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Recent Advanced Industrial and Engineering Polymer Research Articles

Recently published articles from Advanced Industrial and Engineering Polymer Research.

Fundamental researches on graphene/rubber nanocomposites

January 2019
Hao Zhang | Wang Xing | Hengyi Li | Zhengtian Xie | Guangsu Huang | Jinrong Wu

Graphene has exceptionally high surface area, mechanical properties, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and gas-barrier performance, thus it is considered as an ideal multifunctional filler...

Promoted strain-induced crystallization of cis-1, 4-polyisoprene with functional carbon nanodots

January 2019
Bin Liu | Sheng Wang | Jie Liu | Zhenghai Tang | Baochun Guo

The excellent mechanical properties and fatigue-resistance of natural rubber (NR) are closely related to the strain-induced crystallization (SIC) capability of NR, which is originated from the unique...

The effect of ultrasonic extrusion on the structure and properties of BR gum and prepared compounds and vulcanizates

January 2019
Tian Liang | Avraam I. Isayev

Ultrasonic extrusion of BR was conducted and processing characteristics were evaluated. Ultrasonic power consumption increased with the increase of ultrasonic amplitude. Die pressure decreased with...

Melt-viscosity and mechanical behaviour of polypropylene (PP)/wood flour composites: Effect of pulverization of wood flour with and without water

January 2019
Md Minhaz-Ul Haque | Koichi Goda | Hirokazu Ito | Shinji Ogoe | Masaki Okamot | Tomoyuki Ema | Keiko Kagawa | Hidetaka Nogami

This study analyses the effect of pulverization of wood flour with and without water to the melt-viscosity and mechanical behaviour of polypropylene (PP)/wood flour (WF) composites. The composites were...

Processing and strain induced crystallization and reinforcement under strain of poly(1,4-cis-isoprene) from Ziegler–Natta catalysis, hevea brasiliensis, taraxacum kok-saghyz and partenium argentatum

January 2019
Sara Musto | Vincenzina Barbera | Gaetano Guerra | Maurizio Galimberti

Strain induced crystallization and reinforcement were studied for poly(isoprene)s from the following sources: Ziegler–Natta catalysis, hevea brasiliensis (HNR), taraxacum kok-saghyz (TKS), known as...

Rheological and mechanical properties of ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene/high density polyethylene/polyethylene glycol blends

January 2019
Yingchun Li | Hui He | Yuanbin Ma | Yi Geng | Jiawen Tan

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) possesses many excellent properties, but poor processability. There are many ways to improve the processability of UHMWPE, but most of which will compromise...

Nanofibrillar polymer–polymer and single polymer composites via the “converting instead of adding” concept – Examples of true polymer nanocomposite

October 2018
Stoyko Fakirov

The review deals with the reasons for the drastic difference between the theoretically derived expectations regarding the mechanical properties of polymer nanocomposites and the experimentally obtained...

Structural modification of carbon black for improving the dielectric performance of epoxy based composites

October 2018
Xin Wang | Zewei Li | Zhiwu Chen | Lanying Zeng | Luyi Sun

To explore a feasible strategy for improving the dielectric properties of carbon black (CB)/epoxy composites, CB@TiO2 core-shell particles and CB-SiO2 hybrid particles were prepared and incorporated...

Isothermal and non-isothermal crystallization kinetics of composites of poly(propylene) and MWCNTs

October 2018
Nigel Coburn | Paula Douglas | Derya Kaya | Jaipal Gupta | Tony McNally

The isothermal and non-isothermal crystallization behaviour of composites of a poly(propylene) (PP) and multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) were investigated using Differential Scanning Calorimetry...

Toward industrial use of anionically activated lactam polymers: Past, present and future

October 2018
Ilya Sibikin | József Karger-Kocsis

This paper gives an overview of lactam-based polymers and related composites produced via anionic ring opening polymerization (AROP). Recent and past achievements, grouped into academic and industrial...

Thermoelectric polymer-matrix structural and nonstructural composite materials

October 2018
D.D.L. Chung

This paper reviews thermoelectric polymer-matrix composites, including nonstructural and structural materials. The structural materials are continuous fiber composites; the nonstructural materials are...

Major cause of strength improvement of a ramie/PA composite with low fiber contents

October 2018
Toyoki Matsunaga | Yuto Sato | Koichi Goda

The tensile strength of injection-molded semi-crystalline resin (polyamide) matrix composites was improved to higher than the values predicted from the rule of mixture merely by adding 1.0–5.0 wt% of...

Shape memory alloys in fibre-reinforced polymer composites

October 2018
Amaël Cohades | Véronique Michaud

This article reviews the current state-of-the-art in the applications of shape memory alloy (SMA) wires into high performance fibre reinforced polymer composite materials (FRPs). SMAs have been investigated...

Polymer composites for tribological applications

October 2018
K. Friedrich

Many different polymers and polymer composites are used for engineering applications in which friction and wear are critical issues. This article briefs (a) the importance of polymer tribology in general,...

Investigation of interfacial strength parameters in polymer matrix composites: Compatibility and reproducibility

October 2018
Serge Zhandarov | Edith Mäder | Christina Scheffler | Gerhard Kalinka | Claudia Poitzsch | Stefan Fliescher

Effects of various geometrical and physical factors, as well as the method of data reduction (analysis of experimental force–displacement curves) on the values of local interfacial strength parameters...

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