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Publishing Roles


Together with the publisher, editors are responsible for forming the scope and policies of a journal and ensuring the content published reflects important work in the research field. They will select papers they deem to be high enough quality, and fit with the scope of the journal for peer review.

Editors are generally appointed by the publisher or society for society-owned journals.

Editorial/Advisory Boards

Editorial boards are made up of experts appointed by the editor from within the journal's field. Individuals may be on several journals’ editorial boards. Their role may include:

  • Reviewing papers
  • Advising on journal aims and scope
  • Attracting new paper submissions
  • Submitting some of their own papers
  • Putting forward special issues topics

Guest Editors

Guest editors will act as editors for a special issue, supplement or Procedia.
Access guidance and advice for guest editors

Publishing Staff

Editors are supported by the following Ke Ai staff:

  • Managing Editors
  • The main contact for journal strategy, journal performance indicators, editorial rotations, finances, ethics and support.
  • Journal Manager
  • Manages the production process from acceptance to publication.
  • Marketing Manager
  • Responsible for marketing planning, implementation and evaluation.


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