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Jin Chen

Technology Transitions

Put any of the challenges facing our society today under the microscope and you will soon identify a common factor. Climate change, energy security, transport and resource efficiency, food safety, environmentally-friendly production and human health; the one feature they all share is a dependency on existing and new technologies. In fact, technology has become the cornerstone of economic growth, social development, and the advancement of our civilization. Technology transitions describe the process of technological innovation and how these are incorporated in and possibly change society.

However, these technological innovations also influence values and behaviors and raise ethical and philosophical questions. Do they truly improve the human condition and society?

The Technology Transitions section of Global Transitions welcomes papers that explore all aspects of this important topic.

We are looking for submissions that demonstrate a deep theoretical understanding of how technology is shaping today’s world. Authors may also choose to focus on analyzing the varying technologies (e.g. emerging, disruptive, industrial, engineering) and their role in business strategies and public service.

In an increasingly competitive international environment, we seek papers that help us understand how to effectively manage technology and technological innovations and gain high economic value and social benefit from them.

With serious global issues such as rising unemployment, climate change, and poverty, we also welcome submissions that demonstrate how human-centered, green technologies and frugal technologies can play a sustainable, constructive role at all levels of society. This reflects our support for responsible research and innovation.


Technology Transitions, Editor-in-Chief

Jin Chen, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
Jin Chen, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
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