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Extreme Load and Protection of Bridge

In recent years, due to severe natural disaster and structural aging, it is greatly concerned that the performance of bridges under extreme load, the consequent strengthening and protection. The extreme load, including fire, strong earthquakes, hurricane, giant wave, collision and blast, probably lead to serious damages in bridges, which is a critical problem. To innovate the theory and technology in bridge engineering, it is necessary to review, summarize and promote the latest research results in the extreme load and protection of bridges, benefiting the involved technology. Thus, the principal in the performance of bridge under extreme load are revealed to upgrade the ability of bridges to resist those load, such as fire, strong earthquakes, hurricane, giant wave, collision and blast.

In order to display the research results in the extreme load and protection of bridges and ensure the safety and applicability of bridges, Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering (English Edition) (JTTE) trends to organize a special issue on “extreme load and protection of bridge”. JTTE is an international journal that is indexed by ESCI, Scopus, CSCD, DOAJ and etc. Hopefully, this special issue can offer the platform for new theory and technology of bridge resisting extreme load, promote and innovate the researches in extreme load and protection.

The topics of interest include (not limit to):

  • Analysis theory and calculation method of bridge extreme load
  • Bridge extreme load refinement simulation technology
  • Bridge response and failure mechanism under extreme load
  • Safety evaluation method for bridge under extreme loads


Submission Deadline

Submit your paper before 31 August 2020

Guest Editors


Submission Instructions

Authors interested in this special issue can submit their papers to the JTTE at (https://www.editorialmanager.com/jtte). There is no word limit for the submitted papers. Review papers and long papers with abundant content are especially welcome. Guide for authors is available at http://www.keaipublishing.com/jtte or http://jtte.chd.edu.cn.

All the submissions will go through peer-review process before publication. Accepted papers will be published by JTTE at the platform of ScienceDirect as “Open Access” papers. There is NO Article Processing Charges paid by the authors. After publication, the printed copies of the issue will be shipped to authors for free too.


Further questions about this special issue, please contact Guest Editors or JTTE editorial office at jtte2014@126.com.

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