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Scientists Embed Antibiotics in the 3d Printed Implants Used to Regenerate Damaged Bone

Published 31 March, 2021

In a ground-breaking first, researchers have fabricated 3D scaffold implants containing antibiotics at high temperatures. These scaffolds not only support bone regeneration but manage the bone infections that can arise as a result of injury or surgery.


KeAi Joins Coalition for Responsible Sharing

Published 24 October, 2018

KeAi joins the Coalition for Responsible SharingThe number of Coalition members is continuously growing and now counts 16 members covering information analytics businesses, publishers and societies.


Interview with China Press and Publishing Journal

Published 14 November, 2017

In a recent interview with the China Press and Publishing Journal KeAi’s General Manager, Gert-Jan Geraeds reflects on the rapid developments in academic publishing in China and some of KeAi’s achievements. He highlights KeAi’s unique position: powered by CSPM and Elsevier, KeAi unfolds quality research globally, combining cutting edge technology and data insights with a personal approach. The complete interview, in Chinese, can be found here in the China Press and Publishing Journal.


Inaugural Issue Released for Infectious Disease Modelling

Published 14 December, 2016

“Infectious disease prevention and control” has become a public health challenge due to rapidly changing global connectivity and the environments in which disease spreads. On the other hand, “big data” has emerged as a buzzword in today’s high-tech and information age. Mathematical modelling may provide the shortest path to bridge the long distance between public health data and decision making and practice. “Building this path is the main objective of Infectious Disease Modelling”, said Professor Jianhong Wu at York University in Canada, who is co-editing this new journal published by KeAi, a joint venture between Elsevier and the Chinese Science Press.


Elsevier Driving and Disseminating Chinese Research to the World

Published 31 July, 2014

The announcement comes at a time when China is emerging as a major contributor to the international scientific community, being the second most prolific Publisher of research articles after the United States (U.S.) and ahead of the United Kingdom (U.K.)[1].


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