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Recently published articles from Journal of Management Science and Engineering.

Mediation effects of online public attention on the relationship between air pollution and precautionary behavior

Available online 10 September 2021
Ge Xu | Xiangnan Feng | Yiwei Li | Jianmin Jia

This study investigates the mediation effects of online public attention on the relationship between air pollution and precautionary behavior based on a merged real-world data set that includes daily...

How do “Gatekeepers” Affect Credit Risk?

Available online 7 September 2021
Xu Li | Xingtong Zhang | Yinggang Zhou

This study investigates the relationship between auditor tenure and credit default swap (CDS) spreads of U.S. firms based on quantile regression. After allowing for common determinants of CDS spreads,...

Determinants in the forecast of the gross national income of China and India from 1952 to 2015

Available online 6 September 2021
Angel Colmenares | Xu Yan | Weiguo Wang

In 2015, China and India's population represented approximately 35.74% of the total number of people living in the world. Due to the historical context and behavior of the most relevant indicators,...

Correlation ambiguity, listing choice, and market microstructure

Available online 21 August 2021
Junyong He | Helen Hui Huang | Shunming Zhang

This paper investigates the implication of correlation ambiguity to investor behavior, asset pricing and issuers' listing choices from a market microstructure perspective. We introduce two markets to...

When more is less: The other side of artificial intelligence recommendation

Available online 10 August 2021
Sihua Chen | Han Qiu | Shifei Zhao | Yuyu Han | Wei He | Mikko Siponen | Jian Mou | Hua Xiao

Based on consumers' preferences, AI (artificial intelligence) recommendation automatically filters information, which provokes scholars' debate. Supporters believe that by analyzing the consumers' preferences,...

Network structure, portfolio diversification and systemic risk

June 2021
Shouwei Li | Chao Wang

We investigate the effect of portfolio diversification on banking systemic risk, where the network effect is incorporated. We analyze three kinds of interbank networks, namely, random networks, small-world...

Financial reporting fraud and CEO pay-performance incentives

June 2021
Dong Chen | Feng Wang | Cunyu Xing

Because prior studies find mixed results on the relation between CEOs’ pay performance incentives and a firm’s likelihood of financial reporting fraud, we restudy their relationship using innovative...

The cross section of Chinese commodity futures return

June 2021
Bin Li | Cheng Sun | Yang Zhou

This paper investigates the cross-section of expected commodity futures returns in China using a large panel of 13 individual factors. We find that 6 out of 13 individual factors produce positive and...

How can manufacturers make decisions on product appearance design? A research on optimal design based on customers’ emotional satisfaction

June 2021
Runliang Dou | Wei Li | Guofang Nan | Xiaoqiu Wang | Yanjie Zhou

With changing customer attitudes toward consumption and function homogenization, product appearance designs have an increasing influence on the purchase decision. Customer characteristics and emotional...

Structural analysis and forecast of gold price returns

June 2021
Jian Chai | Chenyu Zhao | Yi Hu | Zhe George Zhang

Gold has multiple attributes and its price is affected by various factors in the market. This paper studies the dynamic relationship between the gold price returns and its affecting factors. Then we...

Pricing strategy in the product and service market

June 2021
Yu Xia | Jiaping Xie | Weijun Zhu | Ling Liang

Existing studies have mainly focused on pricing in either primary markets or aftermarkets. However, in practice, prices in primary markets and aftermarkets are closely correlated. This study examines...

A systematic review of a digital twin city: A new pattern of urban governance toward smart cities

June 2021
Tianhu Deng | Keren Zhang | Zuo-Jun (Max) Shen

Many countries and governments consider smart cities a solution to global warming, population growth, and resource depletion. Numerous challenges arise while creating a smart city. Digital twins, along...

Time-sensitive supply chain disruption recovery and resource sharing incentive strategy

June 2021
Hongguang Bo | Yinglian Chen | Huanzhi Li | Peng Han | Lian Qi

Market demand is becoming increasingly time-sensitive in competitive environments. Hence, supply disruptions will have a more serious impact on the profits of supply chains. This study applies a Stackelberg...

A new quantile treatment effect model for studying smoking effect on birth weight during Mother's pregnancy

Available online 19 June 2021
Shengfang Tang | Zongwu Cai | Ying Fang | Ming Lin

This paper proposes a new quantile regression model to characterize the heterogeneity for distributional effects of maternal smoking during pregnancy on infant birth weight across different the mother's...

Change-point detection for expected shortfall in time series

Available online 11 June 2021
Lingyu Sun | Dong Li

Expected shortfall (ES) is a popular risk measure and plays an important role in risk and portfolio management. Recently, change-point detection of risk measures has been attracting much attention in...

A dynamic panel data approach and HCW's method: Assessing the effect of China (Shanghai) Free Trade Zone on local GDP

Available online 8 June 2021
Jun Cai | Kai Xin | YaHong Zhou

We propose a simple-to-implement dynamic panel data method to evaluate the impacts of place-based policies. The idea is to exploit both the cross sectional dependence and the serial correlation within...

A review of DEA methods to identify and measure congestion

Available online 8 June 2021
Xian-tong Ren | Chen Jiang | Mohammad Khoveyni | Zhong-cheng Guan | Guo-liang Yang

Congestion is an economic phenomenon of overinvestment that occurs when excessive inputs decrease the maximally possible outputs. Although decision-makers are unlikely to decrease outputs by increasing...

The impact of investor structure on stock price crash sensitivity: Evidence from China's stock market

Available online 4 June 2021
Ningning Pan | Qiuhua Xu | Hongquan Zhu

Stock price crash sensitivity refers to the conditional probability of a stock crash when the market collapses. It focuses on individual stocks' sensitivity to the market crash and can affect stock...

Comparing the costs and benefits of virgin and urban mining

Available online 27 May 2021
Xianlai Zeng | Tongxin Xiao | Guochang Xu | Eva Albalghiti | Guijuan Shan | Jinhui Li

Resource and environmental management are shaping our society and economy. Virgin mining is rapidly becoming unsustainable as primary resources are in increasingly short supply and energy consumption...

Size effect and growth options over firm lifecycle

Available online 24 May 2021
Qiang Li | Hao Liu | Yong Zeng

The size effect can be attributed to the relative importance of growth options versus assets-in-place in total assets. By incorporating the change trend of growth options over firm lifecycle into the...

Solving the rotating seru production problem with dynamic multi-objective evolutionary algorithms

Available online 21 May 2021
Feng Liu | Kan Fang | Jiafu Tang | Yong Yin

Today's volatile market conditions in electronic industries have lead to a new production system, seru (which is the Japanese pronunciation for cell), and has been widely implemented in hundreds of...

Trip and mode choice decisions to out-patient health care facilities: A longitudinal analysis

Available online 11 May 2021
Patrick McCarthy

This paper analyzes the impact that health indicators have upon an individual's trip and mode choices to out-patient care facilities. The study's focus is an out-patient trip to a health care facility...

A modified Teunter-Syntetos-Babai method for intermittent demand forecasting

March 2021
Youpeng Yang | Chenyi Ding | Sanghyuk Lee | Limin Yu | Fei Ma

Intermittent demand refers to the specific demand pattern with frequent periods of zero demand. It occurs in a variety of industries including industrial equipment, automotive and specialty chemicals....

Social responsibility portfolio optimization incorporating ESG criteria

March 2021
Li Chen | Lipei Zhang | Jun Huang | Helu Xiao | Zhongbao Zhou

Social responsibility investment (SRI) has attracted worldwide attention for its potential in promoting investment sustainability and stability. We developed a three-step framework by incorporating...

Downside risk and defaultable bond returns

March 2021
Xinting Li | Baochen Yang | Yunpeng Su | Yunbi An

This paper analyzes the influence of downside risk on defaultable bond returns. By introducing a defaultable bond-trading model, we show that the decline in market risk tolerance and information accuracy...

Evacuation based on spatio-temporal resilience with variable traffic demand

March 2021
Zhao Zhang | Yanyue Liu | Qingfeng Tong | Shengmin Guo | Daqing Li

The efficient evacuation of people from dangerous areas is a key objective of emergency management. However, many emergencies give little to no advanced warning, leading to spontaneous evacuation with...

Smart logistics transformation collaboration between manufacturers and logistics service providers: A supply chain contracting perspective

March 2021
Weihua Liu | Jiahe Hou | Xiaoyu Yan | Ou Tang

Intelligent transformation of manufacturers requires smart logistics transformation collaboration, which improves competitiveness. In this study, we construct a Stackelberg game model based on the mutual...

The role of oil futures intraday information on predicting US stock market volatility

March 2021
Yusui Tang | Xiao Xiao | M.I.M. Wahab | Feng Ma

This study investigates the role of oil futures price information on forecasting the US stock market volatility using the HAR framework. In-sample results indicate that oil futures intraday information...

An information fusion FMEA method to assess the risk of healthcare waste

March 2021
Linhan Ouyang | Yige Zhu | Wei Zheng | Lin Yan

Healthcare waste (HCW) management plays a vital role in the development of modern society. In HCW management, failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) is a popular method to implement risk management...

Optimal structure of joint inventory-pricing management with dual suppliers and different lead times

March 2021
Xiaoyi Feng | Yangyang Xie | Shouyang Wang | Houmin Yan

We consider a joint inventory-pricing control problem in a single-product, periodic-review, dual-supplier inventory system. The two suppliers have different lead times. One expedited supplier offers...

Enhancing the green efficiency of fundamental sectors in China’s industrial system: A spatial-temporal analysis

Available online 9 March 2021
Jiangxue Zhang | Xu Liu | Xue Zhang | Yuan Chang | Changbo Wang | Lixiao Zhang

Due to sectoral interactions in the economy, the overall green efficiency (GE) of China’s industrial system relies heavily on fundamental sectors that contribute substantial energy to the supply chain...

Rumor recognition behavior of social media users in emergencies

Available online 5 February 2021
Xuejun Ding | Xiaxia Zhang | Ruoshi Fan | Qiaochu Xu | Kyle Hunt | Jun Zhuang

Social media rumors not only affect the health of online social networks, but also reduce the quality of information accessed by its users. In the case of emergencies, the rapid spread of rumors often...

Dynamic appointment scheduling for outpatient clinics with multiple physicians and patient choice

Available online 5 February 2021
Chongjun Yan | George G.Q. Huang | Yong-Hong Kuo | Jiafu Tang

Mitigating the adverse effects of uncertainty in appointment systems, arising from heterogeneous patient needs and preferences, is critical to the effective use of scarce medical resources and patient...

Stochastic leader–follower DEA models for two-stage systems

Available online 4 February 2021
Zhongbao Zhou | Wenting Sun | Helu Xiao | Qianying Jin | Wenbin Liu

Data envelopment analysis (DEA) is a non-parametric approach for measuring the relative efficiencies of peer decision making units (DMUs). In recent years, it has been widely used to evaluate two-stage...

The rebound effect on energy efficiency improvements in China’s transportation sector: A CGE analysis

December 2020
Huibin Du | Zhenni Chen | Zengkai Zhang | Frank Southworth

Energy use is becoming more efficient due to technological innovations. We focused on the transportation sector in China to develop a national multisector computable general equilibrium (CGE) model...

A mixed behaviour equilibrium model with mode choice and its application to the endogenous demand of automated vehicles

December 2020
Guangchao Wang | Hang Qi | Huiling Xu | Seungkyu Ryu

This study develops a mixed behavioural equilibrium model with explicit consideration of mode choice (MBE-MC) in a transportation system where fully automated vehicles (AV) coexist with conventional...

The effects of transportation system improvements on urban performances with heterogeneous residents

December 2020
Shuxian Xu | Tianliang Liu | Ning Jia | Pengfei Wang | Peng Liu | Shoufeng Ma

Through developing a spatial equilibrium model for a linear monocentric city with a bi-modal traffic corridor (i.e., highway and public transit), this paper examines the effects of transportation improvements...

Who is more likely to get a ride and where is easier to be picked up in ride-sharing mode?

December 2020
Yue Yang | Qiong Tian | Yuqing Wang

The ubiquity of information and communication technology (ICT) and application of global positioning system (GPS) enabled cell phones provide new opportunities to implement ride-sharing in many ride-hailing...

An integrated arterial coordinated control model considering green wave on branch roads and pedestrian crossing time at intersections

December 2020
Jun Zhang | Huayan Shang | Xiaoxiao Li | Yao Yao

Urban fine management needs scientific traffic management methods and efficient signal control programs. Green wave control is usually used to facilitate the unban traffic. However, maximum bandwidth...

A combined machine learning algorithms and DEA method for measuring and predicting the efficiency of Chinese manufacturing listed companies

Available online 10 October 2020
Nan Zhu | Chuanjin Zhu | Ali Emrouznejad

Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) is a linear programming methodology for measuring the efficiency of Decision Making Units (DMUs) to improve organizational performance in the private and public sectors....

Research performance evaluation of Chinese university: a non-homogeneous network DEA approach

Available online 3 October 2020
Tao Ding | Jie Yang | Huaqing Wu | Yao Wen | Changchun Tan | Liang Liang

Performance evaluation for universities or research institutions has become a hot topic in recent years. However, the previous works rarely investigate the multiple departments’ performance of a university,...

Minimizing makespan of a production batch within concurrent systems: Seru production perspective

Available online 3 October 2020
Yin Gai | Yong Yin | Jiafu Tang | Shiqiang Liu

This paper discusses the makespan minimization of a production batch within a specific concurrent system, seru production system. A seru production system consists of multiple independent serus. A seru...

Modelling the iron ore price index: A new perspective from a hybrid data reconstructed EEMD-GORU model

September 2020
Jingjing Tuo | Fan Zhang

As iron ore is the fundamental steel production resource, predicting its price is strategically important for risk management at related enterprises and projects. Based on a signal decomposition technology...

Differentiation and dynamism within the IT development program

September 2020
Xiaosong Jason Wu | Wei Wayne Huang | Jacob Chia-An Tsai | Gary Klein | James J. Jiang

Information technology (IT) developments of large magnitude organize as collections of multiple projects into a single program, especially under dynamic conditions of market uncertainty that frequently...

Research on the impact of mega-projects on carrying capacity of cities taking the first-line project of the West-East gas pipeline as an example

September 2020
Lixia Zheng

With the acceleration of China’s urbanization, the functions and benefits of mega-projects are required higher. With the deepening of “the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-Century Maritime Silk...

A supplier evaluation model based on customer demand in blockchain tracing anti-counterfeiting platform project management

September 2020
Aijun Liu | Taoning Liu | Jian Mou | Ruiyao Wang

This study assesses supplier selection at the beginning of project management to establish an evaluation system corresponding to blockchain tracing anti-counterfeiting platforms (BTAP). First, this...

Special issue: Contemporary mega-project and program management

September 2020
James Jiang | Gary Klein | Wayne Huang | Shan Liu | Xiaosong Wu

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