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Recent Petroleum Exploration and Development Articles

Recently published articles from Petroleum Exploration and Development.

Pyrolysis of coal measure source rocks at highly to over mature stage and its geological implications

August 2020
Jinliang GAO | Yunyan NI | Wei LI | Yilin YUAN

The influence of water on gas generation from humic type organic matter at highly to over mature stage was investigated with thermal simulation experiments at high temperature and pressure. The result...

Experimental investigation on stable displacement mechanism and oil recovery enhancement of oxygen-reduced air assisted gravity drainage

August 2020
Xiaolong CHEN | Yiqiang LI | Guangzhi LIAO | Chengming ZHANG | Shanzhi XU | Huan QI | Xiang TANG

The effects of gravity, capillary force, and viscous force on the migration characteristics of oil and gas interface in oxygen-reduced air-assisted gravity drainage (OAGD) were studied through a two-dimensional...

Deformation features and tectonic transfer of the Gumubiezi Fault in the northwestern margin of Tarim Basin, NW China

August 2020
Busuke PARIDIGULI | Huiwen XIE | Xiaogan CHENG | Chao WU | Yuqing ZHANG | Zhenping XU | Xiubin LIN | Hanlin CHEN

Through field geologic survey, fine interpretation of seismic reflection data and analysis of well drilling data, the differential deformation, tectonic transfer and controlling factors of the differential...

Development potential and technical strategy of continental shale oil in China

August 2020
Suyun HU | Wenzhi ZHAO | Lianhua HOU | Zhi YANG | Rukai ZHU | Songtao WU | Bin BAI | Xu JIN

Continental shale oil is a general term for liquid hydrocarbons and many kinds of organic matter in continental organic-rich shale series with vitrinite reflectance of more than 0.5% at buried depth...

Scaled physical experiments on drainage mechanisms of solvent-expanded SAGD in super-heavy oil reservoirs

August 2020
Yongbin WU | Xueqi LIU | Xuan DU | Xiaoyi ZHOU | Li WANG | Jun LI | Yanhong LI | Xiuluan LI | Yang LI

In view of high oil viscosity at high temperatures, slow steam chamber expansion rate, low oil rate, and low oil/steam ratio of domestic super heavy oil blocks developed with dual-horizontal well steam...

Synchronous injection-production energy replenishment for a horizontal well in an ultra-low permeability sandstone reservoir: A case study of Changqing oilfield in Ordos Basin, NW China

August 2020
Jing WANG | Jungang LIU | Zhaoguo LI | Hongchang LI | Jiaosheng ZHANG | Wenqing LI | Yuanli ZHANG | Yi PING | Huanying YANG | Ping WANG

It is difficult to build an effective water flooding displacement pressure system in the middle section of a horizontal well in an ultra-low permeability sandstone reservoir. To solve this problem,...

Geological structures and potential petroleum exploration areas in the southwestern Sichuan fold-thrust belt, SW China

August 2020
Zhuxin CHEN | Lining WANG | Guang YANG | Benjian ZHANG | Danlin YING | Baoguo YUAN | Senqi PEI | Wei LI

Based on the latest geological, seismic, drilling and outcrop data, we studied the geological structure, tectonic evolution history and deformation process of the southwestern Sichuan fold-thrust belt...

A method and device for online magnetic resonance multiphase flow detection

August 2020
Feng DENG | Chunming XIONG | Shiwen CHEN | Guanhong CHEN | Mengying WANG | Huabing LIU | Jianjun ZHANG | Qun LEI | Gang CAO | Dongping XU | Ye TAO | Lizhi XIAO

Most multiphase flow separation detection methods used commonly in oilfields are low in efficiency and accuracy, and have data delay. An online multiphase flow detection method is proposed based on...

Experimental evaluation of the salt dissolution in inter-salt shale oil reservoirs

August 2020
Zhengming YANG | Ruishan LI | Haibo LI | Yutian LUO | Ting CHEN | Tiening GAO | Yapu ZHANG

By using salt dissolution experiment, imbibition experiment and high temperature and high pressure nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) on-line test, the evaluation methods for salt dissolution of inter...

Sedimentary and reservoir architectures of MB1-2 sub-member of Middle Cretaceous Mishrif Formation of Halfaya Oilfield in Iraq

August 2020
Wenju SUN | Zhanfeng QIAO | Guanming SHAO | Xiaowei SUN | Jixian GAO | Peng CAO | Jie ZHANG | Wangang CHEN

Based on comprehensive analysis of core, cast thin section, logging and seismic data, the sedimentary and reservoir architectures of the MB1-2 sub-member of Mishrif Formation in Halfaya Oilfield, Iraq,...

Characteristics and EOR mechanisms of nanofluids permeation flooding for tight oil

August 2020
Bin DING | Chunming XIONG | Xiangfei GENG | Baoshan GUAN | Jingjun PAN | Jianguo XU | Jingfeng DONG | Chengming ZHANG

Tight oil reservoir development is faced with the key technical problem that “water cannot be injected and oil cannot be produced” yet. With the diphenyl ethers water-soluble (gemini) surfactants as...

Large-scale gas accumulation mechanisms and reservoir-forming geological effects in sandstones of Central and Western China

August 2020
Wei LI | Xueke WANG | Benjian ZHANG | Zhuxin CHEN | Senqi PEI | Zhichao YU

Large-scale gas accumulation areas in large oil-gas basins in central and Western China have multiple special accumulation mechanisms and different accumulation effects. Based on the geological theory...

Overpressure origin and its effects on petroleum accumulation in the conglomerate oil province in Mahu Sag, Junggar Basin, NW China

August 2020
Jun LI | Yong TANG | Tao WU | Jingzhou ZHAO | Heyuan WU | Weitao WU | Yubin BAI

The origin of overpressure and its effect on petroleum accumulation in the large Permian/Triassic conglomerate oil province in the Mahu Sag, Junggar Basin have been investigated based on comprehensive...

A decomposition method of nuclear magnetic resonance T2 spectrum for identifying fluid properties

August 2020
Jibin ZHONG | Ronghui YAN | Haitao ZHANG | Yihan FENG | Nan LI | Xingjun LIU

Based on analysis of NMR T2 spectral characteristics, a new method for identifying fluid properties by decomposing T2 spectrum through signal analysis has been proposed. Because T2 spectrum satisfies...

Key technologies, engineering management and important suggestions of shale oil/gas development: Case study of a Duvernay shale project in Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

August 2020
Guoxin LI | Kai LUO | Deqin SHI

The Duvernay project in Canada was taken as an example to summarize the advanced technology and engineering management model of shale oil and gas development in North America. Preliminary suggestions...

A gas kick early detection method outside riser based on Doppler ultrasonic wave during deepwater drilling

August 2020
Bangtang YIN | Yingsong LIN | Zhiyuan WANG | Baojiang SUN | Shujie LIU | Jinsheng SUN | Jian HOU | Meipeng REN | Ning WANG

The feasibility of gas kick early detection outside the riser was analyzed based on gas-liquid multiphase flow theory. Then an experimental platform for gas kick early detection based on Doppler ultrasonic...

Reservoir characteristics and genetic mechanisms of gas-bearing shales with different laminae and laminae combinations: A case study of Member 1 of the Lower Silurian Longmaxi shale in Sichuan Basin, SW China

August 2020
Zhensheng SHI | Dazhong DONG | Hongyan WANG | Shasha SUN | Jin WU

Based on thin-section, argon-ion polished large-area imaging and nano-CT scanning data, the reservoir characteristics and genetic mechanisms of the Lower Silurian Longmaxi shale layers with different...

A coupled model of temperature and pressure based on hydration kinetics during well cementing in deep water

August 2020
Xuerui WANG | Baojiang SUN | Shujie LIU | Zhong LI | Zhengli LIU | Zhiyuan WANG | Hao LI | Yonghai GAO

Considering the complicated interactions between temperature, pressure and hydration reaction of cement, a coupled model of temperature and pressure based on hydration kinetics during deep-water well...

Enrichment and exploration of deep lacustrine shale oil in the first member of Cretaceous Qingshankou Formation, southern Songliao Basin, NE China

August 2020
Junfeng ZHANG | Xingyou XU | Jing BAI | Weibin LIU | Shan CHEN | Chang LIU | Yaohua LI

Pure shales in the first member of Qingshankou Formation (simplified as Qing 1 Member) in the southern Songliao Basin, i.e., the semi-deep and deep lacustrine shales, are characterized by a high content...

Self-similar segmentation and multifractality of post-stack seismic data

August 2020
Hedayati Rad ELYAS | Hassani HOSSEIN | Shiri YOUSEF | Jamal Sheikh Zakariaee SEYED

Layering detection is an important step in petroleum engineering. Time series of post-stack seismic data and wire-line log data belong to subsurface layering. They exhibit multifractal properties with...

Partial phase flow rate measurements for stratified oil-water flow in horizontal wells

June 2020
Hongwei SONG | Haimin GUO | Shuai GUO | Hangyu SHI

To accurately measure and evaluate the oil-water production profile of horizontal wells, a dynamic measurement experiment of oil-water two-phase flow in horizontal wells and numerical simulation were...

Automatic well test interpretation based on convolutional neural network for a radial composite reservoir

June 2020
Daolun LI | Xuliang LIU | Wenshu ZHA | Jinghai YANG | Detang LU

An automatic well test interpretation method for radial composite reservoirs based on convolutional neural network (CNN) is proposed, and its effectiveness and accuracy are verified by actual field...

Sedimentary environment and petrological features of organic-rich fine sediments in shallow water overlapping deposits: A case study of Cambrian Yuertus Formation in northwestern Tarim Basin, NW China

June 2020
Zhimin JIN | Xiucheng TAN | Hao TANG | Anjiang SHEN | Zhanfeng QIAO | Jianfeng ZHENG | Fei LI | Shixuan ZHANG | Lei CHEN | Chenggang ZHOU

Taking the Cambrian Yuertus Formation outcrop profiles in the Aksu-Keping-Wushi areas of northwestern Tarim Basin as examples, the depositional environments of organic rich fine sediment were analyzed...

Study on fracture propagation behavior in ultra-heavy oil reservoirs based on true triaxial experiments

June 2020
Botao LIN | Can SHI | Li ZHUANG | Hongjuan YOU | Yong HUANG

As the ultra-heavy oil reservoirs developed by steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) in the Fengcheng oilfield, Xinjiang have problems such as huge steam usage, long preheating period, low production,...

Distribution pattern of deltaic sand bodies controlled by syn-depositional faults in a rift lacustrine basin

June 2020
Luxing DOU | Jiagen HOU | Li ZHANG | Yuming LIU | Xixin WANG | Jian WANG | Gang WU

Take the lacustrine delta in the second member of Paleogene Shahejie Formation in block Wang43, Dongying depression, Bohai Bay Basin as an example, the deposition architectural characteristics of lacustrine...

Data-driven optimization for fine water injection in a mature oil field

June 2020
Deli JIA | He LIU | Jiqun ZHANG | Bin GONG | Xiaohan PEI | Quanbin WANG | Qinghai YANG

Based on the traditional numerical simulation and optimization algorithms, in combination with the layered injection and production “hard data” monitored at real time by automatic control technology,...

Huizhou Movement and its significance in Pearl River Mouth Basin, China

June 2020
Hesheng SHI | Jiayuan DU | Lianfu MEI | Xiangtao ZHANG | Shihao HAO | Pei LIU | Peng DENG | Qin ZHANG

The Huizhou Movement refers to the Middle Eocene tectonic transition from the early to the late Wenchang Rifting stage (about 43 Ma ago) in the Pearl River Mouth Basin. Based on seismic reflection,...

Geological characteristics and development potential of transitional shale gas in the east margin of the Ordos Basin, NW China

June 2020
Lichun KUANG | Dazhong DONG | Wenyuan HE | Shengming WEN | Shasha SUN | Shuxin LI | Zhen QIU | Xinwei LIAO | Yong LI | Jin WU | Leifu ZHANG | Zhensheng SHI | Wen GUO | Surong ZHANG

The shales in the 2nd Member of Shanxi Formation in the east margin of the Ordos Basin were deposited in a marine-nonmarine transitional environment during the Permian. Based on the recent breakthroughs...

Controlling factors of marine shale gas differential enrichment in southern China

June 2020
Zhenxue JIANG | Yan SONG | Xianglu TANG | Zhuo LI | Xingmeng WANG | Guozhen WANG | Zixin XUE | Xin LI | Kun ZHANG | Jiaqi CHANG | Hengyuan QIU

Based on the exploration and development practice of marine shale gas in Fuling, Weiyuan, Changning, Luzhou and Southeast Chongqing in southern China, combined with experiments and analysis, six factors...

Oil and gas source and accumulation of Zhongqiu 1 trap in Qiulitage structural belt, Tarim Basin, NW China

June 2020
Jian LI | Jin LI | Zengye XIE | Chao WANG | Haizu ZHANG | Mancang LIU | Dejiang LI | Wei MA | Danfeng MAO | Xu ZENG

Well Zhongqiu 1 obtained highly productive oil-gas stream in the footwall of Zhongqiu structure, marking the strategic breakthrough of Qiulitag structural belt in the Tarim Basin. However, the oil and...

Reservoir geological modeling and significance of Cambrian Xiaoerblak Formation in Keping outcrop area, Tarim Basin, NW China

June 2020
Jianfeng ZHENG | Wenqing PAN | Anjiang SHEN | Wenfang YUAN | Lili HUANG | Xinfeng NI | Yongjin ZHU

Take the Cambrian Xiaoerblak Formation in the Keping (Kalpin) outcrop area as an example, a 28 km reservoir scale geological model was built based on description of 7 profiles, observation of more than...

Effects of vugs on resistivity of vuggy carbonate reservoirs

June 2020
Jiahuan HE | Min LI | Keming ZHOU | Yu YANG | Bing XIE | Nong LI | Lurui DANG | Yanbing TANG

The pore structure characteristic parameters of vuggy carbonate reservoirs were extracted, and matrix resistivity of vuggy reservoir was calculated by the percolation network simulation. A segmented...

Estimating pore volume compressibility by spheroidal pore modeling of digital rocks

June 2020
Weibo SUI | Zihan QUAN | Yanan HOU | Haoran CHENG

The real pores in digital cores were simplified into three abstractive types, including prolate ellipsoids, oblate ellipsoids and spheroids. The three-dimensional spheroidal-pore model of digital core...

Logging response characteristics and formation process of flushed zone in the Orinoco heavy oil belt, Venezuela

June 2020
Heping CHEN | Hao CHEN | Changwen LI | Yusheng WANG | Jianping LI | Rui HUANG | Congcong TIAN | Qiuyuan HOU

The origins and logging responses of flushed zones in some blocks of Orinoco heavy oil belt, Venezuela are still unclear. To solve this issue, we examined the conventional logging, nuclear magnetic...

A novel approach of tight oil reservoirs stimulation based on fracture controlling optimization and design

June 2020
Qun LEI | Dingwei WENG | Baoshan GUAN | Lijun MU | Yun XU | Zhen WANG | Ying GUO | Shuai LI

To deal with the stress interference caused by simultaneous propagation of multiple fractures and the wettability reversal and physical property changes of the reservoir caused by fracturing fluid getting...

Effects of instantaneous shut-in of high production gas well on fluid flow in tubing

June 2020
Zhi ZHANG | Jiawei WANG | Yanjun LI | Ming LUO | Chao ZHANG

As the classical transient flow model cannot simulate the water hammer effect of gas well, a transient flow mathematical model of multiphase flow gas well is established based on the mechanism of water...

Formation of inter-salt overpressure fractures and their significances to shale oil and gas: A case study of the third member of Paleogene Shahejie Formation in Dongpu sag, Bohai Bay Basin

June 2020
Weibin LIU | Xingui ZHOU | Xingyou XU | Shiqi ZHANG

Taking the inter-salt organic-rich shales in the third member of Paleogene Shahejie Formation (Es3) of Dongpu sag in Bohai Bay Basin as an example, the origin of overpressure, development characteristics,...

Dominating factors on well productivity and development strategies optimization in Weiyuan shale gas play, Sichuan Basin, SW China

June 2020
Xinhua MA | Xizhe LI | Feng LIANG | Yujin WAN | Qiang SHI | Yonghui WANG | Xiaowei ZHANG | Mingguang CHE | Wei GUO | Wei GUO

Weiyuan shale gas play is characterized by thin high-quality reservoir thickness, big horizontal stress difference, and big productivity differences between wells. Based on integrated evaluation of...

Fracture development and hydrocarbon accumulation in tight sandstone reservoirs of the Paleogene Huagang Formation in the central reversal tectonic belt of the Xihu Sag, East China Sea

June 2020
Xinhuai ZHOU | Guosheng XU | Hengyuan CUI | Wu ZHANG

By using thin section identification, cathodoluminescence, major and trace elements and fluid inclusion tests and authigenic illite dating, based on observation of core cracks, combined with the microscopic...

An evaluation method of volume fracturing effects for vertical wells in low permeability reservoirs

April 2020
Anshun ZHANG | Zhengming YANG | Xiaoshan LI | Debin XIA | Yapu ZHANG | Yutian LUO | Ying HE | Ting CHEN | Xinli ZHAO

To evaluate the fracturing effect and dynamic change process after volume fracturing with vertical wells in low permeability oil reservoirs, an oil-water two-phase flow model and a well model are built....

Productivity simulation of hydraulically fractured wells based on hybrid local grid refinement and embedded discrete fracture model

April 2020
Dawei ZHU | Yongle HU | Mingyue CUI | Yandong CHEN | Chong LIANG | Wenxin CAI | Yanhui HE | Xiaoyong WANG | Hui CHEN | Xiang LI

Using current Embedded Discrete Fracture Models (EDFM) to predict the productivity of fractured wells has some drawbacks, such as not supporting corner grid, low precision in the near wellbore zone,...

Enrichment rules and exploration practices of Paleogene shale oil in Jiyang Depression, Bohai Bay Basin, China

April 2020
Mingshui SONG | Huimin LIU | Yong WANG | Yali LIU

Based on formation testing data of more than 40 wells with industrial oil flow, systematic observation of 1 010.26 m long cores taken from 4 wells and test data of over 10 000 core samples combining...

Accumulation and exploration of petroleum reservoirs in west slope of northern Songliao Basin, China

April 2020
Qi'an MENG | Xuefeng BAI | Wenjing ZHANG | Li FU | Tao XUE | Li BAO

On the basis of the present situation of oil and gas exploration and geological research of the west slope in the northern Songliao Basin, the factors controlling reservoir formation, oil and gas migration...

Diagenetic evolution and formation mechanisms of middle to deep clastic reservoirs in the Nanpu sag, Bohai Bay Basin, East China

April 2020
Enze WANG | Guoyong LIU | Xiongqi PANG | Changrong LI | Zhuoya WU

The reservoir properties, diagenetic features and evolution of the Paleogene Shahejie Formation (Es) in the Nanpu sag, Bohai Bay Basin were analyzed based on mineralogical and petrological data, and...

On the connotation, challenge and significance of China's “energy independence” strategy

April 2020
Caineng ZOU | Songqi PAN | Qun HAO

The world's energy is in the “third major transformation period” from fossil energy to new energy, and all countries in the world have formulated energy development strategies. Through advanced deployment,...

Selection of candidate wells for re-fracturing in tight gas sand reservoirs using fuzzy inference

April 2020
Emre ARTUN | Burak KULGA

An artificial-intelligence based decision-making protocol is developed for tight gas sands to identify re-fracturing wells and used in case studies. The methodology is based on fuzzy logic to deal with...

Differences and controlling factors of composite hydrocarbon accumulations in the Tazhong uplift, Tarim Basin, NW China

April 2020
Tongwen JIANG | Jianfa HAN | Guanghui WU | Hongfeng YU | Zhou SU | Chang XIONG | Jun CHEN | Huifang ZHANG

Based on three-dimensional seismic interpretation, structural and sedimentary feature analysis, and examination of fluid properties and production dynamics, the regularity and main controlling factors...

Pliocene hyperpycnal flow and its sedimentary pattern in D block of Rakhine Basin in Bay of Bengal

April 2020
Lihong ZHOU | Zhihua SUN | Ge TANG | Dunqing XIAO | Zheng CAI | Haiqiang WANG | Junqing SU | Shuangjun HUA | Wei GE | Changwei CHEN

Based on core, logging, lab test and seismic data, sedimentary characteristics and pattern of marine hyperpycnal flow, the distribution rules of hyperpycnal flow reservoir, prediction method of favorable...

Oil oxidation in the whole temperature regions during oil reservoir air injection and development methods

April 2020
Guangzhi LIAO | Hongzhuang WANG | Zhengmao WANG | Junshi TANG | Bojun WANG | Jingjun PAN | Huaijun YANG | Weidong LIU | Qiang SONG | Wanfen PU

The oil oxidation characteristics of the whole temperature regions from 30 °C to 600 °C during oil reservoir air injection were revealed by experiments. The whole oil oxidation temperature regions were...

Predictive data analytics application for enhanced oil recovery in a mature field in the Middle East

April 2020
Alklih Mohamad YOUSEF | Ghahfarokhi Payam KAVOUSI | Marwan ALNUAIMI | Yara ALATRACH

Top-Down Modeling (TDM) was developed through four main steps of data gathering and preparation, model build-up, model training and validation, and model prediction, based on more than 8 years of development...

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