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Recent Petroleum Exploration and Development Articles

Recently published articles from Petroleum Exploration and Development.

Kinetic simulation of hydrocarbon generation and its application to in-situ conversion of shale oil

December 2019
Bin ZHANG | Cong YU | Jingwei CUI | Jingkui MI | Huadong LI | Fei HE

The kinetic parameters of hydrocarbon generation are determined through experimental simulation and mathematical calculation using four typical samples selected from the Cretaceous Nenjiang Formation...

Characteristics, formation and evolution of pre-salt dolomite reservoirs in the fifth member of the Ordovician Majiagou Formation, mid-east Ordos Basin, NW China

December 2019
Siyi FU | Chenggong ZHANG | Hongde CHEN | Anqing CHEN | Junxing ZHAO | Zhongtang SU | Shuai YANG | Guo WANG | Wentian MI

The characteristics and formation of the pre-salt dolomite reservoirs in the fifth member of Ordovician Majiagou Formation in the mid-east Ordos Basin are investigated through observation of cores and...

Petroleum geological conditions and exploration potential of Lower Paleozoic carbonate rocks in Gucheng Area, Tarim Basin, China

December 2019
Yinghui CAO | Shan WANG | Yajin ZHANG | Min YANG | Lei YAN | Yimin ZHAO | Junlong ZHANG | Xiandong WANG | Xiaoxiao ZHOU | Hongjiang WANG

Lower Paleozoic carbonate rocks are an important exploration area in craton area of the Tarim Basin, with the proven oil and gas reserves of more than 2.2×108 t, but no large-scale discovery has been...

Mechanisms and experimental research of ion-matched waterflooding to enhance oil recovery in carbonate reservoirs: A case of Cretaceous limestone reservoirs in Halfaya Oilfield, Middle East

December 2019
Yingfeng PENG | Yiqiang LI | Guangya ZHU | Deng PAN | Shanzhi XU | Xiuyu WANG

Based on systematically summarizing the achievements of previous ion-matched waterflooding researches, the diversity and synergy of oil recovery enhancement mechanisms and the interaction between mechanisms...

Origin and characteristics of grain dolomite of Ordovician Ma55 Member in the northwest of Ordos Basin, NW China

December 2019
Xi ZHANG | Tingshan ZHANG | Bianjun LEI | Jingxuan ZHANG | Ji ZHANG | Zhongjun ZHAO | Jinjie YONG

The origin of grain dolomite in M55 Member of Ordovician Majiagou Formation in northwestern Ordos Basin was studied by geochemical and petrological tests on core samples. Observation of cores, thin...

CO2 assisted steam flooding in late steam flooding in heavy oil reservoirs

December 2019
Changfeng XI | Zongyao QI | Yunjun ZHANG | Tong LIU | Dehuang SHEN | Hetaer MU | Hong DONG | Xiuluan LI | Youwei JIANG | Hongzhuang WANG

To improve the oil recovery and economic efficiency in heavy oil reservoirs in late steam flooding, taking J6 Block of Xinjiang Oilfield as the research object, 3D physical modeling experiments of steam...

Synchrotron radiation facility-based quantitative evaluation of pore structure heterogeneity and anisotropy in coal

December 2019
Yingfeng SUN | Yixin ZHAO | Xin WANG | Lei PENG | Qiang SUN

In order to quantify coal pore structure heterogeneity and anisotropy, synchrotron radiation SAXS (Small Angle X-ray Scattering) was applied to obtain the SAXS images of two different rank coal samples....

Technologcial progress and development directions of PetroChina overseas oil and gas exploration

December 2019
Longxin MU | Zhifeng JI

Through a comprehensive review of PetroChina overseas oil and gas exploration of more than 20 years, we systematically summarize the development history, development status and application results of...

Early Cambrian syndepositional structure of the northern Tarim Basin and a discussion of Cambrian subsalt and deep exploration

December 2019
Shuwei GUAN | Chunyu ZHANG | Rong REN | Shuichang ZHANG | Lin WU | Lei WANG | Peiling MA | Changwei HAN

Using field geological survey, drilling and seismic data, combined with the study of regional tectonic evolution and structural deformation, as well as lithological and sedimentary analysis, we reconstructed...

Near-wellbore fracture propagation physical simulation based on innovative interlaced fixed perforation

December 2019
Bin WANG | Jun LI | Gonghui LIU | Dongzhuan LI | Yong SHENG | Hui YAN

An innovative perforation method of interlaced fixed perforation was put forward based on the analysis of the characteristics of fractures in various periods of perforation and conventional perforation...

Colloidal gas aphron (CGA) based foam cement system

December 2019

To solve the problems such as high denstiy, foam instability, low compressive strength, high porosity and poor durability associated with conventional foam cements, a novel colloidal gas aphron (CGA)...

Binary pore structure characteristics of tight sandstone reservoirs

December 2019
Haihua ZHU | Tingshan ZHANG | Dakang ZHONG | Yaoyu LI | Jingxuan ZHANG | Xiaohui CHEN

The pore structure and its influence on physical properties and oil saturation of the Triassic Chang 7 sandstones, Ordos Basin were discussed using thin sections, physical properties, oil saturation...

Development characteristics and orientation of tight oil and gas in China

December 2019
Longde SUN | Caineng ZOU | Ailin JIA | Yunsheng WEI | Rukai ZHU | Songtao WU | Zhi GUO

Through reviewing the development history of tight oil and gas in China, summarizing theoretical understandings in exploration and development, and comparing the geological conditions and development...

Major progress in the natural gas exploration and development in the past seven decades in China

December 2019
Jinxing DAI | Shengfei QIN | Guoyi HU | Yunyan NI | Lideng GAN | Shipeng HUANG | Feng HONG

China has made significant progress in the exploration and development of natural gas in the past 70 years, from the gas-poor country to the world's sixth largest gas production country. In 1949, the...

Discovery and geological knowledge of the large deep coal-formed Qingyang Gas Field, Ordos Basin, NW China

December 2019
Jinhua FU | Xinshan WEI | Shunshe LUO | Zhifeng ZUO | Hu ZHOU | Baoxian LIU | Qingfen KONG | Sha ZHAN | Junxiang NAN

After 50 years of oil and gas exploration in Longdong area of southwest Ordos Basin, NW China, a deep coal-formed gas field was discovered for the first time in Qingyang area. Through observation of...

Effects of fluid flow rate and viscosity on gravel-pack plugging and the optimization of sand-control wells production

December 2019
Changyin DONG | Yugang ZHOU | Qiang CHEN | Chunming ZHU | Yanlong LI | Xiaobo LI | Yabin LIU

Series of experiments were performed to simulate the invasion of formation sand into and the plugging process of gravel-pack at different viscosities and flowing rates of fluid. Two types of formation...

Experimental study on surface-active polymer flooding for enhanced oil recovery: A case study of Daqing placanticline oilfield, NE China

December 2019
Qiannan YU | Yikun LIU | Shuang LIANG | Shuai TAN | Zhi SUN | Yang YU

Experiments on surface-active polymer flooding for enhanced oil recovery were carried out by detection analysis and modern physical simulation technique based on reservoirs and fluids in Daqing placanticline...

Water-sensitive damage mechanism and the injection water source optimization of low permeability sandy conglomerate reservoirs

December 2019
Lei WANG | Hui ZHANG | Xiaodong PENG | Panrong WANG | Nan ZHAO | Shasha CHU | Xinguang WANG | Linghui KONG

The global mobility theory was used to evaluate the experimental results of oil displacement with water of different salinities. The results of scanning electron microscopy, X diffraction of clay minerals,...

Laser ablation in situ U-Pb dating and its application to diagenesis-porosity evolution of carbonate reservoirs

December 2019
Anjiang SHEN | Anping HU | Ting CHENG | Feng LIANG | Wenqing PAN | Yuexing FENG | Jianxin ZHAO

Through the development and calibration of a reference material which is 209.8 Ma old using a newly-developed Laser Ablation (LA) Multi-Collector Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (MC-ICP-MS)...

Calculation of safe drilling mud density window for shale formation by considering chemo-poro-mechanical coupling effect

December 2019
Shifeng ZHANG | Haige WANG | Zhengsong QIU | Wenke CAO | Hongchun HUANG | Zhixue CHEN

It is difficult to define safe drilling mud density window for shale sections. To solve this problem, the general Biot effective stress principle developed by Heidug and Wong was modified. The Weibull...

Features and imbibition mechanisms of Winsor I type surfactant solution in oil-wet porous media

October 2019
Fuwei YU | Hanqiao JIANG | Zhen FAN | Fei XU | Hang SU | Baoyang CHENG | Rengjing LIU | Junjian LI

The relationship between NaCl concentration and the phase change behavior of microemulsion of anionic surfactant was characterized by the salinity scan experiments. The wettability of Winsor I type...

Mechanism of expanding swept volume by nano-sized oil-displacement agent

October 2019
Qun LEI | Jianhui LUO | Baoliang PENG | Xiaocong WANG | Peiwen XIAO | Pingmei WANG | Lipeng HE | Bin DING | Xiangfei GENG

The effect of expanding swept volume by iNanoW1.0 nanoparticles in ultra-low permeability core was studied by low-field nuclear magnetic resonance (LF-NMR) technology, and the mechanism of expanding...

Cambrian faults and their control on the sedimentation and reservoirs in the Ordos Basin, NW China

October 2019
Guoqi WEI | Qiuying ZHU | Wei YANG | Chunlin ZHANG | Wuling MO

Comprehensively utilizing the seismic, logging, drilling and outcrop data, this research studies the characteristics of the Cambrian faults and their control on the sedimentation and reservoirs in the...

Dolomite genesis and reservoir-cap rock assemblage in carbonate-evaporite paragenesis system

October 2019
Anping HU | Anjiang SHEN | Hanxuan YANG | Jie ZHANG | Xin WANG | Liu YANG | Shaoxing MENG

Regarding to the problem on the reservoir-cap rock assemblage evaluation in the carbonate-evaporite paragenesis system, this study examined the dolomite and reservoirs genesis and the characteristics...

Spatial configuration of sand and mud in the lacustrine nearshore sand bar deposits and its geological implications

October 2019
Xiaofei SHANG | Taizhong DUAN | Jiagen HOU | Yan LI

Different configurational orders of sand bodies and interlayers in lacustrine nearshore sand bar reservoirs frequently interact, causing complicated genesis and distribution of argillaceous sediments,...

Re-recognition of “unconventional” in unconventional oil and gas

October 2019
Fangzheng JIAO

Taking the Wufeng–Longmaxi shale gas in the Sichuan Basin as a typical example, based on the new progress in exploration and development, this study re-examines the “unconventional” of unconventional...

Integrated hydraulic fracturing techniques to enhance oil recovery from tight rocks

October 2019
Fujian ZHOU | Hang SU | Xingyuan LIANG | Leifeng MENG | Lishan YUAN | Xiuhui LI | Tianbo LIANG

Two main challenges exist in enhancing oil recovery rate from tight oil reservoirs, namely how to create an effective complicated fracture network and how to enhance the imbibition effect of fracturing...

Geological conditions of natural gas accumulation and new exploration areas in the Mesoproterozoic to Lower Paleozoic of Ordos Basin, NW China

October 2019
Jinhu DU | Xiangbo LI | Hongping BAO | Wanglin XU | Yating WANG | Junping HUANG | Hongbo WANG | Rong WANYAN | Jing WANG

Based on field outcrop investigation, interpretation and analysis of drilling and seismic data, and consulting on a large number of previous research results, the characteristics of ancient marine hydrocarbon...

Management and instant query of distributed oil and gas production dynamic data

October 2019
Hongliang WANG | Longxin MU | Fugeng SHI | Kaiming LIU | Yurong QIAN

The multidimensional analysis engine data management platform is constructed using big data distributed storage and parallel computing, data warehouse modeling technology, realizing the optimal management...

Trend judgment of abandoned channels and fine architecture characterization in meandering river reservoirs: A case study of Neogene Minhuazhen Formation NmIII2 layer in Shijiutuo bulge, Chengning uplift, Bohai Bay Basin, East China

October 2019
Bo NIU | Jiahong ZHAO | Ping FU | Junjian LI | Zhidong BAO | Yong HU | Jinchang SU | Xingjun GAO | Chi ZHANG | Dengfei YU | Dongsheng ZANG | Min LI

Based on well logging responses, sedimentary patterns and sandstone thickness, the distribution characteristics of meandering river sedimentary sand body of Neogene Minghuazhen Formation NmIII2 layer...

Nanoparticle foaming agents for major gas fields in China

October 2019
Chunming XIONG | Guangqiang CAO | Jianjun ZHANG | Nan LI | Wenlong XU | Junwen WU | Jun LI | Na ZHANG

The conventional foaming agents have the problems of poor adaptability and high cost during the application in different types of gas fields, especially in high temperature, high salinity, high acidic...

Evolution of lithofacies and paleogeography and hydrocarbon distribution worldwide (II)

October 2019
Guangya ZHANG | Xiaoguang TONG | Renchen XIN | Zhixin WEN | Feng MA | Tongfei HUANG | Zhaoming WANG | Bingsong YU | Yuejun LI | Hanlin CHEN | Xiaobing LIU | Zuodong LIU

Based on the compilation and analysis of the lithofacies and paleogeography distribution maps at present and paleoplate locations during six key geological periods of the Mesozoic and Cenozoic, the...

Tectonic and geological setting of the earthquake hazards in the Changning shale gas development zone, Sichuan Basin, SW China

October 2019
Dengfa HE | Renqi LU | Hanyu HUANG | Xiaoshan WANG | Hua JIANG | Weikang ZHANG

Hydraulic fracturing is a key technology in shale gas extraction, whether hydraulic fracturing induces earthquakes has become a hot topic in the public and the focus of scholars’ research. The urgency...

Fault-sand combination modes and hydrocarbon accumulation in Binhai fault nose of Qikou Sag, Bohai Bay Basin, East China

October 2019
Lihong ZHOU | Guomeng HAN | Yueqi DONG | Qianru SHI | Jianying MA | Jinnan HU | Shichao REN | Kejia ZHOU | Jincheng WANG | Weiliu SI

Based on seismic and logging data, taking the downthrow fault nose of Binhai fault in Qikou Sag as the object of study, we analyzed fault characteristics, sand body distribution, fault-sand combinations...

A permeability prediction method based on pore structure and lithofacies

October 2019
Lideng GAN | Yaojun WANG | Xianzhe LUO | Ming ZHANG | Xianbin LI | Xiaofeng DAI | Hao YANG

Permeability prediction using linear regression of porosity always has poor performance when the reservoir with complex pore structure and large variation of lithofacies. A new method is proposed to...

New concepts for deepening hydrocarbon exploration and their application effects in the Junggar Basin, NW China

October 2019
Wenzhi ZHAO | Suyun HU | Xujie GUO | Jianzhong LI | Zhenglin CAO

The Junggar Basin is one of the major petroliferous basins with abundant oil and gas resources in onshore China. Around 2010 and thereafter, the hydrocarbon exploration for finding giant fields in the...

Tectonic analysis and petroleum significance of Cenozoic faults in Dongping-Niuzhong area in Altyn slope

October 2019
Wei DU | Yan CHEN | Zhendong WANG | Qing BIAN | Zhaojie GUO

The evolution process and petroleum significance of two groups of fault structures, the NW-SE trending and near EW trending ones in the Cenozoic of Dongping-Niuzhong area of the Altyn slope, Qaidam...

Wellbore stability analysis to determine the safe mud weight window for sandstone layers

October 2019

The wellbore stability of a vertical well through the sandstone reservoir layers of the Asmari oil-bearing formation in south-west Iran is investigated. The safe drilling-fluid density range for maintaining...

Quantitative criteria for identifying main flow channels in complex porous media

October 2019
Xizhe LI | Detang LU | Ruilan LUO | Yuping SUN | Weijun SHEN | Yong HU | Xiaohua LIU | Yadong QI | Chunxiao GUAN | Hui GUO

To identify the type of main flow channels of complex porous media in oil and gas reservoirs, the “main flow channel index” is defined as the ratio of comprehensive permeability obtained from well test...

Optimization workflow for stimulation-well spacing design in a multiwell pad

October 2019
Junlei WANG | Ailin JIA | Yunsheng WEI | Chengye JIA | Yadong QI | He YUAN | Yiqiu JIN

A flow mathematical model with multiple horizontal wells considering interference between wells and fractures was established by taking the variable width conductivity fractures as basic flow units....

Simultaneous upscaling of two properties of reservoirs in one dimension using adaptive bandwidth in kernel function method

August 2019
Reza Azad MOHAMMAD | Kamkar Rouhani ABOLGHASEM | Tokhmechi BEHZAD | Arashi MOHAMMAD | Baratnezhad EHSAN

Upscaling of primary geological models with huge cells, especially in porous media, is the first step in fluid flow simulation. Numerical methods are often used to solve the models. The upscaling method...

Influences of lithology on in-situ stress field in low permeability reservoirs in Bonan Oilfield, Bohai Bay Basin, China

August 2019
Zhipeng LI | Xiantai LIU | Yong YANG | Lixia BU

The differences of rock mechanical properties were analyzed based on triaxial compression test in low permeability reservoirs of the Bonan Oilfield. Through the analysis of reservoir mechanics, the...

Logging while drilling electromagnetic wave responses in inclined bedding formation

August 2019
Yiren FAN | Xufei HU | Shaogui DENG | Xiyong YUAN | Haitao LI

For real-time inversion and fast reconstruction of formation true resistivity, the forward modeling of electromagnetic wave logging while drilling is usually based on the transversely isotropic formation...

Mechanism of drilling rate improvement using high-pressure liquid nitrogen jet

August 2019
Zhongwei HUANG | Xiaoguang WU | Ran LI | Shikun ZHANG | Ruiyue YANG

To address the high rock strength and low drilling rate issues in deep oil/gas and geothermal exploitation, we performed mechanical property tests on three kinds of rock samples (granite, shale and...

A training image optimization method in multiple-point geostatistics and its application in geological modeling

August 2019
Lixin WANG | Yanshu YIN | Wenjie FENG | Taizhong DUAN | Lei ZHAO | Wenbiao ZHANG

Based on the analysis of the high-order compatibility optimization method proposed by predecessors, a new training image optimization method based on data event repetition probability is proposed. The...

Auto-optimization of production-injection rate for reservoirs with strong natural aquifer at ultra-high water cut stage

August 2019
Zhanxiang LEI | Longxin MU | Hui ZHAO | Jian LIU | Heping CHEN | Fenshu JIA | Zhanzong ZHOU

Based on the optimal control theory and taking the production law of reservoirs with strong natural aquifer as the basic constraint, a mathematical model of liquid production for such reservoirs in...

Vertical dominant migration channel and hydrocarbon migration in complex fault zone, Bohai Bay sag, China

August 2019
Changgui XU | Jingsong PENG | Qingxun WU | Zhe SUN | Tao YE

The quantitatively/semi-quantitatively formation conditions of vertical dominant hydrocarbon migration pathways were analyzed based on the big data analysis of petroleum geological parameters of complex...

The effect of cations on gelation of cross-linked polymers

August 2019

The effects of different cation concentrations and types on rheological property and stability of Guar, Xanthan, and Partially Hydrolyzed Polyacrylamide (HPAM) cross-linked gels were analyzed through...

Occurrence mechanism of lacustrine shale oil in the Paleogene Shahejie Formation of Jiyang Depression, Bohai Bay Basin, China

August 2019
Min WANG | Rui MA | Jinbu LI | Shuangfang LU | Chuanming LI | Zhiqiang GUO | Zheng LI

To determine the occurrence mechanism and mobility of shale oil in the Shahejie Formation in the Jiyang Depression, organic geochemistry analysis, thin-section petrological observation, low-temperature...

Correct understanding and application of waterflooding characteristic curves

August 2019
Hongen DOU | Hujun ZHANG | Sibo SHEN

Through reviewing the generation process and essential characteristics of waterflooding curves, the essence and characteristics of Zhang Jinqing waterflooding curve and Yu Qitai waterflooding curve...

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