Innovative Water Treatment Technology for Sustainable Water Environment

Published 07 July, 2019

Globally, accessibility of safe water has been dramatically improved for the past two decades. However, water pollution issues are still not uncommon not only in developing countries but also in developed countries. Especially, in many developing countries, people consume unsafe drinking water often containing pathogens, mainly due to insufficient control or management of water and sewerage. Simply they cannot afford to build infrastructure to manage them.

On the other hand, developed countries, which have good infrastructure to control disease-causing microbes, are facing new contaminants emerging from industrialization or urbanization: for example, pharmaceuticals, per-fluorinated compounds, plasticizers, and microplastics.  For some pollutants, only few environmental or health risk is known.

Now we agree that we need to address those issues encountered both by developing and developed countries for make our mankind and water environment sustainable.  Thus, this Special Issue is planned to explore innovative water treatment technologies that can cost-effectively address the water pollution issues both in developing and developed countries. 

The Special Issue collects original research and critical reviews about scientific and technical information. The primary areas of interest of this Special Issue include, but are not limited to:

  1. cost-effective water treatment technologies for rural area, which can be easily implemented in developing countries, such as wetland technologies, on-site treatment technologies, etc.
  2. water treatment technologies for urban area, which can address contaminants of emerging concern, such as membrane technologies, advanced oxidation process
  3. water and wastewater policies for the sustainability

Submission Deadline: 30 Nov. 2019


  •           Sustainable water environment
  •           Water treatment technology for rural area.
  •           Water treatment technologies for urban area
  •           Water and wastewater policy
  •           Contaminants of emerging concern


Guest Editors:

Prof. Yeojoon Yoon

Affiliation: Dept. of Environmental Engineering, Yonsei University, Republic of Korea


Research Interests: Disinfection byproducts, advanced oxidation processes, radical-based advanced oxidation processes, potable reuse, emerging contaminants.

Dr. Jongchan Yi

Affiliation: Dept. of Environmental Engineering, University of Seoul, Republic of Korea


Research Interests: Membrane technology, water reuse and recycle, appropriate technology, water treatment process, waste-to-resource technology, micro plastic.

Dr. Ingyu Lee

Affiliation: Advanced Material Division, Argonne national Laboratory, IL, USA.


Research Interests: Integrated watershed management, ecological engineering, waste-to-resource technology, emerging contaminants.

Prof. Hyunook Kim

Affiliation: Dept. of Environmental Engineering, University of Seoul, Republic of Korea


Research Interests: Biological removal of organic compounds, nutrient removal, analysis and degradation of trace organics, odorants from water/wastewater, System and process control, urban water resource and environmenss control, urban water resource and environment.

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