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Latest CiteScores Released for KeAi Journals

发布时间 23 六月, 2020

We are delighted to bring you the latest CiteScore metrics.


CiteScore 2019

Animal Nutrition 4.8
Aquaculture and Fisheries 3.2
Horticultural Plant Journal 1.5
Non-coding RNA Research 5.5
Plant Diversity 3.3
Synthetic and Systems Biotechnology 6.5
The Crop Journal 5.7
Food Science and Human Wellness 0.9
Infectious Disease Modelling 3.5
Liver Research 2.7
Translational Medicine of Aging 1
Advances in Climate Change Research 5.2
Bioactive Materials 9.8
Emerging Contaminants 8.5
Geodesy and Geodynamics 2.5
International Soil and Water Conservation Research 6.1
Journal of Magnesium and Alloys 7.8
Petroleum 5.6
Petroleum Exploration and Development 3.4
Digital Communications and Networks 8.8
Defence Technology 3
Green Energy & Environment 9.8
Information Processing in Agriculture 6.2
Journal of Electronic Science and Technology 0.5
Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering (English Edition) 4.3
Natural Gas Industry B 1.2
Nanotechnology and Precision Engineering 0.6
Propulsion and Power Research 4.3
Underground Space 3
Frontiers of Architectural Research 2.6


CiteScore 2019 counts the citations received in 2016-2019 to articles, reviews, conference papers, book chapters and data papers published in 2016-2019, and divides this by the number of publications published in 2016-2019.​ ©Scopus 2020 

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