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Read the inaugural issues of three of our newest open access journals

发布时间 22 八月, 2018

We are delighted to bring you the first issues of Carbon Resources ConversionMaterials Science for Energy Technologies and Water-Energy Nexus.

Carbon Resources Conversion

Carbon Resources Conversion publishes scientific and engineering studies on technologies devoted to clean, efficient, value-added and low-carbon utilization of carbon-containing resources as a fuel for energy and material for chemicals. Access all articles from issue 1 online.

Materials Science for Energy Technologies

The journal publishes research tackling international energy problems and publishes papers on scientific discoveries and advances of functional materials for energy storage, conversion devices and energy generation. Access all articles from issue 1 online.

Water-Energy Nexus

Water-Energy Nexus publishes research on energy efficiency in water and wastewater treatment and distribution, energy for water transmission/treatment/distribution and wastewater collection/treatment/disposal, water for energy extraction/production, and any related topics. Access all articles from issue 1 online.



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