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Most Downloaded Information Processing in Agriculture Articles

The most downloaded articles from ScienceDirect in the last 90 days.

1. Detection of plant leaf diseases using image segmentation and soft computing techniques

March 2017
Vijai Singh | A.K. Misra

Agricultural productivity is something on which economy highly depends. This is the one of the reasons that disease detection in plants plays an important role in agriculture field, as having disease...

2. Livestock production and population census in Pakistan: Determining their relationship with agricultural GDP using econometric analysis

June 2017
Abdul Rehman | Luan Jingdong | Abbas Ali Chandio | Imran Hussain

•Livestock production and population census in Pakistan.•Agricultural Gross domestic product (AGDP) is explained by eleven explanatory independent variables.•Livestock data were analysed using the OLS...

3. Computer vision technology in agricultural automation —A review

March 2020
Hongkun Tian | Tianhai Wang | Yadong Liu | Xi Qiao | Yanzhou Li

•Computer vision technology will improve the agricultural automation systems.•Agricultural automation systems will be developed in an intelligent direction.•Computer vision technology will provide suggestions...

4. Recent advances in image processing techniques for automated leaf pest and disease recognition – A review

Available online 21 April 2020
Lawrence C. Ngugi | Moataz Abelwahab | Mohammed Abo-Zahhad

•Leaf disease recognition using hand crafted features and shallow classifiers.•Leaf disease recognition using deep learning.•Problems facing crop pest and disease recognition.•Performance comparison...

5. Scientific development of smart farming technologies and their application in Brazil

March 2018
Dieisson Pivoto | Paulo Dabdab Waquil | Edson Talamini | Caroline Pauletto Spanhol Finocchio | Vitor Francisco Dalla Corte | Giana de Vargas Mores

•Provides an overview of Smart Farming in Brazil’ market and in the literature.•Interviews and a bibliometric survey and analysis were used.•Discussions related to SF are presented in an interdisciplinary...

6. Recent developments and trends in thermal blanching – A comprehensive review

June 2017
Hong-Wei Xiao | Zhongli Pan | Li-Zhen Deng | Hamed M. El-Mashad | Xu-Hai Yang | Arun S. Mujumdar | Zhen-Jiang Gao | Qian Zhang

•Examined the purposes of thermal blanching.•Summarized the indicators for assessment of blanching process.•Outlined the principles, applications and limitations of thermal blanching technologies.•Identified...

7. A review of neural networks in plant disease detection using hyperspectral data

September 2018
Kamlesh Golhani | Siva K. Balasundram | Ganesan Vadamalai | Biswajeet Pradhan

8. Performance analysis of deep learning CNN models for disease detection in plants using image segmentation

Available online 18 November 2019
Parul Sharma | Yash Paul Singh Berwal | Wiqas Ghai

Food security for the 7 billion people on earth requires minimizing crop damage by timely detection of diseases. Most deep learning models for automated detection of diseases in plants suffer from the...

9. Solar thermal simulation and applications in greenhouse

March 2018
Morteza Taki | Abbas Rohani | Mostafa Rahmati-Joneidabad

In this study, a comprehensive review focusing on key strategies of energy saving technologies based on simulation of heat and mass transfer and also artificial intelligent for climate controlling is...

10. Recognition and classification of paddy leaf diseases using Optimized Deep Neural network with Jaya algorithm

June 2020
S. Ramesh | D. Vydeki

In the agriculture field, one of the recent research topics is recognition and classification of diseases from the leaf images of a plant. The recognition of agricultural plant diseases by utilizing...

11. An improved random forest classifier for multi-class classification

December 2016
Archana Chaudhary | Savita Kolhe | Raj Kamal

The paper presents an improved-RFC (Random Forest Classifier) approach for multi-class disease classification problem. It consists of a combination of Random Forest machine learning algorithm, an attribute...

12. A role of computer vision in fruits and vegetables among various horticulture products of agriculture fields: A survey

June 2020
Mukesh Kumar Tripathi | Dhananjay D. Maktedar

Computer vision is a consistent and advanced technique for image processing, with the propitious outcome, and enormous potential. A computer vision has been strongly adopted in the heterogeneous domain...

13. Improving the prediction accuracy of soil nutrient classification by optimizing extreme learning machine parameters

March 2020
M.S. Suchithra | Maya L. Pai

The soil, Soul of Infinite Life, is the entity responsible for sustaining life on earth. In spite of significant advances in the service sector, agriculture remains the major provider of employment...

14. Agricultural information dissemination using ICTs: A review and analysis of information dissemination models in China

March 2016
Yun Zhang | Lei Wang | Yanqing Duan

Over the last three decades, China’s agriculture sector has been transformed from the traditional to modern practice through the effective deployment of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)....

15. Modelling the smart farm

September 2017
Michael J. O'Grady | Gregory M.P. O'Hare

Smart farming envisages the harnessing of Information and Communication Technologies as an enabler of more efficient, productive, and profitable farming enterprises. Such technologies do not suffice...

16. Enhancing aquaponics management with IoT-based Predictive Analytics for efficient information utilization

September 2019
Divas Karimanzira | Thomas Rauschenbach

•Challenges of enterprise-based aquaponic systems to the classical automation pyramid.•Short comings of SCADA, MES and ERP systems for enterprise aquaponics.•How SCADA, MES and ERP systems can be enhanced...

17. Transition towards sustainability in agriculture and food systems: Role of information and communication technologies

December 2018
Hamid El Bilali | Mohammad Sadegh Allahyari

•ICTs can contribute to transition towards sustainability in agro-food systems.•ICTs have positive environmental, social and economic impacts on agriculture, food processing, distribution and consumption.•Many...

18. Generating soil salinity, soil moisture, soil pH from satellite imagery and its analysis

June 2020
Mochamad Firman Ghazali | Ketut Wikantika | Agung Budi Harto | Akihiko Kondoh

In an agricultural field, the water content and salt content are defined as soil moisture and soil salinity and have to be estimated precisely. The changing of these two factors can be assessed using...

19. Maturity status classification of papaya fruits based on machine learning and transfer learning approach

Available online 20 May 2020
Santi Kumari Behera | Amiya Kumar Rath | Prabira Kumar Sethy

Papaya (Carica papaya) is a tropical fruit having commercial importance because of its high nutritive and medicinal value. The packaging of papaya fruit as per its maturity status is an essential task...

20. Sunflower petals: Some physical properties and modeling distribution of their number, dimensions, and mass

June 2018
Amir Hossein Mirzabe | Golam Reza Chegini | Javad Khazaei

Sunflower petal is one of the parts of the sunflower which has drawn attention and has several applications these days. These applications justify getting information about physical properties, mechanical...

21. Rural E-marketing in Iran; Modeling villagers' intention and clustering rural regions

Available online 29 February 2020
Seyed Jaber Alavion | Ahmad Taghdisi

•Online villages in Iran: Rural Regions which have rural ICT offices providing postal, telecommunication, and banking services.•Transaction Services Model in Iran's Online Villages: The Proposed Model...

22. Image based leaf segmentation and counting in rosette plants

June 2019
J. Praveen Kumar | S. Domnic

•Combined approach using Statistical based image enhancement technique, graph based method and Circular Hough Transform is proposed to find the leaf count in plant images.•Statistical based image enhancement...

23. Paradigm change in Indian agricultural practices using Big Data: Challenges and opportunities from field to plate

Available online 16 January 2020
Vinay Kellengere Shankarnarayan | Hombaliah Ramakrishna

•Today Big Data is used in every business, hence data analytics tools and techniques are in demand. Thus Big data has no shortage of uses within farming.•Large Opportunities for Big Data analysis in...

24. GIS approach for assessment of land suitability for different land use alternatives in semi arid environment in Jordan: Case study (Al Gadeer Alabyad-Mafraq)

March 2019
Safa Mazahreh | Majed Bsoul | Doaa Abu Hamoor

•It is concluded that 89% (18,710 dunum) of the total area could be used for rangeland.•54% of the study area is potentially suitable to for water harvesting techniques.•11% of the total area is not...

25. Integrated navigation for autonomous underwater vehicles in aquaculture: A review

March 2020
Jianhua Bao | Daoliang Li | Xi Qiao | Thomas Rauschenbach

Aquaculture is the world’s fastest growing sector within the food industry, supplying humans with over half their aquatic products. Water quality monitoring or cage inspection is an indispensable part...

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