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Recent International Journal of Advanced Nuclear Reactor Design and Technology Articles

Recently published articles from International Journal of Advanced Nuclear Reactor Design and Technology.

Experimental and numerical investigation of two phase ejector performance with the water injected into the induced flow

Available online 9 January 2020
WeiXiong Chen | ChenXi Huang | YuPing Bai | DaoTong Chong | JunJie Yan | JiPing Liu

When injectors are used in petroleum industries or sea water desalination system, it is a special case that the induced gas is accompanied by water, the ejector is in two-phase operation. In the present...

Preliminary research on the irradiation-thermal-mechanical coupling behavior simulation method of FCM fuel

Tang Changbing | Jiao Yongjun | Li Yuanming | Zhou Yi | Pang Hua

FCM fuel (fully ceramic micro-encapsulated fuel) which is a promising ATF (accident tolerant fuel) candidate fuel. Establishing the irradiation-thermal-mechanical coupling behavior simulation method...

Verification of the 2D/1D coupling 3D transport code TIGER with C5G7 benchmarks

Wenbin Wu | Yingrui Yu | Qing Li | Dong Yao | Qi Luo

TIGER is a 2D/1D coupling 3D transport code developed by Nuclear Power Institute of China based on large-scale parallel computation. It employs 2D domain-decomposed parallel Matrix MOC in the radial...

Research for the heat leakage caused by gaps on barrel insulation structure of reactor pressure vessel

Qiu Tian | Luo Ying | Qiu Yang | Li Yu-guang | Xie Guo-fu | Yang Li-cai

Due to the function requirements of the Cavity Injection and Cooling System, the barrel insulation structure of HPR1000 reactor pressure vessel has been greatly improved compared with the previous projects....

Multi-objective optimal design of the nuclear reactor pressurizer

Zheng Liu | Jianjun Wang | Sichao Tan | Shouxu Qiao | Hu Ding

The Pressurizer (PRZ) is an important device used to control the system pressure in nuclear power plants (NPP). The weight and volume of the PRZ are important factors affecting the weight and layout...

Evaluation of typical interfacial area transport models for bubbly flow

Hang Liu | Jianyong Lai | Yi Li | Yulong Zhang | Xiaoquan Yu | Minghao Liu | Liangming Pan

Interfacial area concentration is one of the most important parameters in two-phase flow. This parameter also reflects the interfacial area of mass, momentum and energy transfer in two-fluid model....

Analysis of hemispherical vessel ablation failure involving natural convection by MPS method with corrective matrix

Nozomu Takahashi | Guangtao Duan | Masahiro Furuya | Akifumi Yamaji

In a severe accident of a light water reactor, the reactor pressure vessel (RPV) lower head may fail due to ablation at the vessel wall boundary involving natural convection of molten core materials....

Study on flow modes of open natural circulation with low height difference under low power conditions

Available online 27 December 2019
Li Yi | Sun Jianchuang | Peng Hang | Xiang Cheng | Biao Quan | Xiaxin Cao | Zhou Jian | Ding Ming

Open natural circulation systems are widely applied in the field of energy and chemical industries. Under some special conditions, open natural circulation systems with low height difference need to...

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