Special Issue on Social Media Processing

Published 31 March, 2021

Social media processing, an interdisciplinary field at the crossroads of computer science and social science, is growing rapidly. Social media not only profoundly affects our lives and silently changes the way we live, but also generates big user data. Processing that data provides us with golden opportunities to understand individuals, as well as human behavioural patterns. As a result, developing and using new technologies for efficient and effective social media processing is highly desirable.

However, social media data possesses extremely complex characteristics, e.g., it is noisy, unstructured, and multimodality. This special issue serves as a forum for researchers and practitioners to present their original and high-quality works on social media processing.

Topics Covered:

  • Social mining and prediction
  • Social network analysis and user modelling
  • Network representation learning, GNN and applications
  • Computational social sciences
  • Computational communication
  • Social influence modelling and prediction
  • Social media security and privacy
  • NLP in social media
  • Multi-media and social media
  • Visualisation in social media
  • Sentiment analysis and opinion mining in social media
  • AI for education, finance and law
  • Computational history
  • Social robots
  • Epidemic analysis

Once accepted by the journal, the authors will be invited to present their works at the Conference of SMP 2021.

Important Deadlines:

  • Submission deadline: 15 May 2021
  • Final Decision: 31 July 2021
  • Conference: 3-5 September 2021

Submission Instructions:

Papers submitted to this journal for possible publication must be original and must not be under consideration for publication in any other journals.

Please read the Guide for Authors before submitting. All articles should be submitted online; please select SI: Social Media Processing on submission.

Guest Editors:

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