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Recent Oncology Signaling Articles

Recently published articles from Oncology Signaling.

Monoclonal antibody therapy in chronic lymphocytic leukemia

June 2018
Clive S. Zent

Optimal use of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies therapy requires an understanding of their mechanisms of action and how CLL cells resist these cytotoxic effects. This critical review details current...

Novel agents in the Canadian therapeutic landscape of chronic lymphocytic leukemia

June 2018
Anthea C. Peters | Andrei Fagarasanu

In this brief commentary, we discuss oral novel agents within in the armementarium of therapeutic options for Canadian patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). Previously limited to chemotherapy,...

Regulation of c-Myc and NBS1 by ionizing radiation in glioblastoma cells

June 2018
Paulo Matheus Guerra Rodrigues | Roberto Salomon de Souza | Helena Lobo Borges | Rodrigo Alves Portela Martins

Glioblastoma is the most common primary brain tumor presenting the worst prognostic. Radioresistance of these tumors is barrier to better treatment and management. Cellular response to ionizing radiation...

NEDD4 over-expression regulates the afatinib resistant phenotype of NSCLC cells

June 2018
Laurence Booth | Jane L. Roberts | Andrew Poklepovic | Paul Dent

We focused on defining the role of the E3 ligase NEDD4 in NSCLC cell afatinib resistance. Afatinib resistant H1975 clones over-expressed NEDD4 and c-MET compared to control clones and expressed less...

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