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Ke Ai has several policies:

  • Access policies
  • Article posting, content mining and double dipping policies.
  • Article withdrawal
  • The editor is solely and independently responsible for deciding which articles are published in a journal. Articles published shall remain extant, exact and unaltered. However, in exceptional circumstances a published article may be retracted or removed.
  • Crossmark policy
  • CrossRef was set up by multiple publishers to administer Crossmark. Crossmark provides a standard way for readers to locate the authoritative version of a document, all Ke Ai journal articles use Crossmark.
  • Custom publications and commercial activities
  • Ke Ai’s involvement in production, hosting and editorial assistance for partial or full third-party sponsorship/sponsored publications, products or services can vary depending on the sponsoring agreement.
  • Independent digital archives
  • Ke Ai articles are hosted on ScienceDirect. Universally, ten major libraries hold virtually all ScienceDirect content, providing reassurance that Ke Ai content will remain accessible to the research community.
  • ScienceDirect policies
  • ScienceDirect, owned by Elsevier, intends to maintain the digital files of journals in perpetuity, converting them as appropriate if the technology used for storage or access changes.
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