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Recent Advances in Biomarker Sciences and Technology Articles

Recently published articles from Advances in Biomarker Sciences and Technology.

Biomarkers of COVID-19 and technologies to combat SARS-CoV-2

Luoping Zhang | Helen Guo

Due to the unprecedented public health crisis caused by COVID-19, our first contribution to the newly launching journal, Advances in Biomarker Sciences and Technology, has abruptly diverted to focus...

The role of obesity on chronic kidney disease development, progression, and cardiovascular complications

Win Hlaing Than | Gordon Chun-Kau Chan | Jack Kit-Chung Ng | Cheuk-Chun Szeto

The complex links between obesity, chronic kidney disease (CKD) and cardiovascular disease (CVD) are not completely understood. The objective of this review is to describe and discuss the anatomy, physiology,...

MicroRNAs and its emerging role as breast cancer diagnostic marker- A review

Showkat Ahmad Bhat | Sabhiya Majid | Tehseen Hassan

Breast cancer causes severe mental stress on the affected woman during investigation, diagnosis and treatment as breast is regarded as a symbol of beauty, sexuality and motherhood. Over and above the...

Bio-molecular characterization of stress enzyme profile on esterase in selected silkworm races of Bombyx mori (L.) for biomarker selection

S. Vishnu Priya | P. Somasundaram

Silkworm Bombyx mori exhibits for eliminating pathogenic defenses by their secretory component of haemolymph and gut component. This study aimed to investigate the stress enzyme role of carboxyl esterase,...

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