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Advances in Asphalt Emulsion Application for Cold Paving Technologies

The worldwide interest of both academia and industry on cold paving technologies based on asphalt emulsion is constantly rising because of their advantages over hot and warm asphalt technologies. Asphalt emulsion mixtures are manufactured and laid at ambient temperature which allows reducing energy consumption, greenhouse gases emissions and risks for worker’s health. In addition, asphalt emulsion mixtures are widely applied in cold recycling technologies, allowing additional saving of natural resources.

The special issue from the Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering (English Edition) on “Advances in Asphalt Emulsion Application for Cold Paving Technologies” includes a collection of invited contributions written by Authors who are leading experts in this field. It is aimed at contributing to an improved understanding of both the fundamental properties and the field performance of cold asphalt emulsion mixtures.

The selected papers include two reviews and three research papers. The reviews focus on field applications cold mix asphalt and cold recycling technologies with emulsion in the UK and in Poland. A research paper presents the results of an experimental study aimed at characterizing the three-dimensional linear viscoelastic behavior of a cold recycled mixtures fabricated using bitumen emulsion and cement. Another paper investigates the impact of the compaction and curing temperature on the behavior of cold recycled mixtures. An experimental framework for construction quality acceptance performance-related specifications for chip seal surface treatments is described by another paper.

The guest editors of this special issue would like to thank the authors of the papers for their efforts in contributing good quality papers and the reviewers who contributed their valuable time to the reviews of these papers. Furthermore, the guest editors appreciate the support of the editor-in-chief and staff in the editorial office of the Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering (English Edition) for their assistance during the course of organizing and publishing this special issue.


Francesco Canestrari & Andrea Graziani

Università Politecnica delle Marche, Italy

Guest Editors

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