Special Issue on Traditional Food from Flavor Formation to Biological Activity

Published 18 August, 2020

Traditional foods have a long history in every culture. In the production of traditional cuisine, unique raw materials are often selected, and  preparation typically involves unique techniques and protocols, often artisan. Because of the particular raw materials and processing parameters, traditional foods possess unique and diverse flavour characteristics and biological functionalities. It is crucial to understand the flavour formation and perception of these traditional foods, so new novel processing technologies can be developed to match or improve the flavour.

Many traditional foods are also rich in functional components of biological activities. The identification and application of these will help  modern food industries address healthier and more diverse food requirements. Interdisciplinary research using diverse theoretical frameworks, methodologies and novel processing technologies is still needed to address many unsolved and challenging issues in the food industries. 

Our goal is to publish a set of papers which both contribute to existing knowledge on traditional food research and identify potential gaps and future research paths. 

Topics Covered

We are particularly interested in original research papers or perspectives which consider:

  • The flavour and functional profile of traditional food
  • Formation mechanisms in traditional food flavour
  • New evaluation methodologies in food flavour and biological activities
  • Flavour interaction and flavour release
  • Odour/taste perception and health
  • The biological activity of traditional food

Submission Deadline:

Closing date for submissions: 31 March 2021

Publication date: 2021

Instructions for Submission:

Submission is online via the editorial management system.

To ensure that all manuscripts are correctly identified for inclusion in the special issue, please select the article type - SI: Traditional Food when submitting.

Guest Editors:

  • Prof. Baoguo Sun, Beijing Technology and Business University, Beijing, China
  • Prof. Yuan Liu, Department of Food Science & Technology, School of Agriculture & Biology, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai, China


  • Prof. Michael C. Qian, Department of Food Science and Technology, Oregon State University, USA
  • Associate Prof. Jinyuan Sun, School of Food and Health, Beijing Technology and Business University, China
  • Assistant Researcher Wenli Wang, Department of Food Science & Technology, School of Agriculture & Biology, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai, China

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