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Recent International Journal of Cognitive Computing in Engineering Articles

Recently published articles from International Journal of Cognitive Computing in Engineering.

A Spatial Feature Engineering Algorithm for Creating Air Pollution Health Datasets

Available online 21 November 2020
Raja Sher Afgun Usmani | Thulasyammal Ramiah Pillai | Ibrahim Abaker Targio Hashem | Noor Zaman Jhanjhi | Anum Saeed | Akibu Mahmoud Abdullahi

•A function to find coordinates of patients automatically.•A function to calculate the distance between AQM stations and patient records.•An algorithm to associate the patient record with the closest...

A Multi-attention Deep Neural Network Model base on Embedding and Matrix Factorization for Recommendation

Available online 9 November 2020
Jing Wang | Lei Liu

•This paper presents a multi-attention deep neural network model base on embedding and matrix factorization for recommendation, called MADNN. The deep neural network structure can effectively alleviate...

Microarray Cancer Feature Selection: Review, Challenges and Research Directions

Available online 7 November 2020
Moshood A. Hambali | Tinuke O. Oladele | Kayode S. Adewole

Microarray technology has become an emerging trend in the domain of genetic research in which many researchers employ to study and investigate the levels of genes’ expression in a given organism. Microarray...

Construction of domain ontology utilizing formal concept analysis and social media analytics

June 2020
Rajni Jindal | K.R. Seeja | Shivani Jain

•Social Media, FCA and fluent editor tool is used for the construction of ontology.•A small ontology is constructed for terrorism domain.•Utilizing the reasoner the semantic query can be processed like...

Mapping ontology vertices to a line using hypergraph framework

June 2020
Linli Zhu | Gang Hua | Wei Gao

•Our ontology optimization model does not compare two ontology vertices, but compares a set of ontology vertices and calculates the weight of each vertex by means of random walk calculating.•Ontology...

Intelligent evaluation of teaching based on multi-networks integration

June 2020
Guannan Li | Lin Xiang | Zhengxing Yu | Hui Li

•The technology of integrated multi-networks is applied to evaluate the teaching quality in colleges and universities.•An integrated network I-NET with three sub-networks: S-NET, P-NET and L-NET is...

Dual hesitant fuzzy graphs with applications to multi-attribute decision making

June 2020
Wenhui Bai | Juanjuan Ding | Chao Zhang

•The notion of DHFGs is put forward via the definition of DHFGs and strong DHFGs.•Some common operational laws and mapping relationships of DHFGs are explored.•A two-stage DHF MADM algorithm by virtue...

An automated resource management framework for minimizing SLA violations and negotiation in collaborative cloud

June 2020
K.S. Sendhil Kumar | N. Jaisankar

Collaborative Cloud computing is an emergent and encouraging computational prototype for sharing on-demand cloud resources in a multi-cloud environment. In a collaborative cloud environment, we make...

Gingivitis detection by fractional Fourier entropy with optimization of hidden neurons

June 2020
Yan Yan

•A new method for the detection of gingivitis is used to classify health and pathological images of gingivitis based on extracted fractional Fourier entropy and standard genetic algorithm.•This approach...

Patch-based partial motion blurred segmentation

June 2020
Lin Xiang | Xiaoling Jiang | Yueqin Xu | Yongjun Zhang | Tongqing Zhu

•To pre-segment the image according to the orientations which are affected by the generated massive lines.•To define a function for measuring the blurriness of patches to determine blurred regions from...

Type 2: Diabetes mellitus prediction using Deep Neural Networks classifier

June 2020
Bala Manoj Kumar P | Srinivasa Perumal R | Nadesh R K | Arivuselvan K

•The frameworks evolved for support to medical experiments and algorithms for accurate prediction.•An unsupervised learning approach used for accurate prediction of the dataset of pima indian diabetes.•Early...

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