Terahertz Technology and Applications

Published 09 August, 2019

Terahertz waves (which sit in the gap between the middle infrared and millimeter wave regions of the electromagnetic spectrum) have been the focus of worldwide research since the early 1990s. Due to their unique characteristics, Terahertz technologies have a wide range of applications, including hazard detection, high-speed data communications, radio astronomy and biomedical imaging.

The objective of this regular special section on Terahertz Technology and Applications (TTA) is to present research activities and developments in this field. The hope is that the section will encourage more scientists, scholars and engineers to get involved in this promising and active area, bringing new and deeper insights. Original research contributions, tutorials and review papers are welcome. The Terahertz‐related areas we will cover include, but are not limited to:

  • Sources and detectors
  • Spectroscopy, instrumentation and materials
  • Novel functional devices for signal transmission and manipulation
  • Photonic crystals, metamaterials and plasmonic structures
  • Applications in communication, imaging and sensing

This TTA section will appear in each issue of Journal of Electronic Science and Technology (JEST). All manuscripts will undergo the standard peer review process. For manuscript preparation and submission information, please view the Guide for Authors. When submitting, please indicate that this paper is intended for TTA. For inquiries, email journal@intl-jest.com.

Guest Editors:

Sheng-Jiang Chang, Nankai University

Qi-Jie Wang, Nanyang Technological University

Qi-Ye Wen, University of Elec. Sci. & Tech. of China

Yan Zhang, Capital Normal University

Qiang Cheng, Southeast University

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