Special issue: Toward creating a water-energy-food nexus community of practice: A symposium in honor of Professor Rabi H. Mohtar

Published 03 November, 2021

We live in a world of complex and tightly interconnected grand challenges that threaten the sustainability of our societies. These challenges culminated in the launch of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN-SDGs) in 2016, with targets that focus on resolving water, energy and food insecurities, among others, Our ability to address these challenges will depend on our readiness to collaborate across different disciplines and sectors to reimagine thriving, healthy and resilient societies, while respecting the boundaries and health of our planet. As nations work toward implementing the UN-SDGs, there is a need for innovative simulation and assessment tools and governance models. These will support decision-makers in creating synergies and avoiding unintended competition between different societal goals.

A symposium at the 259th American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition will honor Professor Rabi H. Mohtar, of the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering at Texas A&M University, in the US. His leadership of multiple initiatives throughout his interdisciplinary career has resulted in seminal contributions to the development of water-energy-food (WEF) nexus research, education and engagement globally. The 2021 ACS Rabi H. Mohtar Symposium will include multiple stakeholders from academia, private, civil society and public sectors in the various thematic areas related to operationalizing WEF nexus research and development. It will also highlight lessons learned from cross-disciplinary collaborations, with national and global case studies in this space. In addition, it will focus on the opportunities that lie in creating a cross-cutting, inclusive WEF nexus community of practice, and the role of existing disciplinary societies within it. The symposium will include invited and contributed oral and poster sessions. Contributors to the session will be invited to submit manuscripts to a special issue of the journal Water-Energy Nexus.

Topics will include but are not limited to:

  • Water-energy-food-health nexus and the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Sustainable food production systems
  • Renewable energy and sustainable agri-food systems
  • Building systems thinking and leadership capacity
  • Behavioral changes towards sustainability in the water–energy–food nexus
  • Governance of the water–energy–food nexus

Important deadlines:

  • Submission opens: 28 October 2021
  • Submission closes: 30 June 2022
  • Expected time to first decision: 4 weeks after submission

Submission instructions:

Please read the Guide for Authors before submitting. All submissions should be made via the online editorial system.

Guest editors:

  • Bassel Daher, Texas A&M Energy Institute & Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Texas A&M University, USA. Email: bdaher@tamu.edu
  • Virender K. Sharma, Department of Environment and Occupation Health, School of Public Health, Texas A&M University, USA. Email: vsharma@sph.tamhsc.edu
  • Chrysi Laspidou, Civil Engineering Department, University of Thessaly, Greece. Email: laspidou@uth.gr
  • Hyunook Kim, School of Environmental Engineering, University of Seoul, Korea. Email: h_kim@uos.ac.kr

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