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Green Synthesis and Catalysis

Green Synthesis and Catalysis (GSC) is dedicated to publishing high-impact research discoveries and results from academic and industrial laboratories on sustainable synthetic technologies for molecule construction and production. The journal features content that is related to homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, including organometallics, metal-complex catalysis, organocatalysis, photocatalysis, and biocatalysis, and synthetic technologies such as synthesis design, reaction techniques, flow chemistry and continuous processing, multiphase catalysis, green reagents and solvents, catalyst immobilization and recycling, biotechnology, and separation science and process development.

GSC publishes letters, articles, perspectives, reviews, viewpoints, and accounts.

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Editors-in-Chief: Fen-Er Chen, Wei Wang
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Imprint: KeAi
ISSN: 2666-5549
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