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Recent Information Processing in Agriculture Articles

Recently published articles from Information Processing in Agriculture.

Impact of the Basil and Balangu gums on physicochemical properties of part baked frozen Barbari bread

September 2019
Toktam Hejrani | Zahra Sheikholeslami | S. Ali Mortazavi | Mahdi Karimi | Amir Hosesein Elhamirad

Fig. 1. Firmness of PBF Barbari bread after 15 day....

Prediction of the diet nutrients digestibility of dairy cows using Gaussian process regression

September 2019
Qiang Fu | Weizheng Shen | Xiaoli Wei | Ping Zheng | Hangshu Xin | Chunjiang Zhao

•Traditional prediction in cow’s DND is limited by small sample conditions.•GPR-based technique is more suitable for small sample prediction in cow’s DND.•GPR-based technique is outperforms LS-LRA methods...

Traceability implementation in food supply chain: A grey-DEMATEL approach

September 2019
Abid Haleem | Shahbaz Khan | Mohd Imran Khan

•Traceability is vital to prevent the food adulteration, fraudulence and food-related disease.•Efficient traceability implementations help to achieve higher consumer satisfaction.•Identified significant...

Water absorption characteristics of Canarium Schweinfurthii fruits

September 2019
James Chinaka Ehiem | Victor Ifeanyichukwu Obiora Ndirika | Udochukwu Nelson Onwuka | Yvan Gariepy | Vijayan Raghavan

Water absorption characteristics of two varieties of Canarium Schweinfurthii engl. fruit (Canarium Schweinfurthii engl. long and short) essential for predicting their suitable absorption conditions...

Neural computing efforts for integrated simulation of ultrasound-assisted hydration kinetics of wheat

September 2019
S.M. Shafaei | A. Nourmohamadi-Moghadami | H. Rahmanian-Koushkaki | S. Kamgar

Enhancing aquaponics management with IoT-based Predictive Analytics for efficient information utilization

September 2019
Divas Karimanzira | Thomas Rauschenbach

•Challenges of enterprise-based aquaponic systems to the classical automation pyramid.•Short comings of SCADA, MES and ERP systems for enterprise aquaponics.•How SCADA, MES and ERP systems can be enhanced...

An equine disease diagnosis expert system based on improved reasoning of evidence credibility

September 2019
Hongyan Gao | Guimiao Jiang | Xiang Gao | Jianhua Xiao | Hongbin Wang

In China, there is a troubling shortage of well-trained equine veterinarians, leaving the needs of many equine farmers unmet. This is especially true with respect to the diagnosis of equine diseases....

Prediction of the biogas production using GA and ACO input features selection method for ANN model

September 2019
Tanja Beltramo | Michael Klocke | Bernd Hitzmann

This paper presents a fast and reliable approach to analyze the biogas production process with respect to the biogas production rate. The experimental data used for the developed models included 15...

Underwater sea cucumber identification via deep residual networks

September 2019
Xiangyun Guo | Xuehua Zhao | Yahui Liu | Daoliang Li

Sea cucumber culture and fishing are primarily dependent on manual work. For fast and accurate automatic identification of sea cucumbers, deep residual networks with different configures were conducted...

Controlling and regulation of integrated aquaponic production systems – An approach for a management execution system (MES)

September 2019
Olaf Witzel | Stefan Wilm | Divas Karimanzira | Daniela Baganz

•Controlling and regulation of integrated aquaponic production systems.•An approach for a management execution system.•Econometric optimization....

An innovative intelligent system based on remote sensing and mathematical models for improving crop yield estimation

September 2019
Mohamad M. Awad

•Innovative and efficient mathematical model for accurate crop yield estimation.•Mapping actual evapotranspiration using energy balance equation.•New mathematical model which solves lack of remote sensing...

Production and characterization of organic manure from liquorice residues

Available online 16 September 2019
Raghad S. Mouhamad | Zainab J. Mohammed | Ahmad A. Abdulhadi | Mazhar Abbas | Munawar Iqbal | Arif Nazir

In present investigation, organic manure was produced and characterized from liquorice residues using activated Effective Microoganism (AEM). The liquorice waste residues were fermented for the period...

Structural analysis on cutting notch of tea stalk by X-ray micro-computed tomography

Available online 16 September 2019
Zhe Du | Yongguang Hu | Wenye Wu | Yongzong Lu | Noman Ali Buttar

Quantitative analysis on cutting notch of tea stalk is one method to better understand shear resistance and mechanical properties of the stalk, which could improve cutting performance and efficiency...

Feed intake prediction model for group fish using the MEA-BP neural network in intensive aquaculture

Available online 12 September 2019
Lan Chen | Xinting Yang | Chuanheng Sun | Yizhong Wang | Daming Xu | Chao Zhou

In aquaculture, the accurate prediction of feed intake for group fish is considered to be crucial to any feeding system. Previous studies mainly used mathematical statistics to establish the mapping...

Recognition and classification of paddy leaf diseases using Optimized Deep Neural network with Jaya algorithm

Available online 6 September 2019
S. Ramesh | D. Vydeki

In the agriculture field, one of the recent research topics is recognition and classification of diseases from the leaf images of a plant. The recognition of agricultural plant diseases by utilizing...

Classification of yield affecting biotic and abiotic paddy crop stresses using field images

Available online 29 August 2019
Basavaraj S. Anami | Naveen N. Malvade | Surendra Palaiah

On-time recognition and early control of the stresses in the paddy crops at the booting growth stage is the key to prevent qualitative and quantitative loss of agricultural yield. The conventional paddy...

Modeling and optimization of the insecticidal effects of Teucrium polium L. essential oil against red flour beetle (Tribolium castaneum Herbst) using response surface methodology

Available online 22 August 2019
Asgar Ebadollahi | Ebrahim Taghinezhad

The utilization of natural materials in the post-harvest process of agricultural products is necessary for the production of safe food. In recent years, the use of essential oil extracted from aromatic...

Generating soil salinity, soil moisture, soil pH from satellite imagery and its analysis

Available online 22 August 2019
Mochamad Firman Ghazali | Ketut Wikantika | Agung Budi Harto | Akihiko Kondoh

In an agricultural field, the water content and salt content are defined as soil moisture and soil salinity and have to be estimated precisely. The changing of these two factors can be assessed using...

Dissolved oxygen prediction in prawn ponds from a group of one step predictors

Available online 20 August 2019
Ashfaqur Rahman | Joel Dabrowski | John McCulloch

•A novel machine learning approach to predict dissolved oxygen in prawn ponds.•A prediction algorithm that can predict far ahead in time without sacrificing accuracy.•Dissolved oxygen data collected...

Soil texture classification using multi class support vector machine

Available online 9 August 2019
Utpal Barman | Ridip Dev Choudhury

The objective of this study is to process the soil images to generate a digital soil classification system for rural farmers at low cost. Soil texture is the main factor to be considered before doing...

A role of computer vision in fruits and vegetables among various horticulture products of agriculture fields: A survey

Available online 26 July 2019
Mukesh Kumar Tripathi | Dhananjay D. Maktedar

Computer vision is a consistent and advanced technique for image processing, with the propitious outcome, and enormous potential. A computer vision has been strongly adopted in the heterogeneous domain...

Convective drying of yellow discarded onion (Angaco INTA): Modelling of moisture loss kinetics and effect on phenolic compounds

Available online 15 July 2019
María Celia Roman | Maria Paula Fabani | Lorena Celina Luna | Gabriela Egly Feresin | German Mazza | Rosa Rodriguez

The Angaco INTA onion variety is the most cultivated and its production, mostly is destined for export. Due to their high-quality standards of these markets, many onions are discarded. The drying process...

Multi-target prediction of wheat flour quality parameters with near infrared spectroscopy

Available online 12 July 2019
Sylvio Barbon Junior | Saulo Martielo Mastelini | Ana Paula A.C. Barbon | Douglas Fernandes Barbin | Rosalba Calvini | Jessica Fernandes Lopes | Alessandro Ulrici

Near Infrared (NIR) spectroscopy is an analytical technology widely used for the non-destructive characterisation of organic samples, considering both qualitative and quantitative attributes. In the...

Textural, color and sensory attributes of peanut kernels as affected by infrared roasting method

June 2019
Hadi Bagheri | Mahdi Kashaninejad | Aman Mohammad Ziaiifar | Mehran Aalami

Roasting is one of the widespread methods for processing of nuts that significantly enhances the flavor, color, texture and appearance of products. In this research, the response surface methodology...

An adaptive segmentation method combining MSRCR and mean shift algorithm with K-means correction of green apples in natural environment

June 2019
Sashuang Sun | Huaibo Song | Dongjian He | Yan Long

•Green apple images are specifically segmented by using MSRCR and mean shift method.•FAIM algorithm is designed for adaptive threshold segmentation of orchard apples.•Segmented apples with serious occlusion...

A segmentation method for processing greenhouse vegetable foliar disease symptom images

June 2019
Juncheng Ma | Keming Du | Feixiang Zheng | Lingxian Zhang | Zhongfu Sun

Uneven illumination and clutter background were the most challenging problems to segmentation of disease symptom images. In order to achieve robust segmentation, a method for processing greenhouse vegetable...

Influence of temperature and light gradient on leaf arrangement and geometry in cucumber canopies: Structural phenotyping analysis and modelling

June 2019
Tingting Qian | Xiuguo Zheng | Xinyu Guo | Weiliang Wen | Juan Yang | Shenglian Lu

Accurate structural phenotyping analysis is essential to understand plant architectural adaptation strategy to environment change. The aim of this study was to analyze leaf arrangement and geometry...

Micro-sonic sensor technology enables enhanced grass height measurement by a Rising Plate Meter

June 2019
D. McSweeney | N.E. Coughlan | R.N. Cuthbert | P. Halton | S. Ivanov

Globally, the Rising Plate Meter (RPM) is a device used to measure compressed sward height, to enable estimation of herbage mass. Despite improved farm management practices aided by a variety of technological...

Tea leaf’s microstructure and ultrastructure response to low temperature in indicating critical damage temperature

June 2019
Yongzong Lu | Yongguang Hu | Richard L. Snyder | Eric R. Kent

•Mesophyll severely contracts and folds on the guard cells indicate the cold injury.•Transpiration increased in cold stress causes extracellular water first got frozen.•Intercellular freezing causes...

Image based leaf segmentation and counting in rosette plants

June 2019
J. Praveen Kumar | S. Domnic

•Combined approach using Statistical based image enhancement technique, graph based method and Circular Hough Transform is proposed to find the leaf count in plant images.•Statistical based image enhancement...

Using Support Vector Machines and neural networks to classify Merlot wines from South America

June 2019
Nattane Luíza Costa | Laura Andrea García Llobodanin | Inar Alves Castro | Rommel Barbosa

Wines with a clear geographical origin are an issue of interest for consumers and food industries. This paper presents a data mining study of Merlot wines from South America to identify the fingerprint...

A prediction model of NH3 concentration for swine house in cold region based on Empirical Mode Decomposition and Elman neural network

June 2019
Weizheng Shen | Xiao Fu | Runtao Wang | Yanling Yin | Yan Zhang | Udaybeer Singh | Bilegtsaikhan Lkhagva | Jian Sun

In order to improve the accuracy and reliability of ammonia (NH3) concentration prediction, which can provides a support to the ventilation control strategy, so as to reduce the impact of NH3 on the...

Comparative study of green peas using with blanching & without blanching techniques

June 2019
Om Prakash Pandey | Bimal Kumar Mishra | Ashok Misra

This paper attempts to analyze the kinetics involved in the drying of green peas in ‘with blanching’ and ‘without blanching’ techniques. Blanching by hot water mixed with a solution of citric acid (0.1–0.2 mg/ml)...

Height stability control of a large sprayer body based on air suspension using the sliding mode approach

Available online 15 June 2019
Yu Chen | Shuo Zhang | Enrong Mao | Yuefeng Du | Jun Chen | Shanju Yang

•An analysis model of suspension height adjustment process is established.•Height control strategy of sprayer sprung mass time-varying process is formulated.•A new sprayer body height control method...

Assessing suitability of modified center pivot irrigation systems in corn production using low altitude aerial imaging techniques

Available online 10 June 2019
Momtanu Chakraborty | Lav R. Khot | R. Troy Peters

This study evaluated corn (Zea mays var. indentata) canopy vigor and temperature variations using small unmanned aerial system (UAS) based spatiotemporal imagery data. The key objective was to develop...

Economic modeling of mechanized and semi-mechanized rainfed wheat production systems using multiple linear regression model

Available online 10 June 2019
Mobin Amoozad-Khalili | Reza Rostamian | Mahdi Esmaeilpour-Troujeni | Armaghan Kosari-Moghaddam

•Two types of rainfed wheat production systems were evaluated using multiple linear regression models.•The results showed that the costs of wheat production were higher in the semi-mechanized system...

Effect of climate on provincial-level banana yield in the Philippines

Available online 5 June 2019
Arnold R. Salvacion

This study assessed the effect of climate on banana yield in the Philippines using provincial level yield data and different climatic variables (i.e. annual rainfall, frequency of wet days, precipitation...

Design and simulation of an integrated end-effector for picking kiwifruit by robot

Available online 29 May 2019
Longtao Mu | Gongpei Cui | Yadong Liu | Yongjie Cui | Longsheng Fu | Yoshinori Gejima

The harvesting of fresh kiwifruit is a labor-intensive operation that accounts for more than 25% of annual production costs. Mechanized harvesting technologies are thus being developed to reduce labor...

Improving the prediction accuracy of soil nutrient classification by optimizing extreme learning machine parameters

Available online 21 May 2019
M.S. Suchithra | Maya L. Pai

The soil, Soul of Infinite Life, is the entity responsible for sustaining life on earth. In spite of significant advances in the service sector, agriculture remains the major provider of employment...

Production plan for perishable agricultural products with two types of harvesting

Available online 17 May 2019
Jing Li | Xinnan Gao | Biao Guo | Muyuan Wu

Many crops in China have two or more harvesting methods; however, little research has focused on this phenomenon. The current study proposes an operational model that looks to maximize grower profits....

Quality control of a four-echelon agri-food supply chain with multiple strategies

Available online 17 May 2019
Jin-you Hu | Jian Zhang | Mei Mei | Wei min Yang | Qiang Shen

•The four-echelon agri-supply chain model consists of one agricultural producer, one processing enterprise, one distributor, and many consumers with uncertain demand based on practical considerations.•A...

Development and validation of an integrated mechatronic apparatus for measurement of friction coefficients of agricultural products

Available online 25 April 2019
S.M. Shafaei | A. Nourmohamadi-Moghadami | S. Kamgar | M. Eghtesad

•An integrated mechatronic apparatus was developed for measurement of friction coefficients.•The apparatus consisted of an electrical sensing, control, and actuator unit.•The measuring system was worked...

Using information from images for plantation monitoring: A review of solutions for smallholders

Available online 13 April 2019
Bayu Taruna Widjaja Putra | Peeyush Soni | Bambang Marhaenanto | Pujiyanto | Soni Sisbudi Harsono | Spyros Fountas

Effect of introducing weather parameters on the accuracy of milk production forecast models

Available online 13 April 2019
Fan Zhang | John Upton | Laurence Shalloo | Philip Shine | Michael D. Murphy

•The NARX model and MLR model were compared at individual cow level.•Eight input treatments including weather combinations were tested and compared.•The NARX Model was more accurate than the MLR model.•The...

Integrated navigation for autonomous underwater vehicles in aquaculture: A review

Available online 11 April 2019
Jianhua Bao | Daoliang Li | Xi Qiao | Thomas Rauschenbach

Aquaculture is the world’s fastest growing sector within the food industry, supplying humans with over half their aquatic products. Water quality monitoring or cage inspection is an indispensable part...

A hybrid weed optimized coverage path planning technique for autonomous harvesting in cashew orchards

Available online 10 April 2019
Kalaivanan Sandamurthy | Kalpana Ramanujam

A coverage path planning algorithm is proposed for discrete harvesting in cashew orchards. The main challenge in such an orchard is the collection of fruits and nuts lying on the floor. The manual collection...

Propellants of mechanical pruning and plucking of tea (a case of developing countries)

Available online 3 April 2019
Saeed Firouzi | Fariborz Azarian

Tea is one of the most widely consumed natural beverages in the world. High costs of tea pruning and plucking is among the main challenges of its production in Iran as a developing country. Therefore,...

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