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Most Downloaded Magnetic Resonance Letters Articles

The most downloaded articles from ScienceDirect in the last 90 days.

1. Solid-state NMR in the field of drug delivery: State of the art and new perspectives

August 2021
Alessandro Marchetti | Jinglin Yin | Yongchao Su | Xueqian Kong

In the last decades, a variety of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) techniques have been applied with success in the field of advanced functional materials, including the important area of drug delivery....

2. RF power design optimization in MRI system

August 2021
Baogui Zhang | Kun Wang | Tianzi Jiang

Magnetic resonance image quality and patient safety have been the focus of engineering and research ever since the invention of equipment in the early 1970s. In high field (or ultrahigh field) MRI systems,...

3. Evaluation of injuries caused by coronavirus disease 2019 using multi-nuclei magnetic resonance imaging

August 2021
Qian Zhou | Qiuchen Rao | Haidong Li | Ming Zhang | Xiuchao Zhao | Lei Shi | Chaohui Ye | Xin Zhou

The ongoing pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has been a great burden for the healthcare system in many countries because of its high transmissibility, severity, and fatality. Chest radiography...

4. Progresses of hyperpolarized 129Xe NMR application in porous materials and catalysis

August 2021
Benhan Fan | Shutao Xu | Yingxu Wei | Zhongmin Liu

129Xe NMR has been proven to be a powerful tool to investigate the structure of porous materials. Xenon is a monatomic noble gas which could be used as a probe due to the extremely sensitive to its...

5. Recent progress in fragment-based drug discovery facilitated by NMR spectroscopy

Available online 11 September 2021
Lei Wang | Jia Gao | Rongsheng Ma | Yaqian Liu | Mingqing Liu | Fumei Zhong | Jie Hu | Shuju Li | Jihui Wu | Hualiang Jiang | Jiahai Zhang | Ke Ruan

Considerable developments have been observed in fragment-based lead/drug discovery (FBLD/FBDD) recently, with four drugs approved and many others under investigation. Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)...

6. Characterization of the acidity and basicity of green solvents by NMR techniques

August 2021
Kemeng Shi | Christian Marcus Pedersen | Hui Chang | Jing Shi | Yingxiong Wang | Yan Qiao

The acidity and basicity of the solvents can influence the reaction outcome notably, and hence the precise measurement of pH is important for reaction. However, not all the pH values of organic solvents...

7. Influence of hierarchical ZSM-5 catalysts with various acidity on the dehydration of glycerol to acrolein

August 2021
Shufang Zhao | Songlin He | Kyung Du Kim | Lizhuo Wang | Ryong Ryoo | Zichun Wang | Jun Huang

The main challenge in the dehydration of glycerol to acrolein lies in overcoming catalyst deactivation and improving the selectivity to acrolein. The relationship between the acidity in the mesoporous...

8. DNA binding mechanism of WhiB4 from Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Available online 20 August 2021
Qiran Zhai | Bo Duan | Chen Lin | Jun Liu | Lu Zhang | Bin Xia

Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb), the pathogen of tuberculosis, has latently infected about one-third of the world’s population and may lead to severe clinical symptoms and death. The WhiB4 protein,...

9. Study on the synthesis of spin labeled poly(styrene-co-maleic acid)s and their segmental motion

Available online 12 July 2021
Kaleem-Ur-Rahman Naveed | Li Wang | Haojie Yu | Qian Zhang | Wei Xiong | Raja Summe Ullah | Ahsan Nazir | Muhammad Usman | Shah Fahad | Amin Khan | Md Alim Uddin | Di Shen

Study of the segmental mobility of polymer chains is important when the polymer is used as drag reduction agents of crude oil. Electron spin resonance (ESR) spectroscopy can provide important information...

11. NMR signal separation of ionic liquids by poly(sodium-p-styrenesulfonate)-assisted chromatographic NMR spectroscopy

Available online 12 July 2021
Kui Yan | Zhengwu Bai | Shaohua Huang

Diffusion-ordered nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (DOSY), dubbed chromatographic NMR spectroscopy, can be used to simultaneously distinguish and identify the structures of components in a mixture...

12. Study on ethylene/1-hexene copolymerization catalyzed by α-diimine nickel catalysts with different ligands

Available online 8 September 2021
Yusheng Xing | Haojie Yu | Li Wang | Nan Wang | Lei Zhu | Ruixue Liang | Md Alim Uddin

The structure of polyolefin has an important influence on its performance and application. Ethylene/1-hexene copolymerization is one of the important ways to control the structure of the polyolefin....

13. Second-order phase correction of NMR spectra acquired using linear frequency-sweeps

Available online 17 September 2021
Zhehong Gan | Ivan Hung

NMR spectra acquired with experiments using frequency-sweeps such as the wide-band uniform-rate smooth truncation (WURST) spin-echo and Carr-Purcell-Meiboom-Gill (CPMG) sequences cannot be absorptively...

14. Two open metal sites on the same metal: Dynamics of CO2 in MOF UTSA-74

Available online 11 September 2021
Yingxian Li | Wanli Zhang | Yining Huang

Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) are an emerging class of porous materials with many unique properties that make them promising candidates for carbon dioxide (CO2) capture and storage. A better understanding...

15. Utilizing 3D DOSY NMR in the characterization of organic compounds in coal chemical wastewater

Available online 7 September 2021
Hui Ma | Christian M. Pedersen | Qi Zhao | Shiyu Jia | Bin Yuan | Xianglin Hou | Yingxiong Wang

Coal chemical wastewater (CCW) with the features of high toxicity and poor biodegradability is a big issue in environmental remediation, posing a great threat to aquatic ecosystems and to human beings....

16. Regulation of MRI contrast and cellular retention time by cellular interfacial distribution of Gd agents: Implications for stem cell tracking

Available online 8 September 2021
Yanhui Zhang | Binbin Li | Bo Tan | Hailu Zhang | Zongwu Deng

Human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs) were labeled with Dotarem or (Gd-DOTA)2- EM7 (EM7Gd2) via electroporation (EP). Cellular transmission electron microscopy (TEM) reveals free distribution of Gd agents...

17. NMR assignments and characterization of the DNA-binding domain of Arabidopsis transcription factor WRKY11

Available online 22 September 2021
Jiannan Wang | Yaling Lin | Qinjun Zhu | Jingfeng Zhang | Maili Liu | Yunfei Hu

The WRKY proteins are a family of plant-specific transcription factors (TFs) that are widely involved in plant development and anti-stress responses. Arabidopsis WRKY11 (AtWRKY11) functions in regulating...

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