Emerging Tools and Resources for Geroscience

Published 06 March, 2019

We are guest editing a special issue, titled “Emerging Tools and Resources for Geroscience” in the Translational Medicine of Aging journal, a peer-reviewed open access journal publishing original works and reviews in the area of the fundamental biology of aging as well as applications and intervention in aging and aging-associated disorders. This is the first journal to focus specifically on the translational aspects of aging, integrating basic research and clinical/experimental medicine.

As the Geroscience field continues its rapid growth, the level of innovation and development of new tools to study Geroscience grows equally fast. This special issue aims to identify exciting new tools from across multiple platforms and multiple organisms, with a goal of providing Geroscientists an innovative toolkit to use in their experiments and in the development of new technologies.  We encourage submission of primary and review manuscripts focusing on cutting-edge tools and their use in aging research.  Examples of such tools include paradigms to measure healthspan and/or lifespan in invertebrate and/or vertebrate organisms, as well as in silico tools for analyzing and accessing data for use in aging research.

We believe this will be an important contribution to the growing field of Emerging Tools and Resources for Geroscience, and we invite you to kindly consider submitting your work to this contribution.

You can submit your work directly through the journal website choosing the special issue Emerging Tools and Resources for Geroscience. The review processes will be normally complete within two weeks after the submission, and all accepted papers will appear first on-line shortly after the acceptance. These papers will be first published as a regular article in the journal, and all accepted papers will be collected in the special issue once all articles are published online. The special issue will be featured in the journal and will be promoted by the publisher through Science Direct.

Guest Editor

Prof. Scott Leiser


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