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Recent Green Chemical Engineering Articles

Recently published articles from Green Chemical Engineering.

One-pot Baeyer–Villiger Oxidation of Cyclohexanone with In Situ Generated Hydrogen Peroxide over Sn-Beta Zeolites

Available online 31 March 2021
Jianwei Luo | Haoran Yuan | Hui Liu | Jingbo Li | Yu Wang | Yong Wang | Jia Yao | Haoran Li

ε-Caprolactone is traditionally produced through Baeyer-Villiger oxidation of cyclohexanone oxidized by peracids in industry, which inevitably results in large discard acid and environmental pollution....

Ultralow specific surface area vermiculite supporting Mn-Ce-Fe mixed oxides as“curling catalysts” for selective catalytic reduction of NO with NH3

Available online 13 March 2021
Yinji Wan | Junqi Tian | Gang Qian | Zhisong Liu | Wenjian Li | Jianming Dan | Bin Dai | Feng Yu

In this study, the ultralow specific surface area clay vermiculite (VMT) was selected to be a catalyst support for the NH3-SCR process, and the active components MnCeFeOx loaded on vermiculite is just...

Recent Applications of Ionic Liquids in Quasi-Solid-State Lithium Metal Batteries

Available online 10 March 2021
Jiajia Li | Fangfang Li | Lan Zhang | Haitao Zhang | Ulla Lassi | Xiaoyan Ji

Quasi-solid-state lithium metal batteries are considered as one of the most promising energy storage devices, and the application of ionic liquids (ILs) as a new generation of functionalized electrolyte...

Challenges in membrane-based liquid phase separations

Available online 17 February 2021
Ze-Xian Low | Huanting Wang

Membranes are widely used in separation processes due to their low energy requirement, small footprint and simplicity. New membranes have been developed based on novel materials and fabrication techniques...

Advanced membranes and membrane processes toward green chemical engineering

Available online 7 February 2021
Zhongyi Jiang | Huanting Wang | Weishen Yang

Foam-like boron-doped g-C3N4 as acid-base cooperative catalyst for efficient nucleophilic addition in water

Available online 2 February 2021
Jiajun Wang | Zewei Liu | Shiye Li | Chaoping Li | Su Liu | Jingwen Feng | Rong Tan

Intramolecular acid-base cooperative catalysis is a powerful strategy to promote the nucleophilic additions in synthetic chemistry, since both substrates and nucleophiles can be activated simultaneously,...

Revisiting greenness of ionic liquids and deep eutectic solvents

Available online 2 February 2021
Yu Chen | Tiancheng Mu

Green solvents are one of the hot topics of green chemistry. Ionic liquids (ILs) and deep eutectic solvents (DESs) are deemed as green solvents to a certain extent, and they have been applied in many...

High-efficient crystal particle manufacture by microscale process intensification technology

Available online 29 January 2021
Yuchao Niu | Shaofu Du | Lei Sheng | Wu Xiao | Xiaobin Jiang | Gaohong He

High-end crystal manufacture has drawn a permanent concern on the high-efficient manufacture of crystal particles, especially in fine chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, biological and relative engineering...

Ionothermal synthesis of AlPO-34 membranes on macroporous α-Al2O3 supports without using organic template

Available online 25 January 2021
Liang Zhou | Runlin Han | Jianhua Yang

Continuous and compact AlPO-34 molecular sieve membranes were successfully synthesized on the outer surface of macroprous tube α-Al2O3 supports under secondary ionothermal growth with the proposed wetting...

Spectroscopic analysis of acetamide-AlCl3-based ionic liquid analog and their catalytic performance in isobutene oligomerization

Available online 18 January 2021
Pengcheng Hu | Ruimin Chai | Aonan Lai | Shu-Feng Zhou

The spectral structures of acetamide-AlCl3-based ionic liquid (IL) analogs were determined in detail through IR, NMR, and Raman spectroscopy. IR spectroscopy showed that 0.65AA-1.0AlCl3 was the coordination...

Synthesis and modification of biomass derived carbon dots in ionic liquids and their application: A mini review

December 2020
Yumeng Wang | Jian Sun | Bin He | Mi Feng

As one kind of promising zero-dimensional nanomaterials, carbon dots (CDs) have attracted extensive attention recently in green chemistry and engineering on account of their excellent properties, such...

Recent advances in the coupling of CO2 and epoxides into cyclic carbonates under halogen-free condition

December 2020
Feng Zhang | Yanyan Wang | Xiaochun Zhang | Xiangping Zhang | Huizhen Liu | Buxing Han

The chemical transformation of CO2 and epoxides into cyclic carbonates has been receiving much attention and is one of the successful examples for CO2 utilization as carbon resource. Many catalysts...

Seawater-based electrolyte for Zinc–air batteries

December 2020
Jia Yu | Chang-Xin Zhao | Jia-Ning Liu | Bo-Quan Li | Cheng Tang | Qiang Zhang

Aqueous zinc–air batteries (ZABs) are highly regarded as a promising electrochemical energy storage device owing to high energy density, low cost, and intrinsic safety. The employment of seawater to...

Design of quaternary ammonium type-ionic liquids as desiccants for an air-conditioning system

December 2020
Sho Maekawa | Ryo Matsumoto | Kenta Ito | Toshiki Nokami | Jian-Xin Li | Hiroshi Nakayama | Toshiyuki Itoh

The liquid desiccant air-conditioning system allows reducing energy consumption compared to the conventional compressor-type air conditioners. In order to develop desiccant materials for air conditioners,...

A comparative study between ionic liquid coating and counterparts in bulk for toluene absorption

December 2020
Ventura Castillo Ramos | Wei Han | King Lun Yeung

The structure-activity relationship (SAR) for toluene absorption and desorption in ionic liquids (ILs) has been investigated for seven commercial ILs in bulk and thin liquid layer. ILs with imidazolium...

Diversified development of CO2 in energy storage

December 2020
Zhang Zhang | Linlin Zhao | Zhaojun Xie | Zhen Zhou

Mechanism investigation and catalyst screening of high-temperature reverse water gas shift reaction

December 2020
Yanying Qi | Yi-An Zhu | De Chen

Reverse water gas shift (RWGS) catalysis, a prominent technology for converting CO2 to CO, is emerging to meet the growing demand of global environment. However, the fundamental understanding of the...

Accurate, automatic annotation of peptidases with hotpep-protease

December 2020
Peter Kamp Busk

Peptidases are essential for intracellular protein processing, signaling and homeostasis, physiological processes and for digestion of food. Moreover, peptidases are important biotechnological enzymes...

Shape-tailorable amine grafted silica aerogel microsphere for CO2 capture

December 2020
Xing Jiang | Jian Ren | Yong Kong | Zhiyang Zhao | Xiaodong Shen | Maohong Fan

Image 1...

Surface functionalization of Polymers of Intrinsic Microporosity (PIMs) membrane by polyphenol for efficient CO2 separation

Available online 15 December 2020
Zhong Gao | Yanan Wang | Hong Wu | Yanxiong Ren | Zheyuan Guo | Xu Liang | Yingzhen Wu | Yutao Liu | Zhongyi Jiang

Membrane separation technology offers a green, efficient and energy-saving approach for biogas upgrading. Membranes with high selectivity and high permeability are the key to achieve high performance....

Effect of oxygen plasma treatment on the nanofiltration performance of reduced graphene oxide/cellulose nanofiber composite membranes

Available online 4 December 2020
Shabin Mohammed | Hanaa M. Hegab | Ranwen Ou | Shasha Liu | Hongyu Ma | Xiaofang Chen | Tam Sridhar | Huanting Wang

Graphene based nanosheets have been widely used as building blocks for fabrication of superior separation membrane for water processing. In particular, membranes made of reduced graphene oxide (rGO)...

Amino-functionalized porous PDVB with high adsorption and regeneration performance for fluoride removal from water

Available online 2 December 2020
Yuanyuan Huang | Xianbiao Wang | Yongfei Xu | Shaojie Feng | Jin Liu | Huanting Wang

Excessive fluoride anions in drinking water are toxic to the health of human beings. In this article, an effective fluoride removal adsorbent on the basis of amino-functionalized porous polydivinylbenzene...

Mixed matrix membrane containing metal oxide nanosheets for efficient CO2 separation

Available online 28 November 2020
Weifang Zhu | Fu Liu | Minmin Gou | Ruili Guo | Xueqin Li

The two-dimensional (2D) nanosheet zinc cobaltate (ZnCo2O4) was added into polyether block amide (Pebax) matrix to prepare mixing matrix membrane (MMM) for separating carbon dioxide (CO2)/methane (CH4)...

Polybenzimidazole (PBI) and benzimidazole-linked polymer (BILP) membranes

Available online 26 November 2020
Shenzhen Cong | Jixiao Wang | Zhi Wang | Xinlei Liu

Polybenzimidazoles (PBIs) and benzimidazole-linked polymers (BILPs) have exceptional thermal and chemical stability, and hence, their membranes were developed and used under harsh conditions. In this...

Modification strategies for metal-organic frameworks targeting at membrane-based gas separations

Available online 25 November 2020
Chenyu Zhu | Yuan Peng | Weishen Yang

Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) hold great promises as membrane candidates for highly efficient separation applications, benefiting from the diversified structures, high surface areas and adjustable...

Green production of sugar by membrane technology: How far is it from industrialization?

Available online 21 November 2020
Hao Zhang | Jianquan Luo | Lulu Liu | Xiangrong Chen | Yinhua Wan

Application of membrane filtration in sugar production is attractive because it can reduce the usage of chemicals, produce high-quality clarified juice, and obtain various high value-added products....

Pore engineering of ZIF-8 with ionic liquids for membrane-based CO2 separation: Bearing functional group effect

Available online 20 November 2020
Zhengqing Zhang | Xuemeng Jia | Yuxiu Sun | Xiangyu Guo | Hongliang Huang | Chongli Zhong

CO2 separation performance of polymer membranes can be significantly enhanced by selecting porous fillers with high CO2 affinity. Ionic liquids incorporation has been recognized as an effective strategy...

Design of metal-organic framework membranes towards ultimate gas separation

Available online 19 November 2020
Yanwei Sun | Yi Liu

Metal-organic framework (MOF) membranes have shown unprecedented opportunities for energy efficient separation of diverse industrially important gas pairs (e.g. H2/CO2, CO2/N2, CO2/CH4, and C3H6/C3H8)....

Improved hydrogen separation performance of asymmetric oxygen transport membranes by grooving in the porous support layer

Available online 19 November 2020
Lili Cai | Zhongwei Cao | Xuefeng Zhu | Weishen Yang

Hydrogen separation through oxygen transport membranes (OTMs) has attracted much attention. Asymmetric membranes with thin dense layers provide low bulk diffusion resistances and high overall hydrogen...

Improved dispersion performance and interfacial compatibility of covalent-grafted MOFs in mixed-matrix membranes for gas separation

Available online 12 November 2020
Chongqing Wang | Guangjie Ren | Kaifeng Wei | Donghui Liu | Tingting Wu | Jinlong Jiang | Junfeng Qian | Yichang Pan

Mixed-matrix membranes (MMMs) have received much attention due to their processable advantages of polymer and high permeability and/or selectivity of porous metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) fillers....

Production of biomass derived monomers through catalytic conversion of furfural and hydroxymethylfurfural

Available online 7 November 2020
Zhirong Yang | Jing Zhang | Gang Qian | Xuezhi Duan | Xinggui Zhou

The synthesis of biomass-derived monomers has received great attention in recent years, motivated by the depletion of fossil fuels and environmental issues. Moreover, the intrinsic functionality within...

Electrospinning in membrane contactor: Manufacturing Elec-PVDF/SiO2 superhydrophobic surface for efficient flue gas desulphurization applications

Available online 4 November 2020
Qingping Xin | Kaiqiang Xie | Qingqing Liang | Xu Li | Yinan Zeng | Yuhang Zhao | Lei Zhang | Shaofei Wang | Hong Li | Yuzhong Zhang

In membrane contactors, maintaining a high SO2 absorption flux and an excellent wetting resistance are crucial for hazardous gas removal. In this study, we adopted an electrospinning strategy to fabricate...

Substrate specificity in the biomimetic catalytic aerobic oxidation of styrene and cyclohexanone by metalloporphyrins: Kinetics and mechanistic study

Available online 2 November 2020
Xian-Tai Zhou | Hong-Bing Ji

Substrate specificity is a hallmark of enzymatic catalysis. In this work, the biomimetic catalytic oxidation of styrene and cyclohexanone by iron (III) porphyrins and molecular oxygen was carried out,...

Recent understanding of solid-liquid friction in ionic liquids

Available online 20 October 2020
Yuqing He | Han Li | Cangyu Qu | Wei Cao | Ming Ma

Ionic liquid (ILs) - solid interfacial phenomenon is undoubtedly one of the topic issues in energy related fields, especially brings great challenges in the development of chemical engineering. Solid-ILs...

Direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide on Pd nanosheets with edge decorated by Au nanoparticles

Available online 4 October 2020
Hairui Liang | Yajie Tian | Bofeng Zhang | Li Wang | Guozhu Liu

Direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide from hydrogen and oxide (DSHP) is considered as a green pathway for H2O2 production because of the simple reaction route and 100% theoretical atom efficiency. Here,...

Extraction of artemisinin with hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin aqueous solution for fabrication of drinkable extract

Available online 1 October 2020
Yongqiang Zhang | Yingying Cao | Xiangzhan Meng | Phonphat Prawang | Hui Wang

A process for extraction of artemisinin (Ars) from Artemisia annua L. based on aqueous solution of cyclodextrin derivative under ultrasonic irradiation was proposed. Among the test additives, the system...

The role of power-to-gas in the European Union

September 2020
Antonio Dominguez-Ramos | Angel Irabien

The primary energy panorama in the European Union is still dominated by a significant share of fossil fuels in the form of coal, natural gas and oil. As a result, an ecological transition is encouraged...

Hierarchically structured semiconductor@noble-metal@MOF for high-performance selective photocatalytic CO2 reduction

September 2020
Yibo Dou | Si-Min Xu | Awu Zhou | Haozheng Wang | Jian Zhou | Hong Yan | Jian-Rong Li

Photocatalytic CO2 reduction to convert solar energy to clean energy remains a critical challenge in exploring efficient catalysts. Herein, a hierarchical structured BiVO4@Au@UiO-66-NH2 with high photocatalytic...

From laboratory research to industrial application: a green technology of fluidized mineral processing for manganese dioxide ore reduction

September 2020
Zheng Zou | Guoqiang Shao | Yu Ge | Shan Wang | Zhaohui Xie | Qingshan Zhu | Hongzhong Li

The efficient utilization of manganese dioxide (MnO2) ore is essential for the sustainable development of manganese (Mn) industry. Confronting the great challenge of chemical engineering scale-up, a...

Recent progresses on improving CO2 adsorption and proton production for enhancing efficiency of photocatalytic CO2 reduction by H2O

September 2020
Peng Liu | Xingcui Peng | Yu-Long Men | Yun-Xiang Pan

Photocatalytically reducing CO2 by H2O into valuable carbon-containing chemicals is one of the greatest concerns for both scientific and industrial communities, due to its great potential in solving...

Recent advances in carbon dioxide capture and utilization with amines and ionic liquids

September 2020
Yuxin Wu | Jianhong Xu | Kathryn Mumford | Geoffrey W. Stevens | Weiyang Fei | Yundong Wang

Global warming and climate change due to anthropogenic carbon dioxide (CO2) have aroused significant concerns at the global scale due to rapid economic growth in industries and other fields. Therefore,...

An antiempirical strategy: sacrificing aromatic moieties in the polymer precursor for improving the properties of the derived N-doped porous carbons

September 2020
Shi-Chao Qi | Ding-Ming Xue | Guo-Xing Yu | Rong-Rong Zhu | Xiao-Qin Liu | Lin-Bing Sun

With the carbonization at an elevated temperature, high aromaticity of a precursor for porous carbons was traditionally thought to be crucial for the resultant perfect textural properties and ideal...

Exploring the initial oxidation of Pt, Pt3Ni, Pt3Au (111) surfaces: a genetic algorithm based global optimization with density functional theory

September 2020
Sihang Liu | Jie Zong | Zhi-Jian Zhao | Jinlong Gong

Noble metal alloys are one of the most commonly used heterogeneous catalysts. During many reactions, the surface composition and oxidation states of the noble metal alloy particles have been reported...

Microfluidic interface boosted synthesis of covalent organic polymer capsule

September 2020
Yun Zhao | Min Zhang | Xin Wen | Zhonghua Xiang

Microcapsules have been widely used in drug carriers, nano/microreactors, artificial organelles for their empty space and functional shell. Microcapsules synthesized from spherical liquid-liquid interface...

New technology of ionic liquid-based NH3/CO2 separation from melamine tail gas

September 2020
Shaojuan Zeng | Haifeng Dong | Yinge Bai | Xiangping Zhang | Suojiang Zhang

Green process for hydrogenation of methyl ricinoleate to methyl 12-hydroxystearate over diatomite supported Cu–Ni bimetallic catalyst

Available online 28 September 2020
Xiao Zhang | Hong-Ru Li | Feng-Ge Zhao | Xiao-Ying Cui | Feng Ye | Liang-Nian He

A series of diatomite supported Cu–Ni bimetallic catalysts were prepared using the co-impregnation method to improve the efficiency and selectivity toward methyl 12-hydroxystearate in the hydrogenation...

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