Special Issue on carbon neutrality and climate risk: interdisciplinary perspectives

Published 11 May, 2023


Climate change poses a huge threat to the environment, economies, and communities. Thee challenges are further compounded by inaction which can lead to severe impacts on human health, food security, and global stability. Fortunately, rapid strides have been made in promoting carbon neutrality with countries, businesses and other stakeholders setting ambitious emission objectives. We are thrilled to launch a special issue of Advances in Climate Change Research focusing on this topic.

This special issue seeks to bring together interdisciplinary perspectives to address the ever-expanding importance of climate risk, and the urgent necessity of attaining carbon neutrality. Despite noteworthy advancements towards carbon neutrality, with countries, organizations, and industries taking ambitious steps to decreased their emissions, considerable work is still necessary to effectively implement these pledges and comprehend the extent to which such measures can reduce climate risk.

We cordially invite submissions from researchers across social science and climate science disciplines to contribute to this vital conversation.

Possible topics include but are not limited to:

  1. Assessing and managing climate risks in various sectors (e.g., agriculture, energy, transportation, and finance) and regions
  2. The role of policy and regulation in promoting carbon neutrality and mitigate climate risk
  3. Strategies for achieving carbon neutrality and mitigating climate risk at local, national, and global levels
  4. Technological innovations and their potential to mitigate climate risk and support carbon neutrality
  5. The economic implications of transitioning to carbon-neutrality
  6. The role of education and capacity building in addressing climate risk and promoting carbon neutrality
  7. The potential for nature-based solutions and ecosystem-based adaptation to contribute to carbon neutrality and climate risk reduction

Submissions should be original, unpublished works that contribute to our understanding of carbon neutrality and climate risk. We welcome both empirical and theoretical contributions, as well as interdisciplinary research that bridges the gap between social science and climate science perspectives.

To submit your paper, please follow the submission guidelines and indicate that your submission is intended for the special issue on "Carbon Neutrality and Climate Risk: Interdisciplinary Perspectives." We look forward to receiving your contributions and fostering a rich dialogue on this critical topic. Together, we can advance our understanding of carbon neutrality and climate risk, and help shape a more sustainable and resilient future. 


  • Submission deadline: 31 October 2023
  • Publication date: 30 April 2024

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