli | Saadat Kamgar | Seyed Mehdi Nassiri | Hassan Fazayeli | Miguel de la Guardia

Dielectric spectroscopy has been employed as a simple, low cost and a non-destructive way for prediction of some physicochemical indices of kiwifruit during storage. A parallel-plate capacitor was developed...

Propellants of mechanical pruning and plucking of tea (a case of developing countries)

December 2019
Saeed Firouzi | Fariborz Azarian

Tea is one of the most widely consumed natural beverages in the world. High costs of tea pruning and plucking is among the main challenges of its production in Iran as a developing country. Therefore,...

Irrigated pinto bean crop stress and yield assessment using ground based low altitude remote sensing technology

December 2019
Rakesh Ranjan | Abhilash K. Chandel | Lav R. Khot | Haitham Y. Bahlol | Jianfeng Zhou | Rick A. Boydston | Phillip N. Miklas

The pinto bean is one of widely consumed legume crop that constitutes over 42% of the U.S dry bean production. However, limited studies have been conducted in past to assess its quantitative and qualitative...

Study on laser pre-sowing treatment of rice seeds by free-falling transport method

December 2019
Phyongchol Ri | Sangjin Choe | Yongsong Jang

Recently, laser pre-sowing treatment of seed is attracting a great attention of scientific community for its positive influence to enhance germination, seedling and growth of plants, vegetables and...

Optimal dairy feed input selection under alternative feeds availability and relative prices

December 2019
Othman Alqaisi | Luis Eduardo Moraes | Oghaiki Asaah Ndambi | Ryan Blake Williams

Feed formulation is essential in the dairy production chain from economic, nutritional, and environmental perspectives. Optimizing the feed formulation across those three domains – given uncertainty...

Voice-driven fleet management system for agricultural operations

December 2019
Ch. Achillas | D. Bochtis | D. Aidonis | V. Marinoudi | D. Folinas

•V-Agrifleet is a competitive, cross-vendor solution for agricultural fleet management.•The application is designed to provide a “hands-free” interface for information exchange to all coordinated users.•The...

A survey of semantic web technology for agriculture

December 2019
Brett Drury | Robson Fernandes | Maria-Fernanda Moura | Alneu de Andrade Lopes

Semantic web technologies have become a popular technique to apply meaning to unstructured data. They have been infrequently applied to problems within the agricultural domain when compared to complementary...

Service delivery effectiveness of Farmers’ Information and Advice Centres in Dinajpur Sadar Upazila of Bangladesh

December 2019
Md. Sadekur Rahman | Aliyu Akilu Barau | Md. Rubayet Al Ferdous Noman

The indispensability of information in agricultural development led to the setting up of Farmers’ Information and Advice Centres (FIACs) by the government of Bangladesh all over the country. The FIACs...

Weed detection in canola fields using maximum likelihood classification and deep convolutional neural network

Available online 24 December 2019
Muhammad Hamza Asad | Abdul Bais

Herbicide use is rising globally to enhance food production, causing harm to environment and the ecosystem. Precision agriculture suggests variable-rate herbicide application based on weed densities...

Prediction of chemical composition for callus production in Gyrinops walla Gaetner through machine learning

Available online 15 December 2019
Sachithri P. Munasinghe | Seneviratnege Somaratne | Shyama R. Weerakoon | Chandani Ranasinghe

Developing new tissue culture protocols and optimization of plant media composition for particular plant species are precluded by the higher labor, time and cost. The usage of machine learning becomes...

Data communication mechanism for greenhouse environment monitoring and control: An agent-based IoT system

Available online 3 December 2019
Jizhang Wang | Meizheng Chen | Jinsheng Zhou | Pingping Li

Internet of things (IoT) technology has been constantly applied in greenhouse environmental monitoring and control in recent years. The acquisition and control parameters, network protocols are different...

Automatic tracking of multi-fruit targets with oscillation under natural growth conditions

Available online 3 December 2019
Lin-lin Zhang | Dong-jian He | Huai-bo Song

It is important for intelligent orchards to be able to achieve automatic monitoring of fruit growth information within a natural growing environment. The issue of how to track green and oscillating...

A new low-cost sensing system for rapid ring estimation of woody plants to support tree management

Available online 3 December 2019
Bayu Taruna Widjaja Putra

•Low-cost tree-rings sensing system suitable for smallholder.•The system is supported for real-time measurement.•The developed sensing system was strongly correlated with manual measurement.•A protocol...

Automatic grading of apples based on multi-features and weighted K-means clustering algorithm

Available online 27 November 2019
Yang Yu | Sergio A. Velastin | Fei Yin

In this paper, a fast and effective method based on multiple image features and a weighted K-means clustering algorithm is proposed to achieve the automatic grading of apples. The method provides a...

Performance analysis of deep learning CNN models for disease detection in plants using image segmentation

Available online 18 November 2019
Parul Sharma | Yash Paul Singh Berwal | Wiqas Ghai

Food security for the 7 billion people on earth requires minimizing crop damage by timely detection of diseases. Most deep learning models for automated detection of diseases in plants suffer from the...

A smart data-driven rapid method to recognize the strawberry maturity

Available online 2 November 2019
Xiao-Qin Yue | Zhen-Yu Shang | Jia-Yi Yang | Lan Huang | Yong-Qian Wang

•A rapid and low-cost method to recognize the strawberry maturity on a smart phone.•Two specific wavelengths are used to reveal strawberries’ inner quality.•Multiple non-linear regression as an optimal...

Automatic recognition of ingestive-related behaviors of dairy cows based on triaxial acceleration

Available online 25 October 2019
Weizheng Shen | Fei Cheng | Yu Zhang | Xiaoli Wei | Qiang Fu | Yonggen Zhang

Ingestive-related behaviors including feeding and ruminating are important indexes to measure the health and welfare of dairy cows. The purpose of this study is to develop a method based on triaxial...

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