Academic paper competition for next generation scientists

Published 20 July, 2022

Are you a young, brilliant, enterprising scientist aiming to contribute meaningful knowledge in the field of biomarkers or their applications? The journal Advances in Biomarker Science and Technologies (ABST) is hosting a paper competition for junior scientists. Winning papers will be published in a specially designed forum entitled ‘Frontier Forum for Next Generation Scientists’.

The forum aims to not only encourage junior scientists to submit their scientific works, but to engage them in open dialogue and an exchange of ideas with their peers and other members of the scientific community in an inclusive and interactive environment.

There are two categories in this paper competition:

  • First Steps in Science:  Open to outstanding undergraduate and graduate students without a PhD.
    • 1stprize: US $300
    • 2ndprize: US $200
    • 3rdprize: US $100
  • Early Career Scientist: Open to PhDs, postdocs, and new investigators (<3 years in their current job) with a PhD.
    • 1stprize: US $300
    • 2ndprize: US $200
    • 3rdprize: US $100

To qualify for this competition, authors (minimally the first author) must meet one of these criteria. The author list of the paper may comprise of a single author or multiple authors, with or without senior scientists.

Themes covered will include, but not be limited to:

  • Novel biomarkers
  • Biomarker technologies
  • Method development
  • Study designs
  • Research findings or hypotheses
  • Critique opinions
  • Review articles
  • Mathematical models

Winners will be selected by ABST Editorial Board Members and selected experts who will evaluate:

  • Writing clarity: Is the research/writing communicated in a clear, logical way?
  • Innovation and originality: Have participant(s) generated new data, applied new methods to existing data, or creatively contributed to new knowledge in some other way?
  • Impact on the scientific community:Can the submission be used by other scientists to deepen their work? Is the submission useful in that it can be used to provide the basis for future/further research?

Submission deadline: 31 March 2023

Please apply use the following link: and follow the indication to submit your paper. The APC will be waived for the accepted papers to be published on ABST journal.

If you have any questions, please contact: Dr. Veronica Bazzani (, Leo Jiang(


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