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New Partnership with Chinese Medical Association

Published 07 November, 2014

It is KeAi’s great privilege to announce a new partnership with the Chinese Medical Association (CMA) to launch 2 new journals in 2015.

The CMA is a non-profit registered academic and commonweal corporate body voluntarily formed by Chinese medical science and technology professionals, and an important social force in the development of medical science and technology in China. The CMA, established in 1915, now has 87 specialty societies under its umbrella and boasts over 500,000 members covering all fields of medicine.

The Chinese Medical Association is already responsible for the publication of over 128 medical journals and its new partnership with KeAi aims to add 2 new titles to this list. These will be Chronic Disease and Translational Medicine, The World Journal of Otorhinolaryngology.

In addition to publishing scientific journals and over 100 audio visual products the CMA is committed to ongoing cooperation with both the Chinese government and medical community through a variety of initiatives. These include, but are by no means limited to, conferences, regional and international medical exchange programs,  continuing medical education projects and specialist training programs. 



“The Chinese Medical Association is China’s foremost Association of Medical Professionals. KeAi is privileged to be selected as the partner with which they will launch their two new journals”Keith De Blanger

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