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Special Issue: A New Insight into Unconventional Resources Attributes

This special issue aims to attract high-quality manuscripts that shed light on different attributes of unconventional resources (coalbed methane, gas hydrates, shale gas and oil, fractured reservoirs, tight gas sands and oil shale) from all around the globe via experimental and analytical approaches. The editors are seeking novel methodologies or integration of commonly-used methods that are overlooked, including: new measurement techniques via advanced instrumentation as a standalone approach, or innovatively-combined, commonly-used experimental techniques. These methods should reveal properties of the specimens, such as geologic origins, porosity & pore size distribution (nano to macro), permeability and fluid pathways, fluid saturation, chemical structures, elemental & mineral assemblages, mechanical properties, acoustic and electrical properties, wettability and capillarity, heterogeneity and anisotropy.

Our goal is to publish original research papers, reviews, letters and communications that delineate physical and chemical properties of different constituent components of these resources independently, or as a system at multi-scale and/or through multi-physics approaches. 

Topics Covered:

These include, but are not limited:

  • Stress-strain relation of the specimens at varying measurement scales and fluid conditions
  • Characterisation of rock transport (dynamic) and storage (static) 
  • Methods to unleash extra resources from such reservoirs at different scales of investigation
  • Chemical and physical variations within the specimens, at elevated P&T conditions using different spectroscopy and microscopy methods and how they relate to other properties of the rock
  • Mathematical modelling of different attributes of the reservoir that showcases experimental data to relate static and dynamic properties

All aspects of rock and fluid properties and interactions (petrophysics) that use attractive mathematical/experimental methods are of interest. Articles which consider the environmental impact of exploitation methods from these resources are also of particular interest.

Submission Deadline:

Submission deadline: 31 March 2021

Guest Editor: 

Mehdi Ostadhassan, Northeast Petroleum University, China, and University of North Dakota, USA. Email: mehdi.ostadhassan@gmail.com


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