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Recent Nanotechnology and Precision Engineering Articles

Recently published articles from Nanotechnology and Precision Engineering.

A lateral super-resolution imaging method using structured illumination without phase shift

Available online 11 November 2019
Yuan Jia | Junsheng Lu | Xinyu Chang | Xiaodong Hu

Structured illumination microscopy has been a useful method for achieving lateral super-resolution, but it typically requires at least three precise phase shifts per orientation. In this paper, we propose...

Femtosecond laser fabrication of 3D templates for mass production of artificial compound eyes

Available online 9 November 2019
Guang-Xin Jin | Xin-Yu Hu | Zhuo-Chen Ma | Chun-He Li | Yong-Lai Zhang | Hong-Bo Sun

Compound eyes are unique optical imaging systems that consist of numerous separate light-sensitive units (ommatidia). Attempts have been made to produce artificial compound eyes via advanced 3D nanotechnologies....

Design of a test structure based on chevron-shaped thermal actuator for in-situ measurement of the fracture strength of MEMS thin films

Available online 8 November 2019
Mengjie Li | Zaifa Zhou | Liyan Yi | Xijie Wang | Saeed Adnan

A novel test structure to characterize the fracture strength of MEMS (Micro-electro-Mechanical Systems) thin films is presented. The test structure is comprised of a micro fabricated chevron-shaped...

Magnetorheological finishing of an irregular-shaped small-bore complex component using a small ball-end permanent-magnet polishing head

Available online 6 November 2019
Henan Liu | Jian Cheng | Tingzhang Wang | Mingjun Chen

A novel magnetorheological finishing (MRF) process using a small ball-end permanent-magnet polishing head is proposed, and a four-axes linkage dedicated MRF machine tool is fabricated to achieve the...

Tool path generation of ultra-precision diamond turning: A state-of-the-art review

Available online 5 November 2019
Hu Gong | Shengjun Ao | Kuntao Huang | Yi Wang | Changya Yan

With the increasing market demand for optical complex surface parts, the application of multi-axis ultra-precision single-point diamond turning is increasing. A tool path generation method is very important...

FlexMEMS-enabled hetero-integration for monolithic FBAR-above-IC oscillators

Available online 5 September 2019
Chuanhai Gao | Menglun Zhang | Yuan Jiang

In this work, a monolithic oscillator chip is heterogeneously integrated by a film bulk acoustic resonator (FBAR) and a complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) chip using FlexMEMS technology....

Manipulating fluid with vibrating 3D-printed paddles for applications in micropump

Available online 5 September 2019
Zhiyong Tang | Xiufeng Shao | Jianze Huang | Jinyuan Yao | Guifu Ding

This paper presents a novel working mechanism of a micropump using micropaddles (MPs) to actively manipulate fluid based on 3D printing technology. The novel working principle is systematically discussed...

Nonlinear phase error analysis of equivalent thickness in a white-light spectral interferometer

June 2019
Tong Guo | Qianwen Weng | Bei Luo | Jinping Chen | Xing Fu | Xiaotang Hu

A white light spectral interferometry based on a Linnik type system was established to accurately measure the thin film thickness through transparent medium. In practical work, the equivalent thickness...

Research on the process of fabricating a multi-layer metal micro-structure based on UV-LIGA overlay technology

June 2019
Yali Ma | Wenkai Liu | Chong Liu

In this paper, we report the study of the process of fabricating a multi-layer metal micro-structure using UV-LIGA overlay technology, including mask fabrication, substrate treatment, and UV-LIGA overlay...

Modeling thermal and mechanical cancellation of residual stress from hybrid additive manufacturing by laser peening

June 2019
Guru Madireddy | Chao Li | Jingfu Liu | Michael P. Sealy

Additive manufacturing (AM) of metals often results in parts with unfavorable mechanical properties. Laser peening (LP) is a high strain rate mechanical surface treatment that hammers a workpiece and...

An optical glass plane angle measuring system with photoelectric autocollimator

June 2019
Yinguo Huang | Yong Yang | Jiaqi Liang | Zhengqing Miao | Meirong Zhao | Yelong Zheng

Optical glass is the most widely used optical material. It is necessary to measure its geometric characteristic quickly and reliably to meet the quality of optical glass. A vision measuring system combining...

Bibliometric analysis of micro-nano manufacturing technologies

June 2019
Maryna Bodnariuk | Ruslan Melentiev

Manufacturing is the primary industry promoting economic and social development. For the past 30 years, the global trends of preciseness and device miniaturisation have promoted manufacturing to the...

Formation of graphene oxide from carbon rods of zinc-carbon battery wastes by audiosonic sonication assisted by commercial detergent

June 2019
Wipsar Sunu Brams Dwandaru | Lia Desi Parwati | Rhyko Irawan Wisnuwijaya

This study aims to determine the effect of audiosonic sonication in normal modes on the formation of graphene oxide (GO) from carbon rods of zinc-carbon (ZnC) battery wastes. The method used in this...

Structure optimization of connection frames based on frequency sensitivity in macro-micro motion platforms

March 2019
Lufan Zhang | Xueli Li | Haihong Zhang | Haixin Li | Hu Li | Jun Wu

High-performance connection frames are of great significance for ultra-high acceleration and ultra-precision positioning in macro-micro motion platforms. This paper first takes the connection frame...

Characterization of machine tools and measurement system for micromilling

March 2019
Andrea Abeni | Matteo Lancini | Aldo Attanasio

Technological progress has led to increased demand for small components with tiny features, which cannot be achieved through conventional machining. Industrial application of processes based on microcutting...

Surface-enhanced Raman scattering on nanodiamond-derived carbon onions

March 2019
Ying Song | Zongwei Xu | Andreas Rosenkranz | Mathias Rommel | Changkun Shi | Fengzhou Fang

Annealing nanodiamonds (ND) at high temperatures up to 1700 °C is a common method to synthesize carbon onions. The transformation from NDs to carbon onions is particularly interesting because of carbon...

Theoretical and experimental characterizations of gigahertz acoustic streaming in microscale fluids

March 2019
Weiwei Cui | Wei Pang | Yang Yang | Tiechuan Li | Xuexin Duan

Even as gigahertz (GHz) acoustic streaming has developed into a multi-functional platform technology for biochemical applications, including ultrafast microfluidic mixing, microparticle operations,...

Tailoring metallic surface properties induced by laser surface processing for industrial applications

March 2019
Guoqing Hu | Yang Song | Yingchun Guan

As a simple, reproducible, and pollution-free technique with the potential of integration and automation, laser processing has attracted increasing attention. Laser processing, which includes laser...

Enhancement of surface wettability via micro- and nanostructures by single point diamond turning

March 2019
Nicolás Cabezudo | Jining Sun | Behnam Andi | Fei Ding | Ding Wang | Wenlong Chang | Xichun Luo | Ben B. Xu

Studies on surface wettability have received tremendous interest due to their potential applications in research and industrial processes. One of the strategies to tune surface wettability is modifying...

Investigation of the performance of a pilot-scale barrel atmospheric plasma system for plasma activation of polymer particles

March 2019
Hisham M. Abourayana | Peter J. Dobbyn | Pat Whyte | Denis P. Dowling

This study reports the development and performance of a pilot-scale barrel atmospheric plasma reactor for the atmospheric plasma activation treatment of polymer particles. The polymer particles treated...

Investigation on tool wear and tool life prediction in micro-milling of Ti-6Al-4V

December 2018
Amin Dadgari | Dehong Huo | David Swailes

Short tool life and rapid tool wear in micromachining of hard-to-machine materials remain a barrier to the process being economically viable. In this study, standard procedures and conditions set by...

Effect of particle-particle interaction on dielectrophoretic single particle trap in a sudden contraction flow

December 2018
Haihang Cui | Rui Ma | Li Chen | Hongyan Zhang

Dielectrophoretic (DEP) force is significant in manipulating tiny objects in micro/nano scale. To study the effect of electric interaction force on particle manipulation, a microstructure consisting...

Study on the method of precision adjustment of star sensor

December 2018
Xiaoyan Wang | Ran Zheng | Yanpeng Wu | Jianbo Sun | Jun Zhong | Long Wang | Miaomiao Wang

Star sensors are indispensable spatial measurement sensors for high-resolution earth observation and astronomical observations, and the demand for high measurement accuracy of satellite sensors continues...

CFD-based design and analysis of air-bearing-supported paint spray spindle

December 2018
Ali Khaghani | Kai Cheng

In this paper, an analytical scientific approach is presented for the design and analysis of an air-turbine-driven paint spray spindle, and it is used to improve further the design concept of the existing...

Review of low timing jitter mode-locked fiber lasers and applications in dual-comb absolute distance measurement

December 2018
Haosen Shi | Youjian Song | Runmin Li | Yuepeng Li | Hui Cao | Haochen Tian | Bowen Liu | Lu Chai | Minglie Hu

Passively mode-locked fiber lasers emit femtosecond pulse trains with excellent short-term stability. The quantum-limited timing jitter of a free running femtosecond erbium-doped fiber laser working...

Finite element simulation of the micromachining of nanosized-silicon-carbide-particle reinforced composite materials based on the cohesive zone model

December 2018
Hongmin Pen | Jianhua Guo | Zizhen Cao | Xianchong Wang | Zhiguo Wang

A finite element method based on the cohesive zone model was used to study the micromachining process of nanosized silicon-carbide-particle (SiCp) reinforced aluminum matrix composites. As a hierarchical...

Optimization experiment on eccentric lapping of cylindrical rollers

September 2018
Jia Su | Julong Yuan | Sen Zhang | Binghai Lv

Cylindrical rollers are important elements of bearings, and their machining accuracy and consistency affect the bearing quality. Using a GCr15 cylindrical roller of Ф11 × 12 as the processing object...

Two-dimensional distributed strain sensing with an Archimedean spiral arrangement in optical frequency domain reflectometry

September 2018
Yamei Guo | Zhenyang Ding | Kun Liu | Junfeng Jiang | Chenhuan Wang | Tiegen Liu

We demonstrate a distributed two-dimensional (2D) strain-sensing system in optical frequency domain reflectometry (OFDR) with an Archimedean spiral arrangement of the sensing fiber. The Archimedean...

Au maskless patterning for vacuum packaging using the electrochemical method

September 2018
Bo Xie | Deyong Chen | Junbo Wang | Jian Chen | Wen Hong

The interconnection of wires is an important issue in vacuum-packaged microelectromechanical systems devices because of the difficulties of hermetical sealing and electrical insulation. This paper presents...

Formation of subsurface cracks in silicon wafers by grinding

September 2018
Jingfei Yin | Qian Bai | Yinnan Li | Bi Zhang

Single-crystal silicon is an important material in the semiconductor and optical industries. However, being hard and brittle, a silicon wafer is vulnerable to subsurface cracks (SSCs) during grinding,...

Kinematic error modeling and error compensation of desktop 3D printer

September 2018
Shane Keaveney | Pat Connolly | Eoin D. O'Cearbhaill

Desktop 3D printers have revolutionized how designers and makers prototype and manufacture certain products. Highly popular fuse deposition modeling (FDM) desktop printers have enabled a shift to low-cost...

Anisotropic brittle-ductile transition of monocrystalline sapphire during orthogonal cutting and nanoindentation experiments

September 2018
Philipp Maas | Yuta Mizumoto | Yasuhiro Kakinuma | Sangkee Min

Single-crystal sapphire is utilized as a high-performance engineering material, especially in extreme and harsh environments. However, due to its extreme hardness and brittleness, the machinability...

Active-Thermal-Tunable Terahertz Absorber with Temperature-Sensitive Material Thin Film

June 2018
Zhao Zhang | Zhen Tian | Chao Chang | Xueguang Wang | Xueqian Zhang | Chunmei Ouyang | Jianqiang Gu | Jiaguang Han | Weili Zhang

It is shown that active-tunable terahertz absorbers can be realized in a sandwich-structured system comprising an ultrathin dielectric film (polyimide) on a temperature-sensitive substrate (InSb) with...

An E-type Temperature Sensor for Upper Air Meteorology

June 2018
Shangbang Han | Qingquan Liu | Xu Han | Wei Dai | Jie Yang

An E-type high-precision temperature sensor, which is adopted for upper air meteorology, was proposed in this paper. A computational fluid dynamics (CFD) method was implemented to analyze temperature...

An Investigation on Efficient Acoustic Energy Reflection of Flexible Film Bulk Acoustic Resonators

June 2018
Chuanhai Gao | Yuan Jiang | Lin Zhang | Bohua Liu | Menglun Zhang

This paper investigates the issues on acoustic energy reflection of flexible film bulk acoustic resonators (FBARs). The flexible FBAR was fabricated with an air cavity in the polymer substrate, which...

Electrostatic Actuating Bendable Flat Electrode for Micro Electrochemical Machining

June 2018
Ruining Huang | Xiaokun Zhu

In micro-electrochemical machining (μECM), material dissolution takes place at very close vicinity of tool electrode due to localization of electric field. Controlling the gap between tool electrode...

Self-Adaptive Grinding for Blind Tip Reconstruction of AFM Diamond Probe

June 2018
Linyan Xu | Qishan Guo | Shuangbei Qian | Sen Wu

Blind tip reconstruction (BTR) method is one of the favorable methods to estimate the atomic force microscopy (AFM) probe shape. The exact shape of the characterizer is not required for BTR, while the...

Analysis of Vibrational Performance of A Piezoelectric Micropump with Diffuse/Nozzle Microchannel

June 2018
Yanfang Guan | Xiang Li

Piezoelectric transducers of different external diameters are designed and fabricated and incorporated into micropumps. Through finite element analysis, it is shown that the volume efficiency of the...

Tribological Performance of Bioimplants: A Comprehensive Review

June 2018
Gang Shen | Fengzhou Fang | Chengwei Kang

Total joint replacements (TJR) have been a huge success for orthopaedic surgery in the past century and are gaining increasing importance today due to the aging population. However, the short longevity...

Time Domain Subdivision Method for Optical Grating Signal Based on Time Series Analysis

March 2018
Wang Baozhu | Li Wenjuan | Peng Kai | Wang Qiang | Li Meili

Aiming at the restriction of the Moire signal quality on the subdivision multiple and accuracy, a time domain subdivision method for optical grating signals based on time series analysis is proposed....

A Simple Stable Inertial Nanopositioner with Piezoelectric Stacks

March 2018
Pang Zongqiang | Zhang Yue | Zhou Zeqing | Rong Zhou

To build a simple and stable nanopositioner which can reduce the complexity of the scanning probe microscopy (SPM) system, a novel inertial nanopositioner with piezoelectric stacks is present ed. The...

Effect of Surfactants in Aqueous Solutions on Oil-Resisting Performance of Membrane Surfaces with Charges by Atomic Force Microscopy

March 2018
Hu Xiaodong | Han Jing | Xu Linyan | Qian Shuangbei | Guo Tong | Wu Sen | Liu Yanan | Jiang Zhongyi

The state of the surface of oil droplet can be changed obviously by adding a small amount of surfactant in water. The oil-resisting performance of membranes for water/oil separation has a significant...

Numerical Simulation of the Effect of Gravitational Direction on Particle Deposition in Pulmonary Acinus under the Condition of Breath Holding

March 2018
Wu Tao | Zhang Hongyan | Cui Haihang

A two-dimensional CFD simulation is conducted to study the effect of the gravitational direction on particle deposition in pulmonary acinus when the breath is held for a short time. The results show...

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