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Introducing the New Open Access Journal from KeAi - Unconventional Resources

Published 08 January, 2020

There has been a revolution in oil and gas exploration, exploitation, and development as a consequence of the boom of unconventional play production. Currently, there are regions where tight oil and shale gas production has exceeded that of conventional reservoirs. It has been proposed that the global potential for such systems can be significantly expanded. However, many early estimates of resource potential have proven to be erroneous indicating that there is a need for improved understanding of these potential resource plays.

Unconventional Resources reports on the scientific and technologic advances associated with the known or proposed unconventional resources. The journal will span the geologic, geophysical, and engineering aspects of all unconventional resource opportunities including tight gas, tight oil, gas hydrates and oil shales. 

The journal welcomes original research articles, review articles, short communications and policy briefs.

Find out more about Unconventional Resources.

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