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Recent Information Processing in Agriculture Articles

Recently published articles from Information Processing in Agriculture.

Production plan for perishable agricultural products with two types of harvesting

Available online 17 May 2019
Jing Li | Xinnan Gao | Biao Guo | Muyuan Wu

Many crops in China have two or more harvesting methods; however, little research has focused on this phenomenon. The current study proposes an operational model that looks to maximize grower profits....

Quality control of a four-echelon agri-food supply chain with multiple strategies

Available online 17 May 2019
Jin-you Hu | Jian Zhang | Mei Mei | Wei min Yang | Qiang Shen

•The four-echelon agri-supply chain model consists of one agricultural producer, one processing enterprise, one distributor, and many consumers with uncertain demand based on practical considerations.•A...

Development and validation of an integrated mechatronic apparatus for measurement of friction coefficients of agricultural products

Available online 25 April 2019
S.M. Shafaei | A. Nourmohamadi-Moghadami | S. Kamgar | M. Eghtesad

•An integrated mechatronic apparatus was developed for measurement of friction coefficients.•The apparatus consisted of an electrical sensing, control, and actuator unit.•The measuring system was worked...

Effect of introducing weather parameters on the accuracy of milk production forecast models

Available online 13 April 2019
Fan Zhang | John Upton | Laurence Shalloo | Philip Shine | Michael D. Murphy

•The NARX model and MLR model were compared at individual cow level.•Eight input treatments including weather combinations were tested and compared.•The NARX Model was more accurate than the MLR model.•The...

Integrated navigation for autonomous underwater vehicles in aquaculture: A review

Available online 11 April 2019
Jianhua Bao | Daoliang Li | Xi Qiao | Thomas Rauschenbach

Aquaculture is the world’s fastest growing sector within the food industry, supplying humans with over half their aquatic products. Water quality monitoring or cage inspection is an indispensable part...

A hybrid weed optimized coverage path planning technique for autonomous harvesting in cashew orchards

Available online 10 April 2019
Kalaivanan Sandamurthy | Kalpana Ramanujam

A coverage path planning algorithm is proposed for discrete harvesting in cashew orchards. The main challenge in such an orchard is the collection of fruits and nuts lying on the floor. The manual collection...

An innovative intelligent system based on remote sensing and mathematical models for improving crop yield estimation

Available online 5 April 2019
Mohamad M. Awad

•Innovative and efficient mathematical model for accurate crop yield estimation.•Mapping actual evapotranspiration using energy balance equation.•New mathematical model which solves lack of remote sensing...

Propellants of Mechanical Pruning and Plucking of Tea (A Case of Developing Countries)

Available online 3 April 2019
Saeed Firouzi | Fariborz Azarian

Tea is one of the most widely consumed natural beverages in the world. High costs of tea pruning and plucking is among the main challenges of its production in Iran as a developing country. Therefore,...

Assessing model parameters sensitivity and uncertainty of streamflow, sediment, and nutrient transport using SWAT

March 2019
Abdullah O. Dakhlalla | Prem B. Parajuli

•Assessed uncertainty and sensitivity of model parameters to predict flow, sediment, and nutrient.•Uncertainty was the greatest for simulating TN load.•Uncertainty was the lowest for simulating streamflow.•Uncertainty...

Prognostication of energy indices of tractor-implement utilizing soft computing techniques

March 2019
S.M. Shafaei | M. Loghavi | S. Kamgar

•Energy indices of tractor-implement was prognosticated in tillage operations.•The ANFIS and ANN models were developed to prognosticate energy indices.•The results of ANFIS model were compared to those...

Study of LED array fill light based on parallel particle swarm optimization in greenhouse planting

March 2019
Feifei He | Lihua Zeng | Dongming Li | Zhenhui Ren

Agricultural productivity is crucial to the economy. The output and quality of crops have a direct impact on people’s daily lives and a country's food and clothing. Therefore, harvesting high-quality...

Effective plant discrimination based on the combination of local binary pattern operators and multiclass support vector machine methods

March 2019
Vi Nguyen Thanh Le | Beniamin Apopei | Kamal Alameh

Accurate crop and weed discrimination plays a critical role in addressing the challenges of weed management in agriculture. The use of herbicides is currently the most common approach to weed control....

Applying a support vector model to assess land cover changes in the Uvs Lake Basin ecoregion in Mongolia

March 2019
Buyan-Erdene Jamsran | Chinsu Lin | Ishgaldan Byambakhuu | Jamsran Raash | Khaulenbek Akhmadi

The Uvs Lake Basin in western Mongolia is a natural world heritage site and is known for its diversity in landscape and wildlife. Recently, investigative research has shown that the protected pristine...

Social network structures among the livestock farmers vis a vis calcium supplement technology

March 2019
Sreeram Vishnu | Jancy Gupta | S.P. Subash

This study aims to delineate and analyze the configuration of social networks of farmers with respect to the acquisition of information on vital livestock technology. Three stage sampling was carried...

Mathematical modeling of drying characteristics of Jew’s mallow (Corchorus olitorius) leaves

March 2019
Adewale Olusegun Omolola | Patrick Francis Kapila | Henry Mbitha Silungwe

Drying behaviour of Jew’s mallow leaves using an oven dryer was studied. The influence of drying temperatures (50, 60 and 70 °C) on moisture content of the leaves at stable air velocity was considered....

Heating demand and economic feasibility analysis for year-round vegetable production in Canadian Prairies greenhouses

March 2019
Md Shamim Ahamed | Huiqing Guo | Lisa Taylor | Karen Tanino

Greenhouse vegetable production in Canadian Prairies is important for creating a sustainable regional food economy, especially in northern communities. This study included the estimation of heating...

Heterosis and combining ability in cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.)

March 2019
Chikezie Onuora Ene | Peter Ejimofor Ogbonna | Christian Ugwu Agbo | Uchechukwu Paschal Chukwudi

The objective of this work was to evaluate four parental lines of cucumber which included: ‘Zeina’ (Zna), ‘Beit Alpha’ (BA), ‘Straight 8’ (Strght 8) and ‘Calypso’ (Capso) and six F1s generated by diallel...

GIS approach for assessment of land suitability for different land use alternatives in semi arid environment in Jordan: Case study (Al Gadeer Alabyad-Mafraq)

March 2019
Safa Mazahreh | Majed Bsoul | Doaa Abu Hamoor

•It is concluded that 89% (18,710 dunum) of the total area could be used for rangeland.•54% of the study area is potentially suitable to for water harvesting techniques.•11% of the total area is not...

Path-tracking control based on a dynamic trigonometric function

March 2019
Yunyi Wang | Shuo Zhang | Zhongxiang Zhu | Zhen Li | Yuefeng Du | Lizhi Fang

•A tractor path tracking control system based on the dynamic trigonometric function is designed.•A new method of path-tracking is proposed with the dynamic trigonometric function and GPS navigational...

Use fuzzy interface systems to optimize land suitability evaluation for surface and trickle irrigation

March 2019
Yaser Hoseini

In this study fuzzy logic system was used for optimization parametric evaluation system in surface and trickle irrigations. This study was performed on a surface area of 5175 ha in fathali region located...

An ICT model for increased adoption of farm input information in developing countries: A case in Sikasso, Mali

March 2019
Macire Kante | Robert Oboko | Christopher Chepken

•The factors compatibility, simplicity, and relative advantage are the positive perceived factors in the use of ICT-based farm input information.•The factors observability and social influence were...

Determination of the oxidative stability of olive oil using an integrated system based on dielectric spectroscopy and computer vision

March 2019
Alireza Sanaeifar | Abdolabbas Jafari

During storage, olive oil may suffer degradation leading to an inferior quality level when purchased and consumed. Oxidative stability is one of the most important parameters for maintaining the quality...

Automated recognition and classification of adulteration levels from bulk paddy grain samples

March 2019
Basavaraj S. Anami | Naveen N. Malvade | Surendra Palaiah

Fraudulent labeling and adulteration are the major concerns in the global rice industry. Almost all the paddy varieties being sold in the market are prone to adulteration. It is very difficult to differentiate...

Weed control through allelopathic crop water extracts and S-metolachlor in cotton

Available online 30 March 2019
Nadeem Iqbal | Abdul Khaliq | Zahid Ata Cheema

Weeds are one of the most important biological constraint to cotton production, and resulting in a yield losses of up to 90%. The evolution of hundreds of resistant weed species, the lack of new herbicide...

Service delivery effectiveness of Farmers’ Information and Advice Centres in Dinajpur Sadar Upazila of Bangladesh

Available online 21 March 2019
Md. Sadekur Rahman | Aliyu Akilu Barau | Md. Rubayet Al Ferdous Noman

The indispensability of information in agricultural development led to the setting up of Farmers’ Information and Advice Centres (FIACs) by the government of Bangladesh all over the country. The FIACs...

Optimal dairy feed input selection under alternative feeds availability and relative prices

Available online 21 March 2019
Othman Alqaisi | Luis Eduardo Moraes | Oghaiki Asaah Ndambi | Ryan Blake Williams

Feed formulation is essential in the dairy production chain from economic, nutritional, and environmental perspectives. Optimizing the feed formulation across those three domains – given uncertainty...

Correlation and path coefficient analyses of yield and yield components of eggplant (Solanum melongena) in a coarse-textured Ultisol

Available online 21 March 2019
Vincent N. Onyia | Uchechukwu Paschal Chukwudi | Augustus Chika Ezea | Agatha I. Atugwu | Chikezie O. Ene

Assessment of variability and understanding of traits relationship in eggplant species are vital pre-requisite for formulating an effective breeding programme. We studied 23 genotypes of eggplants in...

Voice-driven fleet management system for agricultural operations

Available online 11 March 2019
Ch. Achillas | D. Bochtis | D. Aidonis | V. Marinoudi | D. Folinas

•V-Agrifleet is a competitive, cross-vendor solution for agricultural fleet management.•The application is designed to provide a “hands-free” interface for information exchange to all coordinated users.•The...

A survey of semantic web technology for agriculture

Available online 1 March 2019
Brett Drury | Robson Fernandes | Maria-Fernanda Moura | Alneu de Andrade Lopes

Semantic web technologies have become a popular technique to apply meaning to unstructured data. They have been infrequently applied to problems within the agricultural domain when compared to complementary...

Dielectric spectroscopy as a potential technique for prediction of kiwifruit quality indices during storage

Available online 28 February 2019
Atefeh Fazayeli | Saadat Kamgar | Seyed Mehdi Nassiri | Hassan Fazayeli | Miguel de la Guardia

Dielectric spectroscopy has been employed as a simple, low cost and a non-destructive way for prediction of some physicochemical indices of kiwifruit during storage. A parallel-plate capacitor was developed...

Study on laser pre-sowing treatment of rice seeds by free-falling transport method

Available online 29 January 2019
Phyongchol Ri | Sangjin Choe | Yongsong Jang

Recently, laser pre-sowing treatment of seed is attracting a great attention of scientific community for its positive influence to enhance germination, seedling and growth of plants, vegetables and...

Irrigated pinto bean crop stress and yield assessment using ground based low altitude remote sensing technology

Available online 29 January 2019
Rakesh Ranjan | Abhilash K. Chandel | Lav R. Khot | Haitham Y. Bahlol | Jianfeng Zhou | Rick A. Boydston | Phillip N. Miklas

The pinto bean is one of widely consumed legume crop that constitutes over 42% of the U.S dry bean production. However, limited studies have been conducted in past to assess its quantitative and qualitative...

Traceability implementation in food supply chain: A grey-DEMATEL approach

Available online 23 January 2019
Abid Haleem | Shahbaz Khan | Mohd Imran Khan

•Traceability is vital to prevent the food adulteration, fraudulence and food-related disease.•Efficient traceability implementations help to achieve higher consumer satisfaction.•Identified significant...

Prediction of the biogas production using GA and ACO input features selection method for ANN model

Available online 11 January 2019
Tanja Beltramo | Michael Klocke | Bernd Hitzmann

This paper presents a fast and reliable approach to analyze the biogas production process with respect to the biogas production rate. The experimental data used for the developed models included 15...

Neural computing efforts for integrated simulation of ultrasound-assisted hydration kinetics of wheat

Available online 11 January 2019
S.M. Shafaei | A. Nourmohamadi-Moghadami | H. Rahmanian-Koushkaki | S. Kamgar

Enhancing aquaponics management with IoT-based Predictive Analytics for efficient information utilization

Available online 11 January 2019
Divas Karimanzira | Thomas Rauschenbach

•Challenges of enterprise-based aquaponic systems to the classical automation pyramid.•Short comings of SCADA, MES and ERP systems for enterprise aquaponics.•How SCADA, MES and ERP systems can be enhanced...

Tractor path tracking control based on binocular vision

December 2018
Shuo Zhang | Yunyi Wang | Zhongxiang Zhu | Zhen Li | Yuefeng Du | Enrong Mao

•A tractor path tracking control system based on binocular vision and pure pursuit model is designed.•A new crop row detection method based on the Census transformation and the PID control algorithm...

Theoretical and experimental research on effect of fins attachment on operating parameters and thermal efficiency of solar air collector

December 2018
Ali Daliran | Yahya Ajabshirchi

Flat plate air collector is a type of heat exchanger which absorbs radiated solar energy and exchanges it to heat. According to low efficiency of this type of collectors, a suitable approach is investigated...

Mechanized technologies for scaffolding cultivation in the kiwifruit industry: A review

December 2018
Longtao Mu | Haozhou Liu | Yongjie Cui | Longsheng Fu | Yoshinori Gejima

The success of organic and green agricultural fruit production depends on quality and cost. As the kiwifruit industry becomes ever more commercialized, it is in the interests of the industry to mechanize...

Transition towards sustainability in agriculture and food systems: Role of information and communication technologies

December 2018
Hamid El Bilali | Mohammad Sadegh Allahyari

•ICTs can contribute to transition towards sustainability in agro-food systems.•ICTs have positive environmental, social and economic impacts on agriculture, food processing, distribution and consumption.•Many...

High-throughput phenotyping by applying digital morphometrics and fluorescence induction curves in seeds to identifying variations: A case study of Annona (Annonaceae) species

December 2018
Montcharles S. Pontes | Carlos V. Montefusco-Pereira | Biswapriya B. Misra | Howard L. Ribeiro-Junior | Daniela E. Graciano | Jaqueline S. Santos | Michele A.S. Nobrega | Shaline S.L. Fernandes | Anderson R.L. Caires | Etenaldo F. Santiago

Image enhancement for crop trait information acquisition system

December 2018
Zhibin Wang | Kaiyi Wang | Feng Yang | Shouhui Pan | Yanyun Han | Xiangyu Zhao

•Overview of the previously proposed crop trait information acquisition system.•An adaptive image enhancement method based on guided filtering is proposed.•An enhancement weight based on image illumination...

Apple fruit size estimation using a 3D machine vision system

December 2018
A. Gongal | M. Karkee | S. Amatya

•The study was done on estimating fruit size base on machine vision system.•Sensor fusion of 2D and 3D camera was done to estimate fruit size.•Challenges in size estimation due to variable lighting...

Development of a method for condensation rate measurement on flat surfaces

December 2018
Jingjing Han | Huiqing Guo

•A leaf wetness sensor was calibrated inside an environment chamber for condensation rate measurement.•Different amount of condensate was sprayed on the sensor surface with different voltage output...

Decomposition of influencing factors and its spatial-temporal characteristics of vegetable production: A case study of China

December 2018
Jieqiong Wang | Zetian Fu | Biao Zhang | Fei Yang | Lingxian Zhang | Bo Shi

•LMDI method was developed for decomposing factors of vegetable production.•Cumulative effects and contribution rates of factors were estimated.•Spatial-temporal characteristics of factors and their...

Forecasting soil temperature at multiple-depth with a hybrid artificial neural network model coupled-hybrid firefly optimizer algorithm

December 2018
Saeed Samadianfard | Mohammad Ali Ghorbani | Babak Mohammadi

Forecasting soil temperature at multiple depths is considered to be a core decision-making task for examining future changes in surface and sub-surface meteorological processes, land–atmosphere energy...

Modeling of moisture loss kinetics and color changes in the surface of lemon slice during the combined infrared-vacuum drying

December 2018
Fakhreddin Salehi | Mahdi Kashaninejad

•Infrared-vacuum drying method was improved as a novel drying technique.•Combination of infrared and vacuum shortened the drying period of lemon slices.•Quadratic and power models satisfactorily described...

Comparison of Sick and Hokuyo UTM-30LX laser sensors in canopy detection for variable-rate sprayer

December 2018
Hui Liu | Bin Gao | Yue Shen | Fida Hussain | Destaw Addis | Cheng Kai Pan

•The accuracy of both laser sensors to detect target object are slightly affected by their detection distance in the specified range.•Travel speed had a great influence on both of the laser sensors’...

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