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Mission and Objectives

​​We believe in the global impact of research from China.

Powered by the world’s leading scientific information and analytics company and China’s leading academic publisher, KeAi unfolds quality research globally. We combine cutting edge technology and data insights with a personal approach to everyone we serve and everything we do.

KeAi - bringing together the evolution of scientific research with world-leading publishing expertise and innovation.

  • Building on traditional and long-established publishing principals
    Combining almost two centuries of knowledge and experience between KeAi’s founders, China Science Publishing & Media Ltd and Elsevier, KeAi will help publish independently peer-reviewed journals of international scientific merit.

  • Enhance global visibility and access to scientific research
    Utilizing the latest publishing technology, along with innovative new tools, to expand research accessibility to all.

  • Publication of world-class academic journals
    Development of top-tier journals to aid the advancement and application of scientific research.

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