Special issue on recent advances in virtual & augmented reality for education

Published 26 April, 2022


Virtual and augmented reality (VR & AR) have reshaped people’s perceptions by providing simulated and enhanced environments where objects are interactive and responsive. Indeed, these technologies have revolutionised education and learning, making them  interesting, easy and informative.  They encourage students to be more participative and attentive in the classroom and have transformed the learning process from theoretical to experimental. They also enable simulated experiments, with students interacting with components via an interface.

We believe that much can be learned from investigating the shared, and especially the unique elements of AR and VR.  For this special issue, we invite articles that discuss a particular research aspect for AR and VR in depth. We are particularly interested in articles that address several aspects in a multidisciplinary manner.

Topics of interest:

The topics relevant to this special issue include, but are not limited to:

  • Virtual and augmented reality: different perspectives of the users
  • Applications of virtual and augmented reality
  • Computer-mediated reality
  • The role of artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality in education and othersectors
  • The rise and fall of virtual reality
  • Collaborative augmented reality in education
  • Challenges of virtual and augmented reality
  • Stereo-augmented reality
  • The impact of virtual and augmented reality systems
  • The augmented reality authoring tool

Important deadlines:

  • Manuscripts due: 30 August 2022
  • First decision date: 30 November 2022
  • Final decision date: 31 January 2023
  • Final paper due: 20 April 2023

Submission instructions:

Please read the Guide for Authors before submitting. Submissions should be made via the online editorial system.

Guest Editors:

  • Prof. Brij B. Gupta, Senior Member, IEEE, Professor, Asia University, Taiwan. Email: bbgupta@asia.edu.tw
  • Prof. Dragan Peraković, Professor, University of Zagreb, Croatia. Email: dperakovic@fpz.unizg.hr
  • Prof. Gregorio Martinez Perez, University of Murcia (UMU), Spain. Email: gregorio@um.es

Guest Editors biographies:

Brij B. Gupta received his PhD degree in Information and Cyber Security. He has received many awards, including the Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship Award (2009), the Sir Visvesvaraya Young Faculty Research Fellowship Award (2017), and the Best Faculty Award from NIT Kurukshetra, India (2018, 2019). He has published more than 400 research papers (IEEE/ACM Transactions: 60+) in international journals and conferences. His h-index is 63 and his work has been cited more than 13,400 times. Dr. Gupta holds a number of roles: he is Full Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering (CSIE), Asia University, Taiwan. He is also an honorary Associate Professor with Macquarie University, Australia, a visiting scholar with Staffordshire University, UK, and Research Scientist with LoginRadius Inc., Canada. Dr Gupta has been Associate Editor (or Guest Editor) for various journals and leads IJCAC and IJSWIS, IGI Global as Editor-in-Chief. At present, His research interests include information security, cyber security, cloud computing, web security, mobile/smartphone, intrusion detection, IoT security, AI, social media, computer networks and phishing.

Dragan Peraković is Head of the Department for Information and Communication Traffic and Chair of Information Communication Systems and Services Management at the FTTS where he is currently a Full Professor. His areas of scientific interest are modelling of information and communication systems and their applications in the environment of the transport system and Industry 4.0, simulation, eforensic of information and communication systems / terminal devices / services, design and development of new innovative services and modules, e-Learning, and ICT as assistive technologies for inclusion of people with disabilities. Dragan is author/co-author of four CC indexed papers, more than 130 scientific papers in journals and proceedings of international conferences and 12 chapters in international scientific books. He has participated in the work of several scientific projects and research & development studies and is a member of TM Forum, IEEE, DAAAM International, SDIWC, EAI - European Alliance for Innovation, Association for promotion of innovative technologies Innovative FET. Dragan is the first Chief Editor of the International Journal of Cyber-Security and Digital Forensics (IJCSDF).

Gregorio Martínez Pérez is a Full Professor in the Department of Information and Communication Engineering of the University of Murcia, Spain. His research interests include security and management. He received his MSc and PhD degrees in computer science from the University of Murcia. He is a member of the Intelligent Systems and Telematic Research Group, which has been recognised as a Research Group of Excellence (with code 04552/GERM/06) by the Seneca Foundation (period 2008-2014). More details are available at: http://webs.um.es/gregorio/profile.html 

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