The 6th International Colloquium Corrosion & Materials' Protection

Published 13 November, 2022


The annual International Colloquium Corrosion & Materials’ Protection (CMP) is one of the most important international congresses organised in Tunisia. The first CMP was held in Tunis (2008) and it has subsequently been hosted by the Tunisian towns of Hammamet (2010 and 2012), Sousse (2014) and Monastir (2018).  The 6th international conference (CMP 22) will be held in Hammamet – both online and face to face – on 12-15 December 2022.

CMP 22 has been organised by academics and researchers at the University of Carthage and Tunis University, in collaboration with the Mediterranean Association of Corrosion. The objective is to strengthen the relationship between researchers and industry and develop collaborative activities. The conference will review the latest scientific and technological advances in the field of corrosion and corrosion protection by inhibitors and surface coatings. It will highlight the research topics and priorities on which future efforts should be focused.

This special issue is being organized to coincide with the conference and will feature review and research articles focusing on many of the same themes.

Special issue topics covered:

  • Marine corrosion of constructional steel
  • Underground corrosion of constructional steel
  • Atmospheric corrosion of constructional steel
  • Corrosion of rebar in reinforced concrete structures
  • Corrosion of pipelines, tanks and underground systems
  • Corrosion of drinking and wastewater systems
  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • Metallic coatings
  • Galvanising of constructional steel
  • Corrosion in oil and gas production

Submission instructions:

Please read the Guide for Authors before submitting. All articles should be submitted online; please select SI: CMP 2022 on submission. All submissions will undergo a normal peer-review process. If the manuscript is accepted, the article will be published open access with no fee payable by the author.

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