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Recent Petroleum Exploration and Development Articles

Recently published articles from Petroleum Exploration and Development.

Development characteristics of the third-order sequence of Upper Devonian–Lower Carboniferous shore-mixed shelf in Tarim Basin, NW China

August 2019
Qing MA | Tao MA | Haijun YANG | Xueqin ZHAO | Yiqing ZHU

Based on the study of stratigraphic sedimentary facies of the prototype sedimentary basin formed in the Late Devonian to Permian Period in the Tarim Basin, the prototype sedimentary basin are divided...

Evolution of lithofacies and paleogeography and hydrocarbon distribution worldwide (I)

August 2019
Guangya ZHANG | Xiaoguang TONG | Renchen XIN | Zhixin WEN | Feng MA | Tongfei HUANG | Zhaoming WANG | Bingsong YU | Yuejun LI | Hanlin CHEN | Xiaobing LIU | Zuodong LIU

By using a large amount of geological and geophysical data, the geological characteristics such as lithofacies and paleogeography of 4981 geological units at thirteen key geological periods or epoches...

Developmental characteristics and geological significance of the bentonite in the Upper Ordovician Wufeng – Lower Silurian Longmaxi Formation in eastern Sichuan Basin, SW China

August 2019
Yuman WANG | Xinjing LI | Hao WANG | Shan JIANG | Bo CHEN | Jie MA | Bing DAI

Based on the Qiliao section of the Upper Ordovician Wufeng Formation – Lower Silurian Longmaxi Formation in Shizhu, Chongqing city, the development characteristics of bentonite in eastern Sichuan Basin...

Controlling factors of remaining oil distribution after water flooding and enhanced oil recovery methods for fracture-cavity carbonate reservoirs in Tahe Oilfield

August 2019
Songqing ZHENG | Min YANG | Zhijiang KANG | Zhongchun LIU | Xibin LONG | Kunyan LIU | Xiaobo LI | Shiliang ZHANG

Based on comprehensive analysis of core, well logging, seismic and production data, the multi-scale reservoir space, reservoir types, spatial shape and distribution of fractures and caves, and the configuration...

Technologies and practice of CO2 flooding and sequestration in China

August 2019
Yongle HU | Mingqiang HAO | Guoli CHEN | Ruiyan SUN | Shi LI

The latest advancement of CO2 flooding and sequestration theory and technology in China is systematically described, and the future development direction is put forward. Based on the geological characteristics...

An exploration breakthrough in Paleozoic petroleum system of Huanghua Depression in Dagang Oilfield and its significance, North China

August 2019
Xianzheng ZHAO | Xiugang PU | Wenya JIANG | Lihong ZHOU | Fengming JIN | Dunqing XIAO | Lixin FU | Hongjun LI

In recent years, several wells in the Qibei and Wumaying buried hills of Dagang Oilfield tapped oil in the Carboniferous–Permian and Ordovician strata. This major breakthrough reveals that the deep...

Simultaneous upscaling of two properties of reservoirs in one dimension using adaptive bandwidth in kernel function method

August 2019
Reza Azad MOHAMMAD | Kamkar Rouhani ABOLGHASEM | Tokhmechi BEHZAD | Arashi MOHAMMAD | Baratnezhad EHSAN

Upscaling of primary geological models with huge cells, especially in porous media, is the first step in fluid flow simulation. Numerical methods are often used to solve the models. The upscaling method...

Parameters optimization in deepwater dual-gradient drilling based on downhole separation

August 2019
Jiangshuai WANG | Jun LI | Gonghui LIU | Tao HUANG | Hongwei YANG

To ensure safe drilling with narrow pressure margins in deepwater, a new deepwater dual-gradient drilling method based on downhole separation was designed. A laboratory experiment was conducted to verify...

Analysis on the influencing factors of imbibition and the effect evaluation of imbibition in tight reservoirs

August 2019
Zhengming YANG | Xuewei LIU | Haibo LI | Qihong LEI | Yutian LUO | Xiangyang WANG

To exert the imbibition between cracks and matrix effectively and enhance the development effect of tight oil reservoirs, a physical simulation method for imbibition in different scales of cores is...

Influences of lithology on in-situ stress field in low permeability reservoirs in Bonan Oilfield, Bohai Bay Basin, China

August 2019
Zhipeng LI | Xiantai LIU | Yong YANG | Lixia BU

The differences of rock mechanical properties were analyzed based on triaxial compression test in low permeability reservoirs of the Bonan Oilfield. Through the analysis of reservoir mechanics, the...

Logging while drilling electromagnetic wave responses in inclined bedding formation

August 2019
Yiren FAN | Xufei HU | Shaogui DENG | Xiyong YUAN | Haitao LI

For real-time inversion and fast reconstruction of formation true resistivity, the forward modeling of electromagnetic wave logging while drilling is usually based on the transversely isotropic formation...

Mechanism of drilling rate improvement using high-pressure liquid nitrogen jet

August 2019
Zhongwei HUANG | Xiaoguang WU | Ran LI | Shikun ZHANG | Ruiyue YANG

To address the high rock strength and low drilling rate issues in deep oil/gas and geothermal exploitation, we performed mechanical property tests on three kinds of rock samples (granite, shale and...

The control effect of low-amplitude structure on oil-gas- water enrichment and development performance of ultra-low permeability reservoirs

August 2019
Jianmin WANG | San ZHANG | Wei DU | Le LI | Zhen QIAO | Jun ZHANG | Mengyue DUAN

Based on drilling, logging, test production and dynamic monitoring data, the control effects of low-amplitude structure on hydrocarbon accumulation and development performance of ultra-low permeability...

A training image optimization method in multiple-point geostatistics and its application in geological modeling

August 2019
Lixin WANG | Yanshu YIN | Wenjie FENG | Taizhong DUAN | Lei ZHAO | Wenbiao ZHANG

Based on the analysis of the high-order compatibility optimization method proposed by predecessors, a new training image optimization method based on data event repetition probability is proposed. The...

Auto-optimization of production-injection rate for reservoirs with strong natural aquifer at ultra-high water cut stage

August 2019
Zhanxiang LEI | Longxin MU | Hui ZHAO | Jian LIU | Heping CHEN | Fenshu JIA | Zhanzong ZHOU

Based on the optimal control theory and taking the production law of reservoirs with strong natural aquifer as the basic constraint, a mathematical model of liquid production for such reservoirs in...

Vertical dominant migration channel and hydrocarbon migration in complex fault zone, Bohai Bay sag, China

August 2019
Changgui XU | Jingsong PENG | Qingxun WU | Zhe SUN | Tao YE

The quantitatively/semi-quantitatively formation conditions of vertical dominant hydrocarbon migration pathways were analyzed based on the big data analysis of petroleum geological parameters of complex...

The effect of cations on gelation of cross-linked polymers

August 2019

The effects of different cation concentrations and types on rheological property and stability of Guar, Xanthan, and Partially Hydrolyzed Polyacrylamide (HPAM) cross-linked gels were analyzed through...

Occurrence mechanism of lacustrine shale oil in the Paleogene Shahejie Formation of Jiyang Depression, Bohai Bay Basin, China

August 2019
Min WANG | Rui MA | Jinbu LI | Shuangfang LU | Chuanming LI | Zhiqiang GUO | Zheng LI

To determine the occurrence mechanism and mobility of shale oil in the Shahejie Formation in the Jiyang Depression, organic geochemistry analysis, thin-section petrological observation, low-temperature...

Correct understanding and application of waterflooding characteristic curves

August 2019
Hongen DOU | Hujun ZHANG | Sibo SHEN

Through reviewing the generation process and essential characteristics of waterflooding curves, the essence and characteristics of Zhang Jinqing waterflooding curve and Yu Qitai waterflooding curve...

Experimental investigation of changes in petrophysical properties and structural deformation of carbonate reservoirs

June 2019

To examine the effect of pressure on pore structure and petrophysical properties of carbonate rock, the porosity, permeability, CT scanning, SEM and elastic wave velocity of two carbonate core plug...

Affecting factors and application of the stable hydrogen isotopes of alkane gases

June 2019
Shipeng HUANG | Shufu DUAN | Zecheng WANG | Qingchun JIANG | Hua JIANG | Wang SU | Feng Qingfu | Tongfei HUANG | Miao YUAN | Mengyi REN | Xiaoyue CHEN

To study the composition, affecting factors of the stable hydrogen isotopes of alkane gases and their application to identification of the natural gas origin and maturities, the chemical and isotopic...

Optimization of well pad design and drilling – well clustering

June 2019
Aleksandr ABRAMOV

A model accounting for more than 30 parameters of drilling projects, and a computer program to enumerate groupings of the wells of a pad with consequent calculations of technical-economic characteristics,...

Influence of depressurization rate on gas production capacity of high-rank coal in the south of Qinshui Basin, China

June 2019
Xuefeng SU | Yan LIU | Zhouqi CUI | Jianguo ZHANG | Li YU | Kai WANG

A desorption simulation experiment with the condition of simulated strata was designed. The experiment, under different depressurizing rates and the same fluid saturation, was conducted on the sample...

Relationships of the iC4/nC4 and iC5/nC5 ratios with maturity of coal-derived gases of Triassic Xujiahe Formation in central Sichuan Basin, SW China

June 2019
Shengfei QIN | Chunhu HUANG | Benjian ZHANG | Yu YANG | Miao YUAN

The original gas reservoirs in different areas and different layers of the Triassic Xujiahe Formation in the central Sichuan Basin are studied to reveal the relationships of iC4/nC4 and iC5/nC5 ratios...

Formation of the primary petroleum reservoir in Wumaying inner buried-hill of Huanghua Depression, Bohai Bay Basin, China

June 2019
Fengming JIN | Xin WANG | Hongjun LI | Xuesong WU | Lixin FU | Da LOU | Jinning ZHANG | Jianyuan FENG

Well Yinggu 1 drilled on the tectonic belt of the Wumaying buried-hill in Huanghua Depression obtained non-H2S high-yield oil and gas flow from the Permian Lower Shihezi Formation sandstone. The oil...

Composition and origin of molecular compounds in the condensate oils of the Dabei gas field, Tarim Basin, NW China

June 2019
Guangyou ZHU | Linxian CHI | Zhiyao ZHANG | Tingting LI | Haijun YANG | Weiyan CHEN | Kun ZHAO | Huihui YAN

The Dabei gas field in the Kuqa Depression of the Tarim Basin is the most complex and deep continental condensate gas field in China. Comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography-time of flight...

Submersible direct-drive progressing cavity pump rodless lifting technology

June 2019
Zhongxian HAO | Shijia ZHU | Xiaohan PEI | Peng HUANG | Zheng TONG | Benyuan WANG | Deyin LI

Submersible electrical motor direct-drive progressing cavity pump (PCP) rodless lifting was studied to solve the traditional rod-drive pump problems, such as rod-tubing wearing, low efficiency and short...

Technological progress and prospects of reservoir stimulation

June 2019
Qun LEI | Baoshan GUAN | Bo CAI | Xin WANG | Yun XU | Zheng TONG | Haiyan WANG | Haifeng FU | Ze LIU | Zhen WANG

Through reviewing the development history of reservoir hydraulic fracturing technology, this paper demonstrated the latest research progress at home and abroad and summarized six technical gaps between...

Resource types, formation, distribution and prospects of coal-measure gas

June 2019
Caineng ZOU | Zhi YANG | Shipeng HUANG | Feng MA | Qinping SUN | Fuheng LI | Songqi PAN | Wenguang TIAN

Coal-measure gas is the natural gas generated by coal, carbonaceous shale, and dark shale in coal-measure strata. It includes resources of continuous-type coalbed methane (CBM), shale gas and tight...

Genetic type and source of natural gas in the southern margin of Junggar Basin, NW China

June 2019
Jianping CHEN | Xulong WANG | Yunyan NI | Baoli XIANG | Fengrong LIAO | Jiande LIAO | Changyi ZHAO

Natural gas has been discovered in many anticlines in the southern margin of the Junggar Basin. However, the geochemical characteristics of natural gas in different anticlines haven't been compared...

The significance of coal-derived gas in major gas producing countries

June 2019
Jinxing DAI | Yunyan NI | Fengrong LIAO | Feng HONG | Limiao YAO

The core of coal-derived gas theory is that coal measure is the gas source, and the hydrocarbon generation of coal measure is dominated by gas and supplemented by oil, so discoveries in related basins...

Technical strategies for effective development and gas recovery enhancement of a large tight gas field: A case study of Sulige gas field, Ordos Basin, NW China

June 2019
Guang JI | Ailin JIA | Dewei MENG | Zhi GUO | Guoting WANG | Lihua CHENG | Xin ZHAO

Based on the analysis of influencing factors of tight gas recovery and reservoir geological characteristics, the types of remaining tight gas reserves in the Sulige gas field are summarized from the...

Stable carbon and hydrogen isotopic characteristics of natural gas from Taibei sag, Turpan-Hami Basin, NW China

June 2019
Yunyan NI | Fengrong LIAO | Deyu GONG | Lixin JIAO | Jinliang GAO | Limiao YAO

Turpan-Hami Basin is a major petroliferous basin in China. To date the natural gas exploration is concentrated in the Taibei sag. The origin and source of natural gas in the Taibei sag has long been...

Origin and migration model of natural gas in L gas field, eastern slope of Yinggehai Sag, China

June 2019
Jihai YANG | Baojia HUANG

Based on the chemical and stable carbon isotopic composition of natural gas and light hydrocarbons, along with regional geological data, the genetic type, origin and migration of natural gases in the...

Practice and knowledge of volumetric development of deep fractured-vuggy carbonate reservoirs in Tarim Basin, NW China

June 2019
Fangzheng JIAO

Different from the continental layered sandstone and fracture-pore carbonate reservoirs, the fractured-vuggy carbonate reservoirs in the Tarim Basin are mainly composed of fractured-vuggy bodies of...

Development unit division and favorable area evaluation for joint mining coalbed methane

June 2019
Zhaobiao YANG | Yangyang LI | Yong QIN | Hansen SUN | Ping ZHANG | Zhengguang ZHANG | Congcong WU | Cunlei LI | Changxiao CHEN

Based on the productivity equation of coalbed methane (CBM) well, considering the impact of coal reservoir reformability on gas well productivity, the main production layer optimization index in the...

Influence mechanism of pore-scale anisotropy and pore distribution heterogeneity on permeability of porous media

June 2019
Tao LI | Min LI | Xueqi JING | Wenlian XIAO | Qingwu CUI

Based on micro-CT scanning experiments, three-dimensional digital cores of tight sandstones were established to quantitatively evaluate pore-scale anisotropy and pore-distribution heterogeneity. The...

Oblique extension of pre-existing structures and its control on oil accumulation in eastern Bohai Sea

June 2019
Jian REN | Dingyou LYU | Xingpeng CHEN | Pengbo LIU | Dayong GUAN | Kai SU | Hongguo ZHANG

Based on 3D seismic data, the evolution mechanism and characteristics of faults were investigated to reveal the structural origin and its control on differential hydrocarbon accumulation through comprehensive...

Distribution and genesis of mercury in natural gas of large coal derived gas fields in China

June 2019
Jian LI | Zhongxi HAN | Qituan YAN | Shuying WANG | Shouguo GE

The mercury content in natural gas samples from more than 500 gas wells in eight large gas bearing basins of China was tested, mercury release experiments on two coal samples from different areas were...

Superimposed characteristics and genetic mechanism of strike-slip faults in the Bohai Sea, China

April 2019
Zhiwei HU | Changgui XU | Deying WANG | Jian REN | Yubo LIU | Shuguang XIAO | Xin ZHOU

Based on the 3D seismic structure interpretation of Bohai Sea, combined with physical modeling of structure, structural style analysis and apatite fission track simulation, the structural characteristics...

Type and distribution of Mid-Permian Maokou Formation karst reservoirs in southern Sichuan Basin, SW China

April 2019
Shipeng HUANG | Qingchun JIANG | Qingfu FENG | Ya WU | Weihua LU | Wang SU | Xiaoyue CHEN | Mengyi REN | Hui PENG

Based on the analysis of the responses of conventional logs such as natural gamma (GR), density (DEN), acoustic interval transit time (AC), compensated neutron (CNL), dual lateral resistivity (Rlld,...

Models of steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) steam chamber expanding velocity in double horizontal wells and its application

April 2019
You ZHOU | Teng LU | Shouya WU | Lanxiang SHI | Xuan DU | Junling WANG

The development of steam chamber can be used to evaluate steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) performance. The velocity of steam chamber expanding is the key parameter for evaluating the development...

A saturated saltwater drilling fluid based on salt-responsive polyampholytes

April 2019
Guancheng JIANG | Yinbo HE | Wuge CUI | Lili YANG | Chenxi YE

Based on special antipolyelectrolyte effect of zwitterion polymer with same quantity of anionic and cationic charges, we developed two types of salt-responsive polyampholytes, one with high molecular...

Borehole trajectory uncertainty and its characterization

April 2019
Xiushan LIU

To solve the problem of borehole trajectory uncertainty, some methods such as error ellipsoid posture characterization, sectional error ellipse solution and error elliptic cylinder construction were...

Automatic de-noising and recognition algorithm for drilling fluid pulse signal

April 2019
Yongjian HU | Yanfu HUANG | Xianyi LI

Wavelet forced de-noising algorithm is suitable for denoising of unsteady drilling fluid pulse signal, including baseline drift rectification and two-stage de-noising processing of frame synchronization...

Quantitative prediction of oil saturation of unconsolidated sandstone reservoir based on time-lapse seismic “relative difference method”: Taking Zeta oil field in West Africa as an example

April 2019
Hongmei LU | Hai XU | Yujin WO | Ning GU

In view of the disadvantage that the absolute difference of time-lapse seismic (the difference between monitoring data and base data) is not only related to the change of oil saturation, but also closely...

Crude oil mobility and its controlling factors in tight sand reservoirs in northern Songliao Basin, East China

April 2019
Jun FENG | Bowei ZHANG | Zihui FENG | Yachun WANG | Juhe ZHANG | Xiaofei FU | Yonghe SUN | Qiuli HUO | Hongmei SHAO | Huasen ZENG | Bin QU | Huanyuan CHI

Taking tight oil in Gaotaizi and Fuyu oil layers of the Upper Cretaceous Qingshankou Formation in northern Songliao Basin as an example, based on analyses of nuclear magnetic resonance and high pressure...

Major breakthrough of Well Gaotan 1 and exploration prospects of lower assemblage in southern margin of Junggar Basin, NW China

April 2019
Jinhu DU | Dongming ZHI | Jianzhong LI | Disheng YANG | Yong TANG | Xuefeng QI | Lixin XIAO | Lingyun WEI

Well Gaotan 1 was tested a high yield oil and gas flow of more than 1 000 m3 a day in the Cretaceous Qingshuihe Formation, marking a major breakthrough in the lower assemblage of the southern margin...

Practice and understanding of sidetracking horizontal drilling in old wells in Sulige Gas Field, NW China

April 2019
Jinwu ZHANG | Guoyong WANG | Kai HE | Chenglin YE

To seek effective ways of lowering development cost and tapping inter-well remaining reserves, sidetracking horizontal wells from old wells in Su10 and Su53 Block were conducted. The engineering and...

Sandbody architecture of the bar finger within shoal water delta front: Insights from the Lower Member of Minghuazhen Formation, Neogene, Bohai BZ25 Oilfield, Bohai Bay Basin, East China

April 2019
Zhenhua XU | Shenghe WU | Zhao LIU | Junshou ZHAO | Hongliu GENG | Junchuan WU | Tianyou ZHANG | Zhaowei LIU

Core, well logging and seismic data were used to investigate sandbody architectural characteristics within Lower Member of Minghuazhen Formation in Neogene, Bohai BZ25 Oilfield, and to analyze the sedimentary...

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