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Be Big with Finance and Data

发布时间 22 三月, 2016

Journal of Finance and Data Science is an excellent option for a manuscript that involves a
broad multidisciplinary study, for example, statistics, finance and data science which go beyond
their own disciplines and can inspire others beyond its own specified journal.

The financial world, including the financial innovation of new products and financial theoretical
and empirical studies, changes rapidly from the technology revolution and other disciplinary development.
Computer technology changes science, life, communication and minds to reach
through open access and to go beyond boundaries globally without limit.

Journal of Finance and Data Science, in the scope and aim we define, is to provide a venue for
publication that will allow authors across the entire domain of scholarly pursuits, from the financial
practice, financial service and innovation of internet finance, to data-drive empirical methodology
and econometrics with crossing interactive roles from/to mathematics, information system,
computer science, statistics and data science.

The launch of Journal of Finance and Data Science will see case studies, empirical results, internet
finance innovations, big data developments, computer structures, machine learnings to
the financial world with mixed information on interchanging ideas and hopefully create something
unexpected or breakthrough.

The mission of the Elsevier, Science Press, KeAi publishers and Southwest Jiaotong University,
is to promote the financial industry, data science and computer science for the benefit of humankind.
We encourage scientists, financiers and data scientists to submit their innovatory research that
advocates the most important problems in those multidisciplinary research areas to create a
successful collaborating environment and to reach a significant academic pioneer as well as a
mutual stimulating discovery.

Please check on the following website of the journal:

From Editor-in-Chief, Weiping Li

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