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Recent Propulsion and Power Research Articles

Recently published articles from Propulsion and Power Research.

Aeroelastic vibration analysis of a 1.5 stage compressor

March 2020
Yun Zheng | Qingzhe Gao | Hui Yang | Kang Xu

Aeroelastic vibration problems are commonly found in modern compressors operating in off-design conditions. Large amplitude vibration could lead to high cycle fatigue (HCF) of blade and usually occurs...

Performance index improvement of a double-pipe cooler with MgO/water-ethylene glycol (50:50) nano-suspension

March 2020
H. Arya | M.M. Sarafraz | O. Pourmehran | M. Arjomandi

A series of tests was conducted to unlock the potential application of MgO/water-EG (ethylene glycol) nanofluids (NF) in a double-pipe heat exchanger (HEX). The overall heat transfer coefficient (HTC),...

The assessment of time dependent flow of Williamson fluid with radiative blood flow against a wedge

March 2020
K. Subbarayudu | S. Suneetha | P. Bala Anki Reddy

The present pagination reports both Brownian diffusion and thermophoresis aspects subject to magnetohydrodynamic Williamson fluid model. Assuming the flow is unsteady and blood is treated as Williamson...

Axisymmetric and three-dimensional flow simulation of a mixed compression supersonic air inlet

March 2020
M. Abedi | R. Askari | J. Sepahi-Younsi | M.R. Soltani

The flow through an axisymmetric supersonic mixed-compression air inlet has been simulated numerically to investigate the effects and the necessity of the three-dimensional (3D) modeling in comparison...

Interaction between a diesel-fuel spray and entrained air with single- and double-injection strategies using large eddy simulations

March 2020
Jonathan Brulatout | François Garnier | Patrice Seers

Interaction between fuel and air in a combustion chamber is one of the main drivers of the mixing process. Experimentally, flow visualizations are limited by high droplet density in the spray. Numerically,...

3D modeling of transformation of gaseous pollutants in the high-pressure turbine of an aircraft engine

March 2020
Trung Hieu Nguyen | Phuong Nguyen-Tri | Francois Garnier

Aircraft emissions contribute to global climate change and regional air pollution near airports. Understanding the formation and the transformation of emissions in the aircraft engine is essential to...

Estimation of the internal and external damping from the forward and backward spectrum of a rotor with a fatigue crack

March 2020
Dipendra Kumar Roy | Rajiv Tiwari

Both internal and external damping are concurrently present in a rotor system. However, the internal damping that originates from various sources often leads to instability in the rotor system, and...

Application of laser energy deposition to improve performance for high speed intakes

March 2020
A. Russell | M. Myokan | H. Bottini | A. Sasoh | H. Zare-Behtash | K. Kontis

Research interest has been growing in recent years in supersonic transport, particularly supersonic propulsion systems. A key component of a commonly studied propulsion system, ramjets, is the air intake....

Detection of asymmetric transmission error in geared rotor system through transverse vibration analysis using full spectrum

Available online 11 March 2020
Bhyri Rajeswara Rao | Rajiv Tiwari

Transmission error (TE) in geared rotors is a predominant source of inherent excitation at the pitch point of the gear meshing. In this paper, a transverse vibration analysis is presented to study the...

Ignition and combustion modelling in a dual fuel diesel engine

Available online 9 March 2020
R. De Robbio | M.C. Cameretti | R. Tuccillo

A numerical simulation of a single cylinder research diesel engine fuelled by natural gas and diesel oil in dual fuel mode was conducted to test the reaction mechanism presented by Li and Williams in...

Combustion performance studies of aluminum and boron based composite solid propellants in sub-atmospheric pressure regimes

December 2019
Pratim Kumar | Mayank Varshney | Aniket Manash

The aim of present study is to investigate the burning rate, ignition delay, and flame characteristics of ammonium perchlorate (AP)-hydroxyl terminated poly-butadiene (HTPB) [AP/HTPB] based composite...

The zero-dimensional model of the scavenging process in the opposed-piston two-stroke aircraft diesel engine

December 2019
Ł. Grabowski | K. Pietrykowski | P. Karpiński

The analysis of the scavenging process in two-stroke engines is important in terms of achieved performance and emission of toxic substances. The amount of mass of air used for the scavenging process...

A numerical study of anti-vortex film-cooling holes designs in a 1-1/2 turbine stage using LES

December 2019
Nabeel Al-Zurfi | Ali Turan | Adel Nasser | Ahmed Alhusseny

The primary focus of the present study is to investigate the impact of anti-vortex holes design on the film-cooling performance in a film-cooled rotor blade model using the large eddy simulation method...

3D radiative convective flow of ZnO-SAE50nano-lubricant in presence of varying magnetic field and heterogeneous reactions

December 2019
M.K. Nayak | J. Prakash | D. Tripathi | V.S. Pandey

A numerical simulation is presented to investigate the effect of an exponentially varying magnetic field on three dimensional flow of Zinc Oxide-Society of Automotive Engineers 50 nanolubricant (ZnO-SAE50nano-lubricant)...

Numerical investigation on the heat transfer enhancement using a confined slot impinging jet with nanofluid

December 2019
Ibrahim K. Alabdaly | M.A. Ahmed

In this article, laminar convective heat transfer of a confined slot impinging jet with nanofluid has been numerically investigated over Reynolds number ranges of 200–1000. Two circular ribs are mounted...

Utilizing an auxiliary portable lube oil heating system in Aliabad Katoul-Iran V94.2 gas turbine during standstill mode: a case study

December 2019
H. Hasannejad | Seyyed Masoud Seyyedi | M. Hashemi-Tilehnoee

In a gas turbine power plant, the lubrication oil must be hot enough for the turbine start-up where the unit is in standstill mode. Currently, the strategy to heat the lubrication oil of ANSALDO V94.2...

Aero-thermal redesign of a high pressure turbine nozzle guide vane

December 2019
Hadi Yavari | Ali Khavari | Mohammad Alizadeh | Behrad Kashfi | Hiwa Khaledi

The current article presents conceptual, preliminary and detailed aero-thermal redesign of a typical high pressure turbine nozzle guide vane. Design targets are lower coolant consumption, reduced manufacturing...

Hydromagnetic unsteady slip stagnation flow of nanofluid with suspension of mixed bio-convection

December 2019
R. Kumar | S. Sood | C.S.K. Raju | S.A. Shehzad

In this paper, stagnation point region (suspended with nanofluid and microorganisms) is examined subjected to velocity and thermal slips. The flow is assumed to be flowing across an exponentially stretching...

Study on identification method for parameter uncertain model of aero gas turbine

Available online 23 December 2019
Jie Bai | Shuai Liu | Wei Wang | Yicheng Chen

The linear model of the aero gas turbine is effective in a small application range. According to this problem, the identification method for parameter uncertain linear model of aero gas turbine proposed....

Second law analysis of Blasius flow with nonlinear Rosseland thermal radiation in the presence of viscous dissipation

September 2019
M.I. Afridi | M. Qasim

In the present article, we perform the second law analysis of classical Blasius flow accounting the effects of nonlinear radiation and frictional heating. The two-dimensional boundary layer momentum...

Peristaltic transport of Herschel-Bulkley fluid in a non-uniform elastic tube

September 2019
C.K. Selvi | A.N.S. Srinivas

The influence of elasticity on peristaltic transport of Herschel-Bulkley fluid in a tube of non-uniform cross-section is investigated. The exact solutions for flow quantities such as velocity, stream...

Numerical modeling and spatial stability analysis of the wall jet flow of nanofluids with thermophoresis and brownian effects

September 2019
Amin Jafarimoghaddam | Fatemeh Shafizadeh

The present work describes similarity solution to a general scheme for the wall jet flow of nanofluids, accounting both the similarity branches (say upper and lower), allowed with respect to the suction...

Natural convective heat transfer in a square enclosure utilizing magnetic nanoparticles

September 2019
Latifa M. Al-Balushi | M.J. Uddin | M.M. Rahman

In the present paper, unsteady natural convective heat transfer flow inside a square enclosure filled with nanofluids containing magnetic nanoparticles using nonhomogeneous dynamic model is investigated...

Design point analysis of two-shaft gas turbine engines topped by four-port wave rotors for power generation systems

September 2019
A. Fatsis

Wave rotors are rotating equipment designed to exchange energy between high and low enthalpy fluids by means of unsteady pressure waves. In ground power plants, they can be used as topping devices to...

Heat and mass transfer analysis on flow of Williamson nanofluid with thermal and velocity slips: Buongiorno model

September 2019
Yap Bing Kho | Abid Hussanan | Muhammad Khairul Anuar Mohamed | Mohd Zuki Salleh

The thermal and velocity slips of boundary layer of Williamson nanofluid over a stretching sheet are studied numerically. Buongiorno model is used to explore the heat transfer phenomena caused by Brownian...

Cilia-assisted hydromagnetic pumping of biorheological couple stress fluids

September 2019
K. Ramesh | D. Tripathi | O. Anwar Bég

A theoretical study is conducted for magnetohydrodynamic pumping of electro-conductive couple stress physiological liquids (e.g. blood) through a two-dimensional ciliated channel. A geometric model...

Hall, ion slip and ohmic heating effects in thermally active sinusoidal channel

September 2019
S. Noreen | T. Kousar

In this paper Carreau fluid is taken into account to study its peristaltic flow with Hall and ion-slip effects. The study is carried out in a wave frame of reference for both asymmetric and symmetric...

Computational study on flow through truncated conical plug nozzle with base bleed

June 2019
Prasanth P. Nair | Abhilash Suryan | Heuy Dong Kim

Conical plug nozzle and truncated conical plug nozzle are advanced rocket nozzles suitable for use as altitude compensating nozzles. In this study flow through the conical plug and truncated conical...

Flow and heat transfer of composite porous medium saturated with nanofluid

June 2019
J.C. Umavathi | K. Hemavathi

The present article is concerned with the heat transfer of nanofluid saturated with porous medium sandwiched between clear viscous fluid filled in a vertical channel. The model is developed to analyze...

Mixed convection in a lid-driven cavity filled with single and multiple-walled carbon nanotubes nanofluid having an inner elliptic obstacle

June 2019
Fatih Selimefendigil

In this study, numerical analysis and optimization in a single and multiple walled carbon nanotube-water nanofluid filled lid driven cavity having an inner elliptic obstacle were performed by using...

The closed form solutions of simplified MCH equation and third extended fifth order nonlinear equation

June 2019
A.K.M. Kazi Sazzad Hossain | M. Ali Akbar | Md. Abul Kalam Azad

The investigation of closed form solutions for nonlinear evolution equations (NLEEs) is being an attractive subject in the different branches of mathematical and physical sciences. In this article,...

Numerical simulation of diesel combustion based on n-heptane and toluene

June 2019
Kesong Zhang | Qiangzhi Xin | Zhenqian Mu | Zhijian Niu | Zhiming Wang

Considering the self-ignition characteristic and C/H ratio, n-heptane and toluene (6:4 by mass) are chosen to constitute diesel surrogate fuel, and a reduced oxidation mechanism was developed. This...

Homotopy study of magnetohydrodynamic mixed convection nanofluid multiple slip flow and heat transfer from a vertical cylinder with entropy generation

June 2019
Nisha Shukla | Puneet Rana | O. Anwar Bég | Bani Singh | A. Kadir

Stimulated by thermal optimization in magnetic materials process engineering, the present investigation investigates theoretically the entropy generation in mixed convection magnetohydrodynamic (MHD)...

Thermal radiation and slip effects on magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) stagnation point flow of Casson fluid over a convective stretching sheet

June 2019
Jawad Raza

Current study examines the combined effect of thermal radiation and velocity slip along a convective heated stretching sheet. magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) effect near the stagnation point is also under...

LES of rotating film-cooling performance in a 1-1/2 turbine stage

June 2019
Nabeel Al-Zurfi | Adel Nasser

The large eddy simulation method was employed to investigate the film-cooling performance in a low-speed rotor blade of a 1-1/2 turbine stage. The rotor blade height and axial chord length were 99 mm...

Numerical approach to the modelling of transient interaction of prospective combustor concepts and conventional high pressure turbines

March 2019
F. Bakhtiari | H.-P. Schiffer

The Institute of Gas Turbines and Aerospace Propulsion at Technische Universität Darmstadt conducts research projects in the field of “combustor turbine interaction” (CTI). This paper presents numerical...

On bypass transition in separation bubbles: a review

March 2019
Zhiyin Yang

Transition from laminar flow to turbulent flow is of great practical interest as it occurs in many engineering flows and often plays a critical role in aerodynamics and heat transfer performance of...

Effects of chemical reaction and heat generation/absorption on magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) Casson fluid flow over an exponentially accelerated vertical plate embedded in porous medium with ramped wall temperature and ramped surface concentration

March 2019
Hari R. Kataria | Harshad R. Patel

This article studies effects of heat generation/absorption and chemical reaction on the unsteady magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) Casson fluid flow past over exponentially accelerated vertical plate embedded...

Natural convection flow in a vertical annulus with time-periodic thermal boundary conditions

March 2019
BasantK. Jha | MichaelO. Oni

This paper presents an analytical solution for natural convection flow in a vertical annulus due to time-periodic heating of annulus surfaces. Closed-form expressions for velocity, temperature, skin-friction,...

Leakage performance of labyrinth seal for oil sealing of aero-engine

March 2019
Guoqing Li | Qian Zhang | Zhijun Lei | Enliang Huang | Hongwei Wu | Gang Xu

Experimental investigation has been done to evaluate the leakage performance of labyrinth seal for oil sealing on high-speed sealing test rig at different working and geometric parameters. Typical values...

Chemical reaction effect of an axisymmetric flow over radially stretched sheet

March 2019
B. Nayak | S.R. Mishra | G. Gopi Krishna

A steady boundary layer flow over a porous flat plate has been considered in the present study. Mass transfer analysis with first order chemical reaction is also considered instead of heat transfer....

Analysis of various semi-numerical schemes for magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) squeezing fluid flow in porous medium

March 2019
Inayat Ullah | M.T. Rahim | Hamid Khan | Mubashir Qayyum

In this article comparative analysis of various semi-numerical schemes has been made for the case of squeezing flow of an incompressible viscous fluid between two large parallel plates having no-slip...

Numerical study of a dissipative micropolar fluid flow past an inclined porous plate with heat source/sink

March 2019
Shamshuddin MD | Thirupathi Thumma

Micropolar theories present an excellent mechanism for exploring new non-Newtonian materials processing provides a stimulating area for process engineering simulation. Motivated by area for process...

Effects of viscous dissipation and Joule heating on the Couette and Poiseuille flows of a Jeffrey fluid with slip boundary conditions

December 2018
K. Ramesh

In this article, we have presented the exact solutions of the Couette, Poiseuille and generalized Couette flows of an incompressible magnetohydrodynamic Jeffrey fluid between parallel plates through...

Study of abundant explicit wave solutions of the Drinfeld-Sokolov-Satsuma-Hirota (DSSH) equation and the shallow water wave equation

December 2018
H.M.Shahadat Ali | M. Mamun Miah | M. Ali Akbar

In this article, the two variable (G′/G,1/G)-expansion method is suggested to investigate new and further general multiple exact wave solutions to the Drinfeld-Sokolov-Satsuma-Hirota (DSSH) equation...

Finite element analysis on transient magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) free convective chemically reacting micropolar fluid flow past a vertical porous plate with Hall current and viscous dissipation

December 2018
SivaReddy Sheri | M.D. Shamshuddin

This article deals with boundary layer analysis of magnetohydrodynamics on an unsteady chemically reactive micropolar rotating fluid flow past a semi-infinite vertical plate with the impact of Hall...

Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) boundary layer heat and mass transfer characteristics of nanofluid over a vertical cone under convective boundary condition

December 2018
P.Sudarsana Reddy | P. Sreedevi | Ali J. Chamkha

This paper investigates the boundary layer flow, heat and mass transfer characteristics over a vertical cone filled with nanofluid saturated porous medium with the influence of magnetic field, thermal...

Influence of structure parameters on aeroelastic stability for labyrinth seal based on energy method

December 2018
Nengmao Wang | Yanrong Wang | Aimei Tian

Numerical analysis of turbomachinery based on energy method is used to predict the aeroelastic stability of the straight-through labyrinth seal by solving aerodynamic work and damping. The aeroelastic...

Mathematical simulation of low cycle fatigue of high-loaded engine parts

December 2018
Yury M. Temis

The paper discusses main aspects of low cycle fatigue influence on the lifetime of engine parts. The importance and history of the problem, the main experiments and the effects impacting the low cycle...

Interplay of non-conducting and conducting walls on magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) natural convection flow in vertical micro-channel in the presence of induced magnetic field

December 2018
BasantK. Jha | Babatunde Aina

In this research paper, exact solution for fully developed magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) natural convection flow of viscous, incompressible, electrically conducting fluid in vertical micro-channel formed...

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