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Recent Petroleum Exploration and Development Articles

Recently published articles from Petroleum Exploration and Development.

Sedimentary characteristics of distributive fluvial system in arid area: A case study of the Shule River distributive fluvial system, NW China

August 2021
Xianghui ZHANG | Changmin ZHANG | Wenjie FENG | Qinghai XU | Rui ZHU | Shuai LIU | Ruoxin HUANG

Based on detailed investigation of the modern sedimentation of the distributive fluvial system of Shule River and the data of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) aerial photography and satellite remote sensing,...

Dynamic characteristics and influencing factors of CO2 huff and puff in tight oil reservoirs

August 2021
Xiang TANG | Yiqiang LI | Xue HAN | Yongbing ZHOU | Jianfei ZHAN | Miaomiao XU | Rui ZHOU | Kai CUI | Xiaolong CHEN | Lei WANG

CO2 huff and puff experiments of different injection parameters, production parameters and soaking time were carried out on large-scale cubic and long columnar outcrop samples to analyze dynamic characteristics...

A well test analysis model of generalized tube flow and seepage coupling

August 2021
Jia'en LIN | Hui HE | Yihua WANG

“Generalized mobility” is used to realize the unification of tube flow and seepage in form and the unification of commonly used linear and nonlinear flow laws in form, which makes it possible to use...

Experimental study on the oil production characteristics during the waterflooding of different types of reservoirs in Ordos Basin, NW China

August 2021
Wenlian XIAO | Yubin YANG | Min LI | Nong LI | Jingxi YOU | Jinzhou ZHAO | Lingli ZHENG | Keming ZHOU | Jitian REN | Yue WANG

Waterflooding experiments were conducted in micro-models (microscopic scale) and on plunger cores from low permeability, extra-low permeability and ultra-low permeability reservoirs in the Ordos Basin...

3D pore-scale modeling of nanofluids-enhanced oil recovery

August 2021
Andrey Viktorovich MINAKOV | Dmitriy Viktorovich GUZEI | Maxim Ivanovich PRYAZHNIKOV | Sergey Anatol'yevich FILIMONOV | Yulia Olegovna VORONENKOVA

The numerical modeling of oil displacement by nanofluid based on three-dimensional micromodel of cores with different permeability was carried out by the volume of fluid (VOF) method with experimentally...

Types of biogenic quartz and its coupling storage mechanism in organic-rich shales: A case study of the Upper Ordovician Wufeng Formation to Lower Silurian Longmaxi Formation in the Sichuan Basin, SW China

August 2021
Quanzhong GUAN | Dazhong DONG | Hualing ZHANG | Shasha SUN | Surong ZHANG | Wen GUO

Biogenic quartz in the Upper Ordovician Wufeng Formation to Lower Silurian Longmaxi Formation (Wufeng– Longmaxi) shale layers in the Sichuan Basin and its periphery is qualitatively analyzed and quantitatively...

Construction of carbonate reservoir knowledge base and its application in fracture-cavity reservoir geological modeling

August 2021
Zhiliang HE | Jianfang SUN | Panhong GUO | Hehua WEI | Xinrui LYU | Kelong HAN

To improve the efficiency and accuracy of carbonate reservoir research, a unified reservoir knowledge base linking geological knowledge management with reservoir research is proposed. The reservoir...

Classification and control factors of pore-throat systems in hybrid sedimentary rocks of Jimusar Sag, Junggar Basin, NW China

August 2021
Dianshi XIAO | Yang GAO | Shouchang PENG | Meng WANG | Min WANG | Shuangfang LU

Aiming at the complicated problem of the genesis of high-quality hybrid sedimentary rocks, the pore-throat systems, controlling factors and fluid mobility of hybrid sedimentary rocks in the Permian...

Effects of astronomical orbital cycle and volcanic activity on organic carbon accumulation during Late Ordovician–Early Silurian in the Upper Yangtze area, South China

August 2021
Xi ZHANG | Tingshan ZHANG | Xiaoming ZHAO | Haihua ZHU | Emilian Popa MIHAI | Lei CHEN | Jinjie YONG | Qiang XIAO | Hongjiao LI

Based on field outcrop data, the effects of cyclic change of astronomical orbit and volcanic activity on organic carbon accumulation during the Late Ordovician – Early Silurian in the Upper Yangtze...

A smart productivity evaluation method for shale gas wells based on 3D fractal fracture network model

August 2021
Yunsheng WEI | Junlei WANG | Wei YU | Yadong QI | Jijun MIAO | He YUAN | Chuxi LIU

The generation method of three-dimensional fractal discrete fracture network (FDFN) based on multiplicative cascade process was developed. The complex multi-scale fracture system in shale after fracturing...

Seismic description and fluid identification of thin reservoirs in Shengli Chengdao extra-shallow sea oilfield

August 2021
Ningkai SHU | Chaoguang SU | Xiaoguang SHI | Zhiping LI | Xuefang ZHANG | Xianhong CHEN | Jianbing ZHU | Liang SONG

The meandering channel deposit of the upper member of Neogene Guantao Formation in Shengli Chengdao extra-shallow sea oilfield is characterized by rapid change in sedimentary facies. In addition, affected...

Sweet spot evaluation and exploration practice of lacustrine shale oil of the second member of Kongdian Formation in Cangdong sag, Bohai Bay Basin

August 2021
Wenzhong HAN | Xianzheng ZHAO | Fengming JIN | Xiugang PU | Shiyue CHEN | Liangang MU | Wei ZHANG | Zhannan SHI | Hu WANG

Based on core, thin section, X-ray diffraction, rock pyrolysis, CT scanning, nuclear magnetic resonance and oil testing data, the macro and micro components, sedimentary structure characteristics, of...

Formation, preservation and connectivity control of organic pores in shale

August 2021
Tenger BORJIGIN | Longfei LU | Lingjie YU | Wentao ZHANG | Anyang PAN | Baojian SHEN | Ye WANG | Yunfeng YANG | Zhiwei GAO

In view of strong heterogeneity and complex formation and evolution of organic pores, field emission scanning electron microscopy (FESEM), Raman spectrum and fluid injection + CT/SEM imaging technology...

Predictability of well construction time with multivariate probabilistic approach

August 2021
Quang-Hung LUU | Man Fai LAU | Sebastian P.H. NG | Clement P.W. TING | Reuben WEE | Patrick H.H. THEN

Current univariate approach to predict the probability of well construction time has limited accuracy due to the fact that it ignores key factors affecting the time. In this study, we propose a multivariate...

Genesis of calcite vein in basalt and its effect on reservoir quality: A case study of the Carboniferous in the east slope of Mahu sag, Junggar Basin, NW China

August 2021
Lu XIA | Yingchang CAO | Baoli BIAN | Hailei LIU | Xiaoxue WANG | Yiwei ZHAO | Miaomiao YAN

The characteristics and genesis of the calcite veins in Carboniferous basalt in the east slope of Mahu Sag, Junggar Basin are investigated based on observation of cores and thin sections; analyses of...

Low cost development strategy for oilfields in China under low oil prices

August 2021
Xinmin SONG | Debin QU | Cunyou ZOU

By reviewing the challenges in the development of oilfields in China under low oil prices, this study analyzes the root causes of cost rising, put forwards the low cost oilfield development strategy...

Stress sensitivity of formation during multi-cycle gas injection and production in an underground gas storage rebuilt from gas reservoirs

August 2021
Jiqiang LI | Guanqun ZHAO | Zhilin QI | Bingyi YIN | Xun XU | Feifei FANG | Shenyao YANG | Guixue QI

Permeability sensitivity to stress experiments were conducted on standard core samples taken from Wen 23 Gas Storage at multi-cycle injection and production conditions of the gas storage to study the...

Comprehensive evaluation on hydrocarbon-bearing availability of fault traps in a rift basin: A case study of the Qikou sag in the Bohai Bay Basin, China

August 2021
Xiaofei FU | Xianqiang SONG | Haixue WANG | Haitao LIU | Shunyu WANG | Lingdong MENG

An evaluation system of hydrocarbon-bearing availability of fault traps was established based on the comprehensive analysis of fault segment growth history, fine reservoir anatomy and geochemistry tracing,...

Responsibilities of petroleum prospectors: Discussions on dual logic and development trend of hydrocarbon exploration

August 2021
Longde SUN | Zihui FENG | Hang JIANG | Tao JIANG

Some unusual events happened in petroleum industry in 2020, such as the negative WTI oil price, price soaring of melt-blown nonwoven fabric, Exxon Mobil Corp.(NYSE:XOM) removed from Dow Jones Industrial...

Logging-while-drilling formation dip interpretation based on long short-term memory

August 2021
Qifeng SUN | Na LI | Youxiang DUAN | Hongqiang LI | Haiquan TANG

Azimuth gamma logging while drilling (LWD) is one of the important technologies of geosteering but the information of real-time data transmission is limited and the interpretation is difficult. This...

Formation of fractures in carbonate rocks by pad acid fracturing with different states of carbon dioxide

June 2021
Jianchun GUO | Li ZHAN | Bo GOU | Ran ZHANG | Chao LIU | Xiao LI | Jichuan REN

Carbonate outcrops were taken from Ma 51 sub-member in the Lower Paleozoic in the Yan’an gas field to conduct true tri-axial hydraulic fracturing experiments with water, liquid CO2 and supercritical...

Mechanisms of shale hydration and water block removal

June 2021
Fanhui ZENG | Qiang ZHANG | Jianchun GUO | Bo ZENG | Yu ZHANG | Songgen HE

Shale samples of Silurian Longmaxi Formation in the Changning area of the Sichuan Basin, SW China, were selected to carry out scanning electron microscopy, CT imaging, high-pressure mercury injection,...

Key geological factors controlling the estimated ultimate recovery of shale oil and gas: A case study of the Eagle Ford shale, Gulf Coast Basin, USA

June 2021
Lianhua HOU | Zhichao YU | Xia LUO | Senhu LIN | Zhongying ZHAO | Zhi YANG | Songtao WU | Jingwei CUI | Lijun ZHANG

Based on 991 groups of analysis data of shale samples from the Lower Member of the Cretaceous Eagle Ford Formation of 1317 production wells and 72 systematic coring wells in the U.S. Gulf Basin, the...

Characteristics of “Guangyuan-Wangcang” trough during Late Middle Permian and its petroleum geological significance in northern Sichuan Basin, SW China

June 2021
Xingzhi WANG | Bo LI | Xiyan YANG | Long WEN | Liang XU | Shengyang XIE | Yao DU | Mingyou FENG | Xuefei YANG | Yaping WANG | Senqi PEI

Based on outcrop characteristics, combined with regional tectonic background, drilling and geophysical data, the sedimentary characteristics of the Middle Permian Maokou Formation in the northern Sichuan...

Reservoir space and enrichment model of shale oil in the first member of Cretaceous Qingshankou Formation in the Changling Sag, southern Songliao Basin, NE China

June 2021
Bo LIU | Jiahui SUN | Yongqing ZHANG | Junling HE | Xiaofei FU | Liang YANG | Jilin XING | Xiaoqing ZHAO

The lithology, lithofacies, reservoir properties and shale oil enrichment model of the fine-grained sedimentary system in a lake basin with terrigenous clastics of large depression are studied taking...

Relationship between Permian volcanic rocks distribution and karst paleogeomorphology of Maokou Formation and its significance for petroleum exploration in western Sichuan Basin, SW China

June 2021
Ran LIU | Bing LUO | Ya LI | Nansheng QIU | Wei WANG | Yu ZHANG | Qinglin HE | Senqi PEI

Based on outcrop, drilling, logging, geochemical analysis and seismic data, the karst landform and distribution of Permian volcanic rocks at the end of the sedimentary period of the Maokou Formation...

A differential wide field electromagnetic method and its application in alkaline-surfactant-polymer (ASP) flooding monitoring

June 2021
Diquan LI | Jishan HE

To improve effectiveness of ASP flooding, it is necessary to establish a reliable parameter design and tracking adjustment method to monitor the process of oil displacement. A differential wide field...

Geology and development of geothermal field in Neogene Guantao Formation in northern Bohai Bay Basin: A case of the Caofeidian geothermal heating project in Tangshan, China

June 2021
Yuexia DONG | Hongxiang HUANG | Lu REN | Hongda LI | Zhiqiang DU | Junjie E | Qi WANG | Xiaoming ZHANG

Taking the Gaoshangpu-Liuzan geothermal field in the Nanpu sag of the Bohai Bay Basin as the research object, this paper discusses the geological conditions and potential of the geothermal resources...

Differences in source kitchens for lacustrine in-source and out-of-source hydrocarbon accumulations

June 2021
Wenzhi ZHAO | Bin ZHANG | Xiaomei WANG | Songtao WU | Shuichang ZHANG | Wei LIU | Kun WANG | Xia ZHAO

Because of the differences of hydrocarbon accumulation between in-source and out-of-source oil pools, the demand for source kitchen is different. Based on the establishment of source-to-reservoir correlation...

Quantitative evaluation of lateral sealing of extensional fault by an integral mathematical-geological model

June 2021
Yanfang LYU | Xinlei HU | Fengming JIN | Dunqing XIAO | Jiazhi LUO | Xiugang PU | Wenya JIANG | Xiongying DONG

To evaluate the lateral sealing mechanism of extensional fault based on the pressure difference between fault and reservoir, an integral mathematical-geological model of diagenetic time on diagenetic...

Formation of overpressure system and its relationship with the distribution of large gas fields in typical foreland basins in central and western China

June 2021
Wei LI | Zhuxin CHEN | Pinghui HUANG | Zhichao YU | Lei MIN | Xuesong LU

Based on the data of measured formation pressure, drilling fluid density of key exploration wells and calculated pressure by well logging, combined with the analysis of natural gas geological conditions,...

An analysis of major scientific problems and research paths of Gulong shale oil in Daqing Oilfield, NE China

June 2021
Longde SUN | He LIU | Wenyuan HE | Guoxin LI | Shuichang ZHANG | Rukai ZHU | Xu JIN | Siwei MENG | Hang JIANG

After the preliminary basic research on the problems encountered during the production period of Gulong shale oil in the Songliao Basin, NE China, and the scientific exploration, the special characteristics...

Characterization of complex hydraulic fractures in Eagle Ford shale oil development through embedded discrete fracture modeling

June 2021
Mauricio FIALLOS TORRES | Adrián MORALES | Wei YU | Jijun MIAO

This study extends an integrated field characterization in Eagle Ford by optimizing the numerical reservoir simulation of highly representative complex fractured systems through embedded discrete fracture...

Nuclear magnetic resonance experimental study of CO2 injection to enhance shale oil recovery

June 2021
Dongjiang LANG | Zengmin LUN | Chengyuan LYU | Haitao WANG | Qingmin ZHAO | Han SHENG

Factors affecting CO2 flooding of shale oil reservoir were studied by nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) experiments, the effects of time, pressure, temperature on the recovery of CO2 flooding in shale...

Origin and growth mechanisms of strike-slip faults in the central Tarim cratonic basin, NW China

June 2021
Guanghui WU | Bingshan MA | Jianfa HAN | Baozhu GUAN | Xin CHEN | Peng YANG | Zhou XIE

Through fault structure analysis and chronology study, we discuss the origin and growth mechanisms of strike-slip faults in the Tarim Basin. (1) Multiple stages strike-slip faults with inherited growth...

The mechanism of unconventional hydrocarbon formation: Hydrocarbon self-sealing and intermolecular forces

June 2021
Chengzao JIA | Xiongqi PANG | Yan SONG

The successful development of unconventional hydrocarbons has significantly increased global hydrocarbon resources, promoted the growth of global hydrocarbon production and made a great breakthrough...

Major biological events and fossil energy formation: On the development of energy science under the earth system framework

June 2021
Songqi PAN | Caineng ZOU | Yong LI | Zhenhua JING | Entao LIU | Ming YUAN | Guosheng ZHANG | Zhi YANG | Songtao WU | Zhen QIU | Hanlin LIU

In geological history, one major life explosion and five mass extinction events occurred. These major biological and environmental events affected the evolution of the Earth ecosystem and controlled...

Research progress and prospect of plugging technologies for fractured formation with severe lost circulation

June 2021
Jinsheng SUN | Yingrui BAI | Rongchao CHENG | Kaihe LYU | Fan LIU | Jie FENG | Shaofei LEI | Jie ZHANG | Huijun HAO

By reviewing the mechanisms of drilling fluid lost circulation and its control in fractured formations, the applicability and working mechanisms of different kinds of lost circulation materials in plugging...

Mechanism of shales stabilization by hydrophobized poly(ethylene glycol)/K+ in water-base drilling fluids

June 2021
Santiago VILLABONA-ESTUPIÑAN | de ALMEIDA RODRIGUES Jorge | Carolina Ferreira de ABREU | Regina Sandra Veiga NASCIMENTO

The mechanism of the hydrophobized poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG)/K+ system inhibiting shale hydration was studied by laboratory experiment. The inhibition performance was evaluated through cuttings hot-rolling...

Accumulation conditions and exploration directions of Ordovician lower assemblage natural gas, Ordos Basin, NW China

June 2021
Wanglin XU | Jianzhong LI | Xinshe LIU | Ningxi LI | Caili ZHANG | Yueqiao ZHANG | Ling FU | Ying BAI | Zhengliang HUANG | Jianrong GAO | Yuanshi SUN | Wei SONG

Based on drilling cores, well logging and seismic data, source rocks and reservoirs are evaluated; and the natural gas genesis is identified through the analysis of natural gas isotopes, components...

The dating and temperature measurement technologies for carbonate minerals and their application in hydrocarbon accumulation research in the paleo-uplift in central Sichuan Basin, SW China

June 2021
Anjiang SHEN | Wenzhi ZHAO | Anping HU | Hui WANG | Feng LIANG | Yongsheng WANG

A new method for reconstructing the geological history of hydrocarbon accumulation is developed, which are constrained by U-Pb isotope age and clumped isotope (Δ47) temperature of host minerals of hydrocarbon-bearing...

Growth of forearc highs and basins in the oblique Sumatra subduction system

June 2021
Maruf M MUKTI | Hade B MAULIN | Haryadi PERMANA

Based on structural deformation analysis in the oblique Sumatra subduction system, we review uplift mechanisms of the forearc high and formation of the forearc basin. The development of the forearc...

Quantitative characterization of irregular microfracture network and its effect on the permeability of porous media

April 2021
Tao LI | Qian LI | Yong HU | Xian PENG | Xi FENG | Zhanmei ZHU | Zihan ZHAO

Based on the comprehensive understanding on microfractures and matrix pores in reservoir rocks, numerical algorithms are used to construct fractured porous media and fracture-pore media models. Connectivity...

Deep-water gravity flow deposits in a lacustrine rift basin and their oil and gas geological significance in eastern China

April 2021
Yingchang CAO | Jiehua JIN | Haining LIU | Tian YANG | Keyu LIU | Yanzhong WANG | Jian WANG | Chao LIANG

The types, evolution processes, formation mechanisms, and depositional models of deep-water gravity flow deposits in a lacustrine rift basin are studied through core observation and systematic analysis....

The role of new energy in carbon neutral

April 2021
Caineng ZOU | Bo XIONG | Huaqing XUE | Dewen ZHENG | Zhixin GE | Ying WANG | Luyang JIANG | Songqi PAN | Songtao WU

Carbon dioxide is an important medium of the global carbon cycle, and has the dual properties of realizing the conversion of organic matter in the ecosystem and causing the greenhouse effect. The fixed...

Natural gas geology and exploration direction of the Cambrian Lower Canglangpu Member in central Sichuan paleo-uplift, Sichuan Basin, SW China

April 2021
Wei YAN | Bing LUO | Gang ZHOU | Youlian CHEN | Yuan ZHONG | Kunyu LI | Hongfei ZHOU | Like ZHAO | Yuan HE

Based on drilling data of JT1 and CS1, outcrop profiles and seismic data, the sedimentary pattern, space configuration of source-reservoir-cap combinations and paleouplift evolution characteristics...

“Extreme utilization” development theory of unconventional natural gas

April 2021
Xinhua MA

In the process of unconventional natural gas development practice, the “extreme utilization” concept that focuses on “continuously breaking through the limit of development technology” is gradually...

A method of reconstructing 3D model from 2D geological cross-section based on self-adaptive spatial sampling: A case study of Cretaceous McMurray reservoirs in a block of Canada

April 2021
Lixin WANG | Yanshu YIN | Hui WANG | Changmin ZHANG | Wenjie FENG | Zhenkun LIU | Pangen WANG | Lifang CHENG | Jiong LIU

An orthogonal 2D training image is constructed from the geological analysis results of well logs and sedimentary facies; the 2D probabilities in three directions are obtained through linear pooling...

The effect of inorganic salt precipitation on oil recovery during CO2 flooding: A case study of Chang 8 block in Changqing oilfield, NW China

April 2021
Zhou YUAN | Xinwei LIAO | Kuaile ZHANG | Xiaoliang ZHAO | Zhiming CHEN

Static experiments and dynamic displacement experiments were conducted to quantitatively determine the amount of precipitate generated by the CO2-formation water reaction at different temperatures,...

Enrichment of tight oil and its controlling factors in central and western China

April 2021
Yan SONG | Qun LUO | Zhenxue JIANG | Wei YANG | Dongdong LIU

Taking the tight oil of the Zhongnan sag in the Ordos Basin, Jimusar sag in the Junggar Basin and Qingxi sag in the Jiuquan Basin as study objects, based on field survey, dissection of tight oil reservoirs,...

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