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Recent Global Transitions Articles

Recently published articles from Global Transitions.

One health and the agricultural transition in food animal production

Ellen K. Silbergeld

In the spirit of this important new journal, this paper seeks to explore the implications of agricultural transitions for human and animal health, as well as the sustainability of regional and global...

Centralized protection scheme for smart grid integrated with multiple renewable resources using Internet of Energy

M.M. Eissa | Medhat H.A. Awadalla

Transmission and subtransmission lines in smart grid systems are designed as multitapped lines to supply loads or integrate wind or solar farms as medium-sized generation technologies. Transmission...

Climate change: Disruption, risk and opportunity

Alistair Woodward

Climate change is disruptive because virtually all aspects of our lives are best located in the Goldilocks zone: the place where it is “not too hot and not too cold but just right”. Rising greenhouse...

Environmental and resource burdens associated with low carbon, more electric transition pathways to 2050: Footprint components from carbon emissions and land use to waste arisings and water consumption

Geoffrey P. Hammond | Hayley R. Howard | Hanumant Singh Rana

Environmental or ‘ecological’ footprints have been widely used in recent years as indicators of resource consumption and waste absorption transformed on the basis of biologically productive land area...

A roadmap for semi-automatically extracting predictive and clinically meaningful temporal features from medical data for predictive modeling

Gang Luo

Predictive modeling based on machine learning with medical data has great potential to improve healthcare and reduce costs. However, two hurdles, among others, impede its widespread adoption in healthcare....

Industrial revitalization via industry 4.0 – A comparative policy analysis among China, Germany and the USA

Chu-Chi Kuo | Joseph Z. Shyu | Kun Ding

In the second decade of the 21st century, rapid proliferation of technology and intensified global competition have created a sense of urgency for governments of developed and developing nations alike...

Measuring regenerative economics: 10 principles and measures undergirding systemic economic health

Brian D. Fath | Daniel A. Fiscus | Sally J. Goerner | Anamaria Berea | Robert E. Ulanowicz

Applying network science concepts and methods to economic systems is not a new idea. In the last few decades, however, advances in non-equilibrium thermodynamics (i.e., self-organizing, open, dissipative,...

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