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Recent Underground Space Articles

Recently published articles from Underground Space.

Soft computing approach for prediction of surface settlement induced by earth pressure balance shield tunneling

Available online 9 January 2020
W.G. Zhang | H.R. Li | C.Z. Wu | Y.Q. Li | Z.Q. Liu | H.L. Liu

Estimating surface settlement induced by excavation construction is an indispensable task in tunneling, particularly for earth pressure balance (EPB) shield machines. In this study, predictive models...

Use of soft computing techniques for tunneling optimization of tunnel boring machines

Available online 9 January 2020
Shahrour Isam | Zhang Wengang

Due to advances in tunnel boring machine (TBM) tunneling and monitoring, significant progress has been achieved in the application of soft computing techniques for the optimization of TBM tunneling...

Neural network and support vector machine models for the prediction of the liquefaction-induced uplift displacement of tunnels

Available online 9 January 2020
Gang Zheng | Wenbin Zhang | Wengang Zhang | Haizuo Zhou | Pengbo Yang

Tunnels buried in liquefiable deposits are vulnerable to liquefaction-induced uplift damage during earthquakes. This paper presents support vector machine (SVM) and artificial neural network (ANN) models...

Comparison of rectangular and circular bored twin tunnels in weak ground

December 2019
Michael Vinod | Hadi Khabbaz

The recent innovation of a rectangular tunnel boring machine (TBM), and its use in the Hongzhuan Road tunnel underpass by the China Railway Engineering Group (CREG), has revitalized shallow depth soft...

Analysis of jacking forces during pipe jacking in granular materials using particle methods

December 2019
Xinbo Ji | Pengpeng Ni | Marco Barla

Trenchless technology is often used in congested urban areas or river crossings to install underground pipelines to minimize disturbance to surface traffic or other activities. Pipe jacking is a typical...

Experimental study on geosynthetic-reinforced sand fill over marine clay with or without deep cement mixed soil columns under different loadings

December 2019
Pei-Chen Wu | Jian-Hua Yin | Wei-Qiang Feng | Wen-Bo Chen

Geosynthetics and deep cement mixed (DCM) soil columns have been widely used to improve soft soil grounds in many countries and regions. This paper presents an experimental study on a geosynthetic-reinforced...

Effect of constructing twin tunnels under a building supported by pile foundations in the Sydney central business district

December 2019
Hadi Khabbaz | Robert Gibson | Behzad Fatahi

In congested cities such as Sydney, competition for underground space escalates within the built environment because various assets require finite geotechnical strength and support. Specific problems...

Centrifuge modeling of tunneling-induced ground surface settlement in sand

December 2019
Hu Lu | Jiangwei Shi | Yu Wang | Rong Wang

Stress changes in the soil induced by tunnel excavation may cause excessive ground settlement. However, high-quality experimental data on ground settlement due to tunnel excavation are limited. In this...

Control of settlement and volume loss induced by tunneling under recently reclaimed land

December 2019
A.K.L. Kwong | C.C.W. Ng | A. Schwob

The proposed Tuen Mun–Chek Lap Kok Link (TM-CLKL) project comprises a 9-km-long dual two-lane carriageway between Tuen Mun and North Lantau, Hong Kong. Construction of the two tunnels at the Northern...

Three-dimensional numerical analysis of the interaction of two crossing tunnels in soft clay

December 2019
Yin-Fu Jin | Bing-Qing Zhu | Zhen-Yu Yin | Dong-Mei Zhang

Recently, with the development of underground construction, multi-tunnel engineering has become a matter of concern since the interaction between tunnels at close ranges could cause additional deformation...

Lessons learned from a long rectangular box jacking project: A case study

Available online 27 November 2019
Xiaolong Chen | Baosong Ma | Mohammad Najafi | Peng Zhang

•The single jacking length of the rectangular box jacking is the longest in China.•Both key techniques and monitoring results are introduced in details....

A review of CPT based axial pile design in the Netherlands

Available online 31 October 2019
Kenneth Gavin | Meho Sasa Kovacevic | David Igoe

Because of the deltaic nature of the Netherlands, deep soft soil deposits are widespread. Due to the population density exploitation of underground space is vital for commercial developments and transport...

Thermomechanical properties of an energy micro pile – raft foundation in silty clay

Available online 28 October 2019
Gang-qiang Kong | Te Cao | Yao-hu Hao | Yang Zhou | Lian-wei Ren

Micro steel pipe pile was used for existing foundation reinforcement and renovation. An energy micro pile-raft foundation equipped with heat exchange tube was constructed in silty clay. The diameter...

Relationship between rock macro- and micro-properties and wellbore breakout type

Available online 28 October 2019
Hossein Rahmati | Alireza Nouri | Dave Chan | Hans Vaziri

This study numerically investigates the effect of material micro- and macro-parameters on the failure mechanisms and geometry of a wellbore breakout. The analysis of the borehole breakout is essential...

Comprehensive safety evaluation method of surrounding rock during underground cavern construction

Available online 28 October 2019
Qingwen Ren | Lei Xu | Aixi Zhu | Mingzhang Shan | Linfei Zhang | Jiafeng Gu | Lei Shen

The deformation instability of surrounding rock and the collapse of rock blocks are two common failure modes observed during the construction of underground caverns. Therefore, a comprehensive safety...

Environmentally sustainable groundwater control during dewatering with barriers: A case study in Shanghai

Available online 15 October 2019
Zhi-Fei Xie | Shui-Long Shen | Arul Arulrajah | Suksun Horpibulsuk

This paper presents a case study on groundwater control and environmental protection during a deep excavation of the foundation pit for the Liyang Road Station along Metro Line 10 in Shanghai. A three-dimensional...

Groundwater-related aspects during the development of deep excavations below the water table: A short review

Available online 15 October 2019
Estanislao Pujades | Anna Jurado

The expected growth of urban areas requires the construction of underground infrastructures, especially for improving transportation and mobility. These new infrastructures are commonly constructed...

Application of systems engineering for development of multifunctional metro systems: Case study on the fifth metro line of the Lyon metro, France

Available online 14 October 2019
Nicolas Ziv | Andrea Kindinis | Jérémie Simon | Christophe Gobin

Several studies, from both the private sector (McKinsey, Engie, and EY) and international organizations (OECD, World Bank, and IMF), have shown that urban population in cities will grow in the coming...

Environmentally sustainable groundwater control during dewatering with barriers: A case study in Shanghai

Available online 14 October 2019
Zhi-Fei Xie | Shui-Long Shen | Arul Arulrajah | Suksun Horpibulsuk

This paper presents a case study on groundwater control and environmental protection during a deep excavation of the foundation pit for the Liyang Road Station along Metro Line 10 in Shanghai. A three-dimensional...

BIM for the Underground – An enabler of trenchless construction

Available online 11 October 2019
David Chapman | Stylianos Providakis | Christopher Rogers

The subsurface space in urban areas is an important asset. However, the information available on this environment is relatively poor compared to above ground information. This paper proposes a Building...

Evaluation of the propensity of strain burst in brittle granite based on post-peak energy analysis

Available online 11 October 2019
Selahattin Akdag | Murat Karakus | Giang D. Nguyen | Abbas Taheri | Thomas Bruning

The increasing demand for resources and depletion of near ground mineral resources caused deeper mining operations under high-stress rock mass conditions. As a result of this, strain burst, which is...

Simple approach for solution of the quasi-plane-strain problem in a circular tunnel in a strain-softening rock mass considering the out-of-plane stress effect

Available online 1 October 2019
Jin-feng Zou | Lu Liu | Ming-yao Xia

The out-of-plane stress is sometimes the major or intermediate principal stress in a circular tunnel opening. The influences of the out-of-plane stress and axial strain are often neglected in the stability...

Numerical study on 3D effect and practical design in shield tunneling

September 2019
Hossain Md. Shahin | Teruo Nakai | Tetsuo Okuno

In practice, different design methods are used in solving geotechnical problems depending on the type of issue such as the tunneling, braced excavation, or bearing capacity of a foundation, that is,...

The role of dilatancy in shallow overburden tunneling

September 2019
Muhammad Shehzad Khalid | Mamoru Kikumoto | Ying Cui | Kiyoshi Kishida

The mechanical behavior of sandy ground during shallow circular tunneling is explored for various overburden heights H (=0.5D, 1.0D, 1.5D and 2.0D; D is the diameter of the tunnel) and various dilatancy...

Small-diameter vertical shafts constructed in the shallow space of steep mountainous areas

September 2019
T. Hara | A. Yashima | K. Sawada | K. Kariya | H. Tsuji | N. Soga

Japan is a mountainous country comprising several islands, in which mountains occupy 70% of the entire land. Therefore, numerous transmission line towers have been constructed in the shallow space of...

Comparison of diaphragm wall movement prediction and field performance for different construction techniques

September 2019
Wanchai Teparaksa | Jirat Teparaksa

The demand for deep excavation for basement construction is growing rapidly in Bangkok due to the limited availability of land. Recently, the maximum depth of excavation has increased up to approximately...

Improvement in the information-oriented construction of temporary soil-retaining walls using sparse modeling

September 2019
Yu Otake | Shinnosuke Kodama | Shinya Watanabe

This fundamental study investigates how “super-resolution” technology based on sparse modeling, which has attracted attention in various fields, can be applied to the information-oriented construction...

Deformation behavior and acting earth pressure of three-hinge precast arch culvert in construction process

September 2019
Yasuo Sawamura | Hiroyuki Ishihara | Yoshinori Otani | Kiyoshi Kishida | Makoto Kimura

The three-hinge precast arch culvert consists of two segmental precast units and three hinge points. It harnesses the passive resistance of an embankment by permitting deflection, resulting in a mechanically...

Effects of underground explosions on soil and structures

Available online 19 September 2019
Daniel Ambrosini | Bibiana Luccioni

Much effort has been dedicated to the study of underground explosions because they pose a major threat to people and structures below or above the ground. In this regard, it is especially important...

Estimation of failure probability in braced excavation using Bayesian networks with integrated model updating

Available online 16 September 2019
Longxue He | Yong Liu | Sifeng Bi | Li Wang | Matteo Broggi | Michael Beer

A probabilistic model is proposed that uses observation data to estimate failure probabilities during excavations. The model integrates a Bayesian network and distanced-based Bayesian model updating....

A review on effects of different factors on gas explosions in underground structures

Available online 1 July 2019
Ying Xu | Yimiao Huang | Guowei Ma

Underground structures are normally located in highly-confined and congested spaces, which may lead to severe gas explosion accidents, with significant human and economic losses. For accurately evaluating...

Air flow and gas dispersion in the forced ventilation of a road tunnel during construction

June 2019
Yong Fang | Zhigang Yao | Shuai Lei

Forced ventilation is typically used in the construction of tunnels since it is an economical method to provide high amounts of fresh air. Air velocity and pollutant concentration near the work face...

Numerical modeling of a tunnel in jointed rocks subjected to seismic loading

June 2019
Malavika Varma | V.B. Maji | A. Boominathan

The studies on the performance of tunnels under static loads are reported extensively in the literature but their performances under dynamic loads are limited. The present study highlights some of the...

Thermo-elasto-viscoplastic mechanical behavior of manmade rock and its numerical modeling

June 2019
Feng Zhang | Yong-lin Xiong | Yusuke Itani | Eishi One

In this study, a thermo-elasto-viscoplastic model for soft rock is proposed to describe its fundamental mechanical behavior of soft rock such as the influences of overconsolidation, intermediate principal...

Engineering properties of the Bukit Timah Granitic residual soil in Singapore

June 2019
W.G. Zhang | R.H. Zhang | L. Han | A.T.C. Goh

Extensive site investigations were conducted prior to the construction of a Mass Rapid Transit project in Singapore that was predominantly in the Bukit Timah Granite (BTG) formation residual soil. This...

A hydromechanical approach for anisotropic elasto-viscoplastic geomaterials: Application to underground excavations in sedimentary rocks

June 2019
Mohamed Mahjoub | Ahmed Rouabhi

To better describe excavation operations in deep geological formations, several aspects should be considered, especially the material anisotropy, time-dependent behavior, and hydromechanical coupling....

Evaluation of seismic behavior of box culvert buried in the ground through centrifuge model tests and numerical analysis

June 2019
Hitoshi Yatsumoto | Yasuo Mitsuyoshi | Yasuo Sawamura | Makoto Kimura

Japan has yet to establish a seismic design for road box culverts (RBCs) because past major earthquakes did not damage them. In recent years, structures with enlarged sectional dimensions (the purpose...

Wetting effects and strength degradation of swelling shale evaluated from multistage triaxial test

June 2019
Hayder Mohammed Salim Al-Maamori | M. Hesham El Naggar | Silvana Micic

The multistage triaxial compression test was mainly utilized in this research to investigate the degradation in the strength of swelling shale under different wetting conditions. Shale samples were...

Stabilizing soft clay using geo-foam beads and cement bypass dust

Available online 27 June 2019
Essam Farouk Badrawi | Mahmoud Samir El-kady

•The main objective of this study is to investigate the geotechnical properties of soft clay with geofoam beads and bypass cement dust. Also, investigate the possibility of preparing low strength excavatable...

A discrete element exploration of V-shaped breakout failure mechanisms in underground opening

Available online 7 June 2019
Huai-Zhong Liu | Jeen-Shang Lin | Jiang-Da He | Hong-Qiang Xie

V-shaped breakouts, which may appear in underground opening during excavation, are the results of two different failure mechanisms: tensile spalling and shear fracturing. This study uses discrete elements...

Mapping urban underground potential in Dakar, Senegal: From the analytic hierarchy process to self-organizing maps

Available online 4 June 2019
Michael R. Doyle

This article presents a mapping method that seeks to provide urban planning with a diagnostic overview of the underground resources of an urban area. Resource potentials (for buildable space, groundwater...

Systems approach to underground safety

Available online 4 June 2019
Marco Bettelini

The safety of underground traffic infrastructure can be considered from several viewpoints as a fairly mature field. Common minimum requirements for road tunnel safety were developed for all European...

Effect of loading direction on interaction of two pre-existing open and closed flaws in a rock-like brittle material

Available online 28 May 2019
M. Alitalesh | M. Yazdani | A. Fakhimi | M. Naeimabadi

Investigations of the growth, interaction, and coalescence of cracks are important because they help to provide tools for the more realistic modeling of rock masses containing low persistence discontinuities...

Investigation on thermo-mechanical behavior of reinforced concrete energy pile with large cross-section in saturated sandy soil by model experiments

Available online 23 May 2019
Xiaohua Bao | Yubo Li | Tangjie Feng | Hongzhi Cui | Xiangsheng Chen

Energy piles are a new type of heat exchange systems with buried pipes in a pile foundation, which optimizes a ground source heat pump system for the utilization of shallow geothermal energy. In this...

Future cities, resilient cities – The role of underground space in achieving urban resilience

Available online 8 May 2019
Han Admiraal | Antonia Cornaro

The need for future cities to be resilient stems from the fact that now more than ever in history, both natural and human-made hazards are threatening cities in the forms of shocks and stresses. The...

Estimation of hydraulic parameters from pumping tests in a multiaquifer system

Available online 25 April 2019
Da Ha | Gang Zheng | Haizuo Zhou | Chaofeng Zeng | Huihui Zhang

The hydrogeologic conditions in Tianjin, China, are characterized by a system of multiple alternating aquifers and aquitards and a high groundwater level. Generally, the groundwater system to a depth...

Interpretation of pipe-jacking and lubrication records for drives in silty soil

Available online 22 April 2019
Kevin G. O'Dwyer | Bryan A. McCabe | Brian B. Sheil

In recent years, there has been an increased resort to microtunnelling/pipe-jacking as a means of constructing underground conduits (for water, sewage, gas, and other utilities) to avoid on-street disruption...

Variation of hydro-environment during past four decades with underground sponge city planning to control flash floods in Wuhan, China: An overview

Available online 18 April 2019
Hui-Long Wu | Wen-Chieh Cheng | Shui-Long Shen | Meng-Ying Lin | Arul Arulrajah

This paper presents a review of the variation in the hydro-environment over the past four decades in Wuhan, China, and discusses its close relationship with flash flood events. These flash flood events...

Systems approaches to urban underground space planning and management – A review

Available online 6 April 2019
Loretta von der Tann | Raymond Sterling | Yingxin Zhou | Nicole Metje

The necessity to recognize the subsurface or underground and all its current and potential uses as part of our urban environment, to integrate this into urban planning and governance, and to foster...

Modeling hydraulic fracture in heterogeneous rock materials using permeability-based hydraulic fracture model

Available online 6 April 2019
Ming Li | Peijun Guo | Dieter F.E. Stolle | Li Liang | Yitao Shi

Hydraulic fracturing is one of the most important techniques for enhancing oil/gas production. The permeability-based hydraulic fracture (PHF) model, which is based on the smeared-crack method and considers...

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