Special issue on AI and law

Published 14 September, 2021

Legal artificial intelligence (Legal AI) uses artificial intelligence techniques to assist and accelerate legal tasks. Many tasks in the legal domain require the expertise of legal practitioners and a thorough understanding of various legal documents. Retrieving and understanding legal documents consumes hours of time, even for legal professionals. A qualified system of legal AI should reduce that time commitment. It should also have the potential to provide a reliable point of reference for those unfamiliar with the legal domain, and serve as an affordable form of legal aid.

Meanwhile, wider application of AI techniques in human society have raised critical ethical and privacy issues, such as face recognition, DeepFake for images and videos, and data leaks that require wise legal regulation.

This special issue is devoted to gathering and presenting cutting-edge reviews, research and applications of AI and law. We are particularly interested in advanced technique reports from CAIL (China’s annual Challenge of AI in Law).

Topics covered:

  • Natural language processing for legal AI
  • Computer vision for legal AI
  • Knowledge engineering for legal AI
  • Legal judgement prediction
  • Applications of AI techniques for legal AI
  • Empirical analysis and modelling of legal documents
  • Legal and ethics issues in an AI era

Submission instructions:

Papers submitted to this journal for possible publication must be original and must not be under consideration for publication in any other journals. Extended work must have a significant number of "new and original" ideas/contributions, along with more than 30% of  "brand new" material.

Please read the Guide for Authors before submitting. All articles should be submitted online; please select SI: AI and law on submission.

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