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Sustainable Operations and Computers Is Now Welcoming Submissions!

发布时间 22 十一月, 2019

We invite you to submit your paper for consideration to the new open access journal from KeAi - Sustainable Operations and Computers.

Sustainable Operations and Computers is an interdisciplinary journal that focuses on topics that manage the balances, tradeoffs, and synergies associated with the integration of economics, environment and social perspectives into traditional decision-making processes. This means that a wide variety of businesses and operations management problems under the sustainability and climate change domain are covered by the journal.

Themes, in the context of operations and production, published include:

•             Energy and water usage efficiency in production

•             Recycling and remanufacturing planning

•             Reducing carbon emissions in operations

•             Managing scarcity of raw materials

•             Waste management

•             Managing sustainable supply chains

•             Disaster management

•             Migration crisis

The journal welcomes analytical models, empirical studies, state-of-the-art surveys, case-based studies, and solution approaches.

We look forward to considering your paper submission for publication.

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