Special Issue on Bioactive Materials for Regenerative Dentistry & Oral Health Applications

Published 07 August, 2020

This special issue will present main advances in smart biomaterials in Dentistry and Oral Health, particularly in the field of bioactive materials, devices and novel technologies for the regeneration of defected dental tissues and improvement of the oral health status.   

Potential topics for this issue include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • The use of bioactive biomaterials/devices, with microenvironment-adaptable physical/biological/chemical features for dental tissue engineering. 
  • Bio-fabrication of scaffolds to create a proper panel of physical stimuli (e.g. nano-structure, mechanotransduction) for regenerating dental tissue.
  • Micro-nano system for the controlled delivery of bioactive reagents (growth factors and drugs) in stem cells based therapy in oral health.
  • Biomaterials/devices that can interact with dental stem cells lead to specific differentiations; 
  • Experimental, pre-clinical, and clinical studies on the applications of bioactive materials/device/technologies for treating oral disease or defects.
  • Other relevant bioactive materials to improve oral healthcare.

The issue accepts original studies with in vitro studies, in vivo evaluations, pre-clinical studies, clinical translation, clinical applications, as well as review articles within the scope of this special issue. Scientists and clinicians are called to submit manuscripts; multidisciplinary contributions are appealed.

Important Dates:

  • Submit your paper before 31 July 2021
  • Please choose "VSI: RDOHA" in Editorial Manager when submitting your paper.

Guest Editors:

  • Professor Ya Shen, University of British Columbia, Canada. Email: yashen@dentistry.ubc.ca
  • Professor Jianfeng Ma, Wenzhou Medical University, China. Email: mjf@wmu.edu.cn 
  • Assistant Professor Vivek Kumar, New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA. Email: vak@njit.edu

Managing Guest Editor

  • Professor Qingsong Ye, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard University, Email: qye4@mgh.harvard.edu

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