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Next Generation Secondary Batteries

Lithium ion batteries have been paid much attention due to their environmental benignity and high energy density. Meanwhile, lithium ion batteries have a wide practical application. And the increasing appeal on the larger specific capacity, higher energy density, and lower cost has driven the energy community to study Next Generation Secondary Batteries systems.

In this special issue, we sincerely encourage researchers to contribute their Original Research related to “Next Generation Secondary Batteries”. Potential topics include: New electrode/separator/electrolyte designs for lithium sulfur batteries, lithium oxygen batteries, sodium ion batteries, potassium ion batteries, zinc ion batteries, magnesium ion batteries, aluminum ion batteries, and so on.

Guest Editors:

  • Guiyin Xu, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA 
  • Jinhyuk Lee, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA 
  • Weijiang Xue, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
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