Special issue on biogeochemical cycles in water ecosystems

Published 14 September, 2022


Diverse types of biogeochemical processes occur in the water ecosystems within water cycles. For example, processes such as biological oxidation of organic carbon, nitrification/denitrification and sulfate reduction can achieve biogeochemical cycles of carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur. A better understanding of biogeochemical cycles in natural (e.g., river, lake and sea) and engineered (e.g., biological water and wastewater treatment/remediation processes) water ecosystems will benefit the realization of their ecosystem services. To achieve this, integrated approaches and concepts such as interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary collaboration and systematic thinking, as well as adopting methodologies and viewpoints from micro-meso-macro-scales, should be applied.

This special issue will cover all aspects of biogeochemical cycles in water ecosystems to advance process understanding and technology innovation. We welcome original research papers, perspectives, case studies and review articles.

Topics covered:

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Metabolic pathways and microbial ecology in diverse water ecosystems
  • Thermodynamics, metagenomics and mathematical modelling
  • Recovery of energy and resources from water ecosystems
  • Mitigation greenhouse gas emissions from water ecosystems
  • Integration with circular economy and carbon neutralization

Important dates:

  • Submissions close: 31 March 2024
  • Expected time to first decision: 4 weeks after submission

Submission instructions:

Please read the Guide for Authors before submitting. All articles should be submitted online; please select the special issue “Biogeochemical Cycle in Water Ecosystem”. If the manuscript is accepted, the article will be published open access with no fee payable by the author.

Guest Editors:

Dr. Guangxue Wu

University of Galway, Ireland. Email: guangxue.wu@universityofgalway.ie

Prof. He Liu

Jiangnan University, China. Email: liuhe@jiangnan.edu.cn

Dr. Bing Guo

University of Surrey, UK. Email: b.guo@surrey.ac.uk

Dr. Qidong Yin

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA. Email: qidongyin@unl.edu

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