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Recent Radiation Medicine and Protection Articles

Recently published articles from Radiation Medicine and Protection.

Oxidative stress: a critical hint in ionizing radiation induced pyroptosis

Available online 23 November 2020
Suhe Dong | Xiaoli Lyu | Senchao Yuan | Sinian Wang | Wei Li | Zhongmin Chen | Huijie Yu | fengsheng Li | Qisheng Jiang

Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are a group of oxygen-containing free radicals and peroxygenic compounds, which are important substances in the maintenance of normal physiological functions of the body....

Research progress on biodosimeters of ionizing radiation damage

September 2020
Changyan Xiao | Ningning He | Yang Liu | Yan Wang | Qiang Liu

Ionizing radiation can cause radiation injury to the human body under certain circumstances, such as unexpected radiation accidents and nuclear terrorist attacks. Methods that can accurately and rapidly...

Non-ionizing radiofrequency field induces unfolded protein response (UPR) in endoplasmic reticulum of mouse neuronal cells

September 2020
Zhen Gao | Wen Xie | Caiyun Fan | Yi Cao

To examine whether exposure of mouse neuronal cells to radiofrequency fields used in mobile communication devices can induce stress in endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and activate unfolded protein response...

BVAN08 enhances radiosensitivity via downregulation of DNA-PKcs towards hepatic tumor xenograft

September 2020
Bo Zhang | Lantao Liu | Sai Hu | Zi-Jian Yu | Dafei Xie | Pingkun Zhou

To study the effects of the novel vanillin derivative BVAN08 on the radiosensitivity of hepatic cancer cells for the purpose of providing evidence for its potential use as a potential radiosensitive...

General principles of developing novel radioprotective agents for nuclear emergency

September 2020
Jicong Du | Pei Zhang | Ying Cheng | Ruling Liu | Hu Liu | Fu Gao | Chunmeng Shi | Cong Liu

With the rapid application of nuclear energy and radiological technology in national economy and military field, the risk of nuclear accidents increases as well. Exposure to irradiation causes severe...

Clinical observation on prevention and treatment of radiation-induced parotid-gland injury in patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma by Compound Sarcandra Glabra

September 2020
Chang Liu | Wenchao Yuan | Shanshan Ma | Zhixiao Wei | Rensheng Wang

To investigate the protective effect of the Compound Sarcandra Glabra on radiation injury of parotid glands in patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma....

Cytogenetic biodosimetry for radiation accidents in China

September 2020
Lin Han | Yu Gao | Ping Wang | Yumin Lyu

Cytogenetic indicators, especially dicentric chromosomes, have been globally considered the gold standard of biological dose estimation for more than 60 years. The application of these indicators to...

Nuclear DNA damages generated by reactive oxygen molecules (ROS) under oxidative stress and their relevance to human cancers, including ionizing radiation-induced neoplasia part I: Physical, chemical and molecular biology aspects

September 2020
Robert Nilsson | Ning-Ang Liu

Oxidative stress (OS) occurs when the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) overpowers the body’s natural defence, causing macromolecular damage. The role of OS in cancer initiation will depend...

Long-term follow-up of volumetric modulated arc therapy in definitive radiotherapy for cervical cancer: A single-center retrospective experience

June 2020
Yidi Yuan | Jing You | Weihu Wang | Xiaofan Li

To evaluate the treatment outcomes and toxicity of volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT) in definitive radiotherapy for patients with cervical cancer....

Research progress of radiation induced bystander and abscopal effects in normal tissue

June 2020
Songling Hu | Chunlin Shao

Radiation-induced bystander effect (RIBE) and abscopal effect (RIAE) are non-target cellular responses outside the radiation field. It has been recognized that these effects are of great significance...

Efficacy of oral epigallocatechin-3-gallate solution administration during radiotherapy for non-small-cell lung cancer patients: A long-term observational study

June 2020
Xuena Niu | Hanxi Zhao | Wanqi Zhu | Yahui Zhao | Xiaolan Cao | Ligang Xing

Several studies have found that epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) can alleviate acute radiation-induced esophagitis, inhibit pulmonary inflammation and fibrosis, and reduce the severity of cardiovascular...

Prognostic factors for patients with limited-stage small-cell lung cancer without receiving prophylactic cranial irradiation

June 2020
Cuimin Ding | Jing Li | Shuoshuo Wang | Chen Yang | Rui Zhang | Wenwen Bai | Ming Liu | Chanjun Zhen | Xueying Qiao

This retrospective study aims to explore the risk factors for brain metastasis and the prognostic factors for overall survival (OS) in patients with limited-stage small-cell lung cancer (LS-SCLC) who...

Management of infection control and radiological protection in diagnostic radiology examination of COVID-19 cases

June 2020
Yantao Niu | Junfang Xian | Ziqiao Lei | Xiao Liu | Quanfu Sun

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, diagnostic imaging has been providing valuable radiological support for disease diagnosis and prognosis prediction. Radiological staff, especially radiographers working...

The academic achievements by Shiquan Sun

June 2020
Yue Ren | Youchen Li

Professor Shiquan Sun was one of the founders of radiation medicine for China’s nuclear industry. He mainly focused on the occupational health effects from radiation during his academic career. His...

Prevention and treatment for radiation-induced skin injury during radiotherapy

June 2020
Yimin Wang | Wenling Tu | Yiting Tang | Shuyu Zhang

The skin tissue has the largest area in the human body and functions as both a barrier and a defender. As such, it tends to be the first tissue to be damaged. Advances in medical technology provide...

Evaluation of setup errors in conformal radiotherapy for pelvic tumours: Case of the Regional Center of Oncology, Agadir

June 2020
Bouchra Amaoui | Abdellah Hadaoui | Dounia Mouhssine | Slimane Semghouli

The errors made during repetitive patient placements affect significantly the accuracy of treatment and the results of radiotherapy....

Motion robust 4D-MRI sorting based on anatomic feature matching: A digital phantom simulation study

March 2020
Zi Yang | Lei Ren | Fang-Fang Yin | Xiao Liang | Jing Cai

Motion artifacts induced by breathing variations are common in 4D-MRI images. This study aims to reduce the motion artifacts by developing a novel, robust 4D-MRI sorting method based on anatomic feature...

The regulation of hematopoietic stem cell fate in the context of radiation

March 2020
Yukai Lu | Mengjia Hu | Zihao Zhang | Yan Qi | Junping Wang

Hematopoietic system is one of the main target organs of irradiation injury. Exposure to radiation can cause acute myelosuppression and long-term hematopoietic injury due to the direct and indirect...

Mechanisms underlying FLASH radiotherapy, a novel way to enlarge the differential responses to ionizing radiation between normal and tumor tissues

March 2020
Guangming Zhou

Different from conventional radiotherapy (CONV-RT), FLASH radiotherapy (FLASH-RT) delivers a single high dose at a mean dose rate ≥40 ​Gy/s in milliseconds to achieve similar tumor control to CONV-RT...

Cell repopulation, rewiring metabolism, and immune regulation in cancer radiotherapy

March 2020
Jie Huang | Jian Jian Li

Cancer radiotherapy (RT) demonstrates the benefit of local control with fewer side-effects compared to chemotherapy. To further improve the overall efficacy of RT and RT-combined therapies, studies...

Aging and age-related health effects of ionizing radiation

March 2020
Jian Tong | Tom K. Hei

There is increasing evidence showing a close relationship between human radiation sensitivity and age-related health effects including cancer. Individuals exposed to ionizing radiation (IR) are the...

HIF-1 signaling: A key orchestrator of cancer radioresistance

March 2020
Ruixue Huang | Ping-Kun Zhou

Hypoxia is a big roadblock for cancer radiotherapy, in which the hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF-1) creates a microenvironment and cancer cells’ intrinsic signaling networks conferring radioresistance...

Opinion on reconsideration of lung cancer risk from domestic radon exposure

March 2020
Robert Nilsson | Jian Tong

Two extensive collaborative meta studies including 13 residential case-control studies from Europe and 7 from North America have demonstrated that domestic radon clearly poses a risk for lung cancer...

New understanding of the low-dose radiation-induced hormesis

March 2020
Shunzi Jin | Hongyu Jiang | Lu Cai

Dr. Liu Shuzheng as a well-known educator and radiobiologist has started to work on the physiological benefits of low-dose radiation since 1970s. His research on the distinct effects of low-dose radiation...

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