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Most Downloaded Petroleum Exploration and Development Articles

The most downloaded articles from ScienceDirect in the last 90 days.

1. Predictive data analytics application for enhanced oil recovery in a mature field in the Middle East

April 2020
Alklih Mohamad YOUSEF | Ghahfarokhi Payam KAVOUSI | Marwan ALNUAIMI | Yara ALATRACH

Top-Down Modeling (TDM) was developed through four main steps of data gathering and preparation, model build-up, model training and validation, and model prediction, based on more than 8 years of development...

2. Environmental impacts of hydraulic fracturing in shale gas development in the United States

December 2015
Dongxiao ZHANG | Tingyun YANG

Through comprehensive investigation of the environmental issues in shale gas development in the US, the environmental impacts of hydraulic fracturing in shale gas development are summarized to provide...

3. Wellbore stability analysis to determine the safe mud weight window for sandstone layers

October 2019

The wellbore stability of a vertical well through the sandstone reservoir layers of the Asmari oil-bearing formation in south-west Iran is investigated. The safe drilling-fluid density range for maintaining...

4. Comprehensive review of water shutoff methods for horizontal wells

December 2017
Xindi SUN | Baojun BAI

This paper provides a comprehensive review of the water control techniques that have been applied in horizontal wells and presents the water control methods for wells of different completion types....

5. A comprehensive review of polyacrylamide polymer gels for conformance control

August 2015
Baojun Bai | Jia Zhou | Mingfei Yin

Polymer gels have been designed and successfully applied to improve sweep efficiency and to reduce excessive water production by minimizing reservoir heterogeneity. Based on their compositions and application...

6. Synthetic well logs generation via Recurrent Neural Networks

August 2018
Dongxiao ZHANG | Yuntian CHEN | Jin MENG

To supplement missing logging information without increasing economic cost, a machine learning method to generate synthetic well logs from the existing log data was presented, and the experimental verification...

7. Application of nanotechnology in petroleum exploration and development

December 2016
He LIU | Xu JIN | Bin DING

Combined with the actual demand of oil and gas exploration and development, this paper summarizes the research progress and application of nanotechnology in various fields of petroleum exploration and...

8. Oil well perforation technology: Status and prospects

December 2014
He LIU | Feng WANG | Yucai WANG | Yang GAO | Jianlong CHENG

Perforation is a key link in well completion. To meet the development requirements of different types of oil and gas fields, after over ten years of research and development, a series of perforation...

9. Artificial neural network based production forecasting for a hydrocarbon reservoir under water injection

April 2020
Berihun Mamo NEGASH | Atta Dennis YAW

As the conventional prediction methods for production of waterflooding reservoirs have some drawbacks, a production forecasting model based on artificial neural network was proposed, the simulation...

10. General method of calculating annular laminar pressure drop of drilling fluids with different rheological models

December 2013
Qi PENG | Honghai FAN | Haobo ZHOU | Chaowei LI | Xuyue CHEN | Echuan WANG | Zhi YE

Traditional annular laminar flow analysis method applied in drilling engineering has poor accuracy and does not apply to complicated rheological models. A general method of calculating annular laminar...

11. Relationships of the iC4/nC4 and iC5/nC5 ratios with maturity of coal-derived gases of Triassic Xujiahe Formation in central Sichuan Basin, SW China

June 2019
Shengfei QIN | Chunhu HUANG | Benjian ZHANG | Yu YANG | Miao YUAN

The original gas reservoirs in different areas and different layers of the Triassic Xujiahe Formation in the central Sichuan Basin are studied to reveal the relationships of iC4/nC4 and iC5/nC5 ratios...

12. Formation, distribution, potential and prediction of global conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon resources

February 2015
Caineng ZOU | Guangming ZHAI | Guangya ZHANG | Hongjun WANG | Guosheng ZHANG | Jianzhong LI | Zhaoming WANG | Zhixin WEN | Feng MA | Yingbo LIANG | Zhi YANG | Xin LI | Kun LIANG

Since the Neoproterozoic, two important cycles of separation and junction of the Rodinia and Pangea supercontinents controlled the formation of the Tethys, Laurasia, Gondwana and Pacifica domains, as...

13. Distribution and potential of global oil and gas resources

August 2018
Xiaoguang TONG | Guangya ZHANG | Zhaoming WANG | Zhixin WEN | Zuoji TIAN | Hongjun WANG | Feng MA | Yiping WU

Using conventional and unconventional oil and gas resource evaluation methods with play as a unit, this study evaluates the oil and gas geology and resource potential of conventional oil and gas resources...

14. Water-cut rising mechanism and optimized water injection technology for deepwater turbidite sandstone oilfield: A case study of AKPO Oilfield in Niger Delta Basin, West Africa

April 2018
Zhiwang YUAN | Baoquan YANG | Li YANG | Wenhuan GU | Xiao CHEN | Botao KANG | Chenxi LI | Huilai ZHANG

Through the analysis of the reservoir connection relationship and the water-cut rising rules after water breakthrough in the highly volatile oil AKPO oilfield, a new model of water-cut rising was established,...

15. Geological characteristics and resource potential of shale gas in China

December 2010
Caineng Zou | Dazhong Dong | Shejiao Wang | Jianzhong Li | Xinjing Li | Yuman Wang | Denghua Li | Keming Cheng

With Sichuan Basin as focus, this paper introduces the depositional environment, geochemical and reservoir characteristics, gas concentration and prospective resource potential of three different types...

16. Assessment of fiscal terms of international petroleum contracts

December 2010
Dongkun Luo | Na Yan

Fiscal terms of oil contracts are primary non-resource factors international oil companies consider when they want to enter a country. The attractiveness of the fiscal terms has a fundamental effect...

17. Assessment of global unconventional oil and gas resources

December 2016
Hongjun WANG | Feng MA | Xiaoguang TONG | Zuodong LIU | Xinshun ZHANG | Zhenzhen WU | Denghua LI | Bo WANG | Yinfu XIE | Liuyan YANG

This paper evaluates the recoverable unconventional oil and gas resources around the world, reveals main controlling factors and potential regions for the rich accumulation of unconventional oil and...

18. Complex relationship between porosity and permeability of carbonate reservoirs and its controlling factors: A case study of platform facies in Pre-Caspian Basin

April 2014
Ling HE | Lun ZHAO | Jianxin LI | Ji MA | Ruilin LUI | Shuqin WANG | Wenqi ZHAO

Based on a large amount of core analysis data in eastern Pre-Caspian Basin, the relationship between permeability and porosity and its influencing factors are studied. The sedimentary environments of...

19. Trend and progress in global oil and gas exploration

August 2013
Wenrui HU | Jingwei BAO | Bin HU

Major progress achieved in oil and gas exploration in terms of reserves, number of oil and gas fields and discovery of large oilfields were analyzed, trend and progress of global oil and gas exploration...

20. Contourites: Physical oceanography, process sedimentology, and petroleum geology

April 2017

The purpose of this critical review is to address fundamental principles associated with contourites and other bottom-current deposits. The four basic types of deep-marine bottom currents are: (1) thermohaline-induced...

21. A model of calculating the circulating pressure loss in coiled tubing ultra-short radius radial drilling

August 2012
Dongjun MA | Gensheng LI | Zhongwei HUANG | Jilei NIU | Cheng HOU | Mingjuan LIU | Jingbin LI

By analyzing the relationship between measured values of pressure loss in a high-pressure hose and calculated values of metal tubing pressure loss formula under the same condition, a calculation formula...

22. Breakthrough and significance of unconventional oil and gas to classical petroleum geology theory

February 2017
Chengzao JIA

Great changes of the global energy industry have been caused by the rapid development of unconventional oil and gas. It is necessary to deeply consider the profound influence of the unconventional oil...

23. Conventional and unconventional petroleum “orderly accumulation”: Concept and practical significance

February 2014
Caineng ZOU | Zhi YANG | Guosheng ZHANG | Lianhua HOU | Rukai ZHU | Shizhen TAO | Xuanjun YUAN | dazhong DONG | Yuman WANG | Qiulin GUO | Lan WANG | Haibin BI | Denghua LI | Na WU

Based on the latest global conventional-unconventional petroleum development situation and the conclusion of petroleum geology theory and technology innovation in recent 10 years, the connotation of...

24. Spudcan bearing capacity calculation of the offshore jack-up drilling platform during the preloading process

October 2011
Puyang Zhang | Xiaoyang Yu | Hongyan Ding

To predict the penetration depth of the offshore jack-up drilling platform during the preloading process, the fluid-solid coupling theory was introduced to establish the finite element model of the...

25. Technological progress and development directions of PetroChina overseas oil and gas field production

February 2020
Longxin MU | Yaqiang CHEN | Anzhu XU | Ruifeng WANG

This study reviews the development history of PetroChina's overseas oil and gas field development technologies, summarizes the characteristic technologies developed, and puts forward the development...

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