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Special Issue on Materials, Interfaces and Microstructural Evolution for Energy Applications: Experimental and Computational Advances

One of the major needs of modern society is highly efficient and cost-effective energy systems. In the race to address this high demand, environment-friendliness is also a major focus for the sake of the sustainability of our planet. Recent scientific and technological advances reveal that evolution of advanced materials and surfaces and their novel microstructures are key elements to help meet the clean energy effort. However, there is a long way to go to transform laboratory research into large-scale production. Nevertheless, more research is needed in the field of advanced materials and interfaces which can lead to novel and transformative approaches for the development of new energy technologies.

Advanced materials and related microstructures are ubiquitous and find applications in a spectrum of research activities including catalysis, energy storage systems, microelectronics, and polymeric material systems. Materials with novel microstructures have also shown tremendous promise for use as high-performance components in rechargeable batteries, fuel cells, and nuclear fuels. With unprecedented operational and performance requirements of various emerging applications, it is important to design energy-efficient processes with a refined control over the reactions/kinetic pathways, and design of electrolytes and catalysts are one of the important materials to meet such objectives.

This special issue will present cutting-edge and innovative scientific advancements in this field. In particular, we solicit research papers that significantly advance current experimental and/or computational methods, thus providing unprecedented insights in developing novel materials, interfaces and microstructures for energy applications.

This special issue is intended to present high quality, original research articles as well as review articles/short communication/letters focused on materials for energy conversion and storage applications.

Topics covered:

  • Advanced energy materials
  • Functional interfaces for energy
  • Microstructural analysis for energy
  • Catalyst for energy
  • Carbon-based energy materials
  • Computational material science
  • Molecular dynamics simulations
  • Density functional theory simulations

Important Deadlines:

  • Submission deadline: 15 April 2021

Submission Instructions:

Please read the Guide for Authors before submitting. All articles should be submitted online, please select VSI: Microstructural Evolution on submission.

Guest Editors:

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