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1st Seminar & Meeting (CET) Cells and Extracellular Templates

Nature’s principles into engineering practice: Strong Artificial Intelligence and Robotics 

20-22 June, 2019. Milan, Italy

Main topics covered include:

  • How Nature builds at all scales and how it repairs translating Nature’s principles into engineering practice.
  • Wide interest will be devoted to strong artificial intelligence and robotics
  • Nanomaterials inspired by Nature
  • Biomaterials--cells interactions
  • Nanomedicine
  • New strategy in materials science involving biophysics, biophotonics, quantum physics, chemistry and biology
  • Supporting genetic therapies involving prosthetic, pharmaceutical companies
  • Tissues regenerative strategy: gene activating materials, ”in vivo” models translating regenerative biomaterials into clinical practice
  • Strong Artificial Intelligence (SAI), algorithms, bioelectric language
  • Implantable and external medical sensors

Round tables include:

  • Science, industry and politics
  • Diagnostic for clinics
  • Nanomedicine

International project: “Therapeutic ions in scaffolds (Templates) for Tissues regeneration

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